Monday, October 01, 2007

My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,September ,Fall Inspiration

Okay so I am a day late on my September issue of MOVCFM...but with the temperatures still reaching 90 and above here in Texas,it is quite difficult for me to even think about Fall clothing,but then again FANTASIZING about the weather that will actually PUT me in those clothes,puts me in the mood for some vintage clothing fashion styling!
If you believe in the whole "I'm a spring,summer ,winter et al,lets get dressed around these seasonal colors type of gal",I am CLEARLY an Autumn,with my pale skin and red hair.Which makes Fall dressing especially fun for me!!!
The above ensemble would be typical for me.I have started with my long vintage brown slip from the 60's,and topped it off with an Autumn leaf colored satin jacket from the 70's,bought at one of my fave vintage establishments, Screaming Mimi's in NYC. I then added fabulous thrifted (yes, thrifted!)cowboy boots,probably from the 50's. I accessorized with a long gold and pearl chain,and then layered a gold and silver locket necklace,finishing off with my pagoda purse,all of these last items inherited from my Grandma(you may click to enlarge any image).
...but you see I have also been in this tweedy sort of mood.So I pulled out this herring bone mini suit,given to me from my sister.I added a lace blouse and a bow tie and pearls.
This burning desire to get all tweed-i-fied comes from sitting by the pool this summer and reading vintage, e-bayed, Seventeen Magazines.This look is from the big back to school ,Fall fashion issue of 1978.
I am loving all the tweed and borrowed menswear touches.
It was reminding me of the "Annie Hall" look,so I checked the dates and sure enough the film Annie Hall debuted in 1977.I was pretty sure I had heard that Diane Keaton(a fellow thrift store fan and a personal favorite style icon) wore her own clothes in the film ,and I found this quote from Norma Kamali ,when I googled "Annie Hall look"The look was so successful that everyone wanted to take credit for it. According to Michael Gross' new biography of Ralph Lauren, Genuine Authentic: The Real Life of Ralph Lauren, a Lauren associate called a fashion reporter to claim he deserved credit for all the clothes in the film. This was news to the movie's costume designer, the late Ruth Morley—who contemplated suing Lauren, says her filmmaker daughter, Melissa Hacker. Although Keaton wore at least one Lauren-designed piece in the film (Hacker remembers the tuxedo in the cabaret scene as being his), the overall look was "a collaboration" between Keaton and Morley, who "went to Diane's apartment and looked at the kinds of clothes she had." Director Woody Allen told Gross that the credit belongs to Keaton: "The Annie Hall look was the exact way Keaton dressed in life," he said. Whoever was responsible, the look's influence was undeniable. "It was the first powerful influence of American fashion in a commercial sense in Europe," says Kamali.■:
I decided to put together an "Annie Hall" look,but... Pagoda style.I felt a need to create a little "comfort food" for the body. I began with my favorite pair of overalls.Beneath them ,I added my favorite sheer vintage caramel blouse ,inherited from my Great Aunt Margaret.I clipped on a thrifted little brown bow tie with tiny flowers scattered across the print.I finished the look off with a beaded cardigan from the 50's,and a thrifted little pearl-like junk purse.Though I did not pull any shoes for the outfit ,I am pretty sure I will grab vintage cowboy boots!
It is not often when I set out to find something at the thrift store that I come away empty handed.My search for the perfect tweedy,plaid-ish,circle skirt,has for the moment left me unfulfilled. I have left a few candidates behind,as they were the wrong color,shape ,or size. Ah....,but I persevere!
...and in preparation for that perfect skirt ,I have prepared the perfect topping.
A nubby ,tweedy, 50's, peplummed,yummy-osity of a jacket!Do you see the tassled buttons?I have paired a sheer white vintage blouse(also from my saucy aunts ,inheritance)with a silk tie from the 50's and a thrifted floral brooch in the perfect Autumnal shades.
A little smattering of other Fall inspirations. Oops,left out the ropes and ropes of pearls I will be wearing!
I have to say,I am CRAZY for Diane Keaton's personal style.I am aware that she is often on the worse dressed list,but so what!?! Those individuals who dare to march to the beat of their own personal style aesthetic,are bound to take a misstep now and again. I for one would rather see a point of view,a peek into the artists/human being's pschye ,whatever you would like to call it,rather than an idea,crafted SOLELY from a stylist.The homogenization of personal style is a subject I could truly get on a soap box about(I know ,theres a war going on,and I get my knickers in a knot over fashion!),but I will merely leave it at this....
Et tu Tim Gunn ????
Perfection!! Break it down now....nuuuh nuh nuh na,nuh nuh,nuh nuh...,"Annie Hall" look!
As for me,well...this is what passes for Fall dressing until the temperatures drop!
****Edited for my own fickle whimsy*****...and just to put me in a fall kind of mood,I changed up my background colors to a pumkin-y haze,though I am sure the Pagoda Red will be back for Christmas!


Stephanie said...

Oh, my yes...I am SUCH a huge Diane Keaton fan! Thanks for all the 'poop' on the whole Annie Hall phenomenom too!

That floral, love it! Your aunt was indeed rockin'!

eb said...

yeah - Annie Hall is/has been one of my fashion advisers for years (many) - great post - and love that last shot - of jdp - my other adviser...

xox - eb.

Vallen said...

I love Diane Keaton's style, but do you have any insight as to why she is always SOOOOOO very covered up, often with gloves and turtleneck? It sometimes seems she has a complex of sorts. Lately I have liked her "mom" outfits in recent movies.

Timothy Hogan said...

Love the new look Pagoda. Personally, I think Tim Gunn may have more than a broom-stick shoved up his personal style hole - but who am I to criticize.

I too have adored Ms. Keaton for decades, though I must admit I was relieved to see the gloves make their exit. I was convinced she was hiding liver-spots.

You MUST post some of your outfits and fantasy scenes on the ArtBistro site. Your native creativity is stunning.

Your Number One Fan

Heidi said...

Thanks for the peek inside the 78 Seventeen. That would be the back to school issue I pored over before my freshman year in high school--my first year of no uniform dressing. I was so psyched, and loved the menswear style too. I need to find a copy of that mag!

mosaic queen said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!
I totally agree with that last paragraph about the person picking out their own outfit!!!!
It's still really hot here too. Matter of fact, I can't remember the last time I wore any winter clothes, which makes me sad sometimes when I see all of the ads with fabulous tweeds and such

stilettoheights said...

love Dianne Keaton, I feel like she dresses like a real person with their own voice screaming out....though sometimes I am not digging on her jewelry, but I love that she wears gloves all the time.

gloves are so very hot!

Anonymous said...

diane keaton has fabulous personal style and so do you! Funny, I was feeling the mens wear vibe today, I am wearing a men's suit vest over a boys white button down belted and with a big ol' gold chain necklace. Wide legged herringbone printed cotton pants. It's bit manly, a bit ganster. Watch out world.

A Fanciful Twist said...

Love the pumpkin phase and ADORE Dinae Keaton, she is soooo hip!!! I have this movie about her and her sisters?? owning a museum on a pier?? Does that make sense or did I dream it up?? And she is wearing thsoe wide belts she loves... She is too hip for words.. Kind of like you in your fab outfits, only you are better ;)!! xoxoxo

sweetheartville said...

I'll chime in with some more Diane Keaton love, here. I've always had an affinity for her, especially since we share a birthday, and she does seem to march to her own drummer, unlike most of Hollywood. You never cease to amaze me with your blend of gorgeous, creative fashion looks, interesting history lessons, and insightful commentary. Keep the great posts coming! Love the pumpkin-y background, too.

Angelina said...

Fall and winter dressing are my FAVORITES. I have never seen the movie Annie Hall as I'm not a huge Woody Allen fan, but I love Keaton's style. I have a permanent argument going on between me and all the "worst dressed" lists. Although some of the outfits that end up on the lists are ones I think are pretty bad, most of the time I either love the outfits or am impressed by the guts it took to try it on.

Keaton ROCKS. I especially love her all white ensemble. Stylish lady.

Donna O. said...

You are too cool for school! I adore everything about Diane Keaton, too (and Norma Kamali- hello shoulder pads!)I love all the back round scoop you dished for us. He said- she said!
I'm sending a rain cloud your way to get that cold weather coming!!

cruststation said...

Love a/w dressing with its wonderful mix of textures and fabrics. Tweeds, velvet and boots -yay! Diane Keaton is confident and cool in what she wears. Like your own style, much better than following 'runway fashion', 'magazines' or stylists any day.

AnastasiaC said...

love the pumpkin inspired background!!!
love your inspiration...and outfits!!
i only saw
'Annie Hall' recently although I do love Woody Allen so much...i can see why her style became such a trend!!

Anonymous said...

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