Thursday, August 31, 2006

Creative companions,part 1,Durelle

What can we say about the people that inspire us most?
I must have been born with my superpower,because from the day I came into this world I already had 3 amazingly creative souls in my life,my mother my father,and my sister.
Today is my big sister Durelles Birthday and I can think of no better way to celebrate her,than to share her with the rest of the world.She was 11 when I came along and I am told instead of resenting me she wanted me. My mother sez' she couldn't pass my bassinette without kissing me.Belieive it or not ,my sister and I have never had a cross word with each other. What I do remember, is how MUCH I wanted to be like her and how fabulous she was at everything she ever did.
My sister is an Artist, the painting above is a portrait she did of my oldest baby,Crooked Halo.Believe me , her talents do not stop at visual art. She is an interior designer by proffesion now , but I remember when she wanted to be a costume designer. She has finally fulfilled that destiny as an award winning OOAK fashion doll artist.Egyptian princesses,Pirate chicks, mermaids,can-can dancers you name it. She has re-rooted their hair,re-painted their face,and ofcourse designed AMAZING costumes.
My sister is an incredible seamstress too,she's the one who has taught me my meager abilities in this medium.
When my sister began college she wanted to design costumes for the theatre dept. She became the star of the theatre dept. instead. This, I know, is what inspired me to become an actress. I was quoting monologues from Spoonriver Anthology by 2nd grade.
At X-mas when my sister comes to town its playtime for us,our most favorite activity is goin' to the thrift store,among the fun we have there is the "plan an imaginary wedding" game from the materials we have available at that particular store.We pick Bridesmaid dresses,china patterns,music and ofcourse the theme. Some favorites have included "the Hukilau with Elvis" wedding,and "the Holly Hobby" wedding (Angela,from PR , would have loved it).
After all these years I still crave my sister-time. Whether its "the big reveal" of our thriftventures or our re-cap phonecall after Project Runway,she was my 1st creative companion.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What is Your Hidden SuperHero Power ?

Heres mine. I have the uncanny ability to draw supremely creative spirits to me.
No ,I'm not kidding.In second grade I met my Littlest Flower Blossoms godmother,she is now a twice nominated Pulitzer Prize writer. Her godfather? A noted NYC photographer ,loved by Accademy award winners and struggling actors alike ,(including ofcourse this family).Crooked Halos godparents?The godmother is about to perform a one woman show Off Broadway, while the "Don" is presently rehearsing the title character in Sweeney Todd. When I lived in Indianapolis,I worked at, The Phoenix Theatre,when the show closed the theatre was contacted on my behalf by a composer who eventually cast me as the one and only Frida Kahlo, in a new musical based on her life.This composer became my best friend there.
And now I enter Blog World.One day I leave a casual but heart felt comment to a blue Amanda at
Pandoras Button Box ,and a couple of days later I recieve a lovely e-mail from her. We soon decided to swap CDs. The CD case pictured above can only be an Amanda Button creation. The music included, or "Muse-ic, Music to Create to" can only be described as SCRUMTRULESCENT.It is music that the fairys would boogie to.

She also included this amazing embroidered skellie pin,for my tragically hip 10 year old daughter.My baby loves it! Alas I am still working on her CD, my technical skills have me stumped on one particularly annoying file, but coming soon to the Button Box, "music to regress by". Thank you Amanda, once again my superpower kicked in.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Summer Daze,Thriftin' Away

As summer begins to wind down and fade to a delicious ,and oh so busy, memory,I must brag,I mean blog, again about my amazing luck for finding goodies that probably, really found me.
We begin with the donkey, I collect these guys, and have set a price limit on them so I don't go crazy. My husband likes to call them by their "other" popular name and then refer to them as my "x-boyfriend collection". My monetary limit is 6.00 dollars, so I was super phsyched to pay a mere 2 bucks!
The linens are gorgeous, and cost me 1 dollar each!The sheer blue childs dress,was 2 dollars ,and I plan to alter the sleeves and create a blouse for moi(its bigger than it looks).
the "pagoda' tchochtske was also 2 bucks ,and how could I resist?
These items were actually purchased from an estate sale. Lately, here in" big D" ,I seem to be having more luck at this venue.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Creative Milestone, her 1st day of dance class.

At the Pagoda, the performing arts, possess an honored place.It is not unusual,come 6:00 p.m.,to find my husband at the piano and one of his girls, acting the chanteuse.We all sing, so I'm talkin' crack open the wine ,its happy hour.My littlest flower blossom, has just begun to join in the fun (her favored musical number being, "Shy" from ,Once Upon A Mattress).
Today she adds her name to the list, of the pantheon of little girls, whose 1st day of dance class it is.
I remember ,vividly,the exitement I felt the 2nd week of 2nd grade,as I waited for school to be out. My mother was taking me to the ,Miss Persis School of Dance,for tap and ballet. Among the shuffle ball changes and arebesques learned,this little Texan also learned to say "get" instead of "git", and Miss Persis still has a special place in my heart.
There is another reason this is a special event. My babies grandmother and my dear mother-in-law,was a proffesional dancer,even hoofin' it up on Broadway with Christopher Walken, when he was still just a chorus boy.So you see, this is my babies heritage. As you can see ,my baby was the STAR, or, the one not follwing directions. You choose.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chilled Yellow Pepper and Garlic Soup

With the temperature soaring to beyond 100 degrees , with no dip in the numbers coming for atleast a week,and even then the weatherman has the nerve to charactarize, 95, as "a cool down". It is "an inconvenient truth", here in Dallas ,that it is HOT!
I love cold soup. Fact is, given the choice, I prefer cold saki, and cold coffee to the more popular serving choice of hot, but give me soup in any of its incarnations.
Today I give you a most refreshing version. Chilled Yellow Pepper and Garlic Soup
you will need:
5 yellow sweet peppers
1 large head of garlic
1 tsp. olive oil
1 large sweet onion ,chopped
1 tbsp. olive oil
2 14 oz. cans of chicken broth
3/4 cup chopped peeled yellow potato
1 tsp. salt
1/2 cup half and half cream
sour cream or plain yogurt for garnish
Halve peppers legnthwise remove stems,seeds,and membranes.Place pepperhalves cut side down, on a foil-lined baking sheet. Peel away the dry outer layers of the skin from garlic. Leave skin and clove intact. Cut off pointed top portion.Place on a small piece of foil and drizzle 1tsp. olive oil.Wrap garlic in foil and add to baking sheet with peppers.Roast these items in 425 oven for 20-25 minutes or until pepper skins are blistered.Let stand 15 minutes ,allowing pepper to cool,gently and slowly pull off the skin in strips and discard skin.Set peppers and garlic aside.
Meanwhile, in large saucepan cook onion in 1 tbsp. of olive oil for 3-4 minutes until tender.Add chicken broth,potato, and salt. Bring to boil, reduce heat,and simmer, covered for 15 minutes. Cool slightly,stir in peppers and squeeze the garlic pulp in, from individual cloves.Allow to cool.
Blend 1/3 of the mixture at a time. Pour into large bowl,cover and chill up to 2 days.Upon serving ,stir in half and half, and garnish.Makes 8 servings.
If your pallete goes to a peppery place,this taste is off the food chain in its yumminess!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jesus ,Called Me On My Cellphone

Thats right, no roaming charges were incurred. I sang this wonderfully funny song,from the musical"Alter Boys" ,in a fundraiser for Uptown Players,last night.Notice I am the one with the tiny forehead.
My husband has an interesting hobby, he fancys himself a bit of an amateur face reader.What is that you ask? Think of it as a visual metaphor for your personality. Are your eyes set close together? You are extremely focused and good with details. Do you have a cute turned up nose? You are fun and spontaneous.Do you have a small, tiny forehead? Don't give the person too much to do ,or they will be overwhelmed!
What a week, its just Wednesday,and I am ready for the weekend.Monday was Crooked Halo's 1st day of school AND my anniversary, AND rehearsal,AND Chris went out of town. Last night I was out singin' till midnite. Oh well,you get the picture, I just couldn't fit it all on my tiny forehead.
"He beeped me ,He faxed me ,He e-mailed my soul",what great lyrics,don't you wish spirituality was that concrete?

Monday, August 14, 2006

They Were Us,or How I Bet the House in Vegas and Won!,

Thirteen years ago today , I got lucky in Las Vegas. I've spoke before about how together,my husband and I have a style uniquely ours. Our wedding in Vegas was no exception to the rule.
This was no willy-nilly,"hey we're in Vegas ,lets get hitched" moment .I did not watusi down the aisle with Elvis, (no matter how tempted I was). No my Daddy walked me to the alter, just as I dreamed it would be.
My husband and I actually had a REAL wedding that we planned,okay so I had never actually seen the inside of the chapel, I chose it because I thought "Little Chapel of the Flowers " would look nice on the wedding announcements,(much better than "Wee Kirk O the Heather"). Well, I was'nt planning on my bouquet of all white roses, having Babys Breath (yuck) in them either, but a bride needs something to complain about right?
All of our most special friends and family, joined us for a fun-filled nuptial celebration, the whole weekend! We stayed in the ,Rat Pack cool, Sands Hotel.The bridal luncheon was almost held at the Circus Circus buffet, but cooler heads prevailed, and we ducked into a quaint, small,un-named bistro,off the strip instead.For the bachelor/bachelorette party we shook our boogie toes on Cleopatras Barge.
On the big day, I had my bestfriend,Morgana, by my side,helping me get ready. My other best friend, Stephen,(now a noted N.Y.C. photographer)chronicling the whole event with his camera,and my husband to be, waiting in the hotel room and singing a song from J.C. Superstar, something about "take this cup away from me..."
The 2 of us had met playing Matt and Luisa, in, The Fantasticks.This classic,"boy meets,gets,loses,realizes he desperateiy cannot live without girl,classic tale mirrored our own real life story.My husbands best freind Greg,whom we met , playing ElGallo in The Fantasticks,sang" Try to Remember",as I floated down the aisle.
Everyone later joked ,it almost sounded like a funeral,for the tears of joy that were wept as I walked down the aisle and into my happily ever after.
And the story goes on.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Twins Seperated by 7 years

This website right here
is amazingly fun! Use a photo from your own collection,submit it and see which celebrity you most resemble.
My "twins" each recieved equal parts Shirley Temple, Dakota Fanning,the Olsen twins, and Mischa Barton. I was compared to Jullianne Marguiles ,and Charisma Carpenter, so I'm feeling pretty full of myself right now.
This post is a learning post for me . I did this without the help of my husband or my 10 year old, so if it doesn't work or looks wonky, please be patient with me. I'm really trying to be a good blogger.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Indythriftventures, more goodies!

This will be the last OFFICIAL installment of my Indianna thriftventures,but believe me,I just might haul out a bauble or two for future postings.
Lets get straight to "the big reveal".First up today ,in the thrifting spotlight,we have an amazing plastic, cake plate and cover.Snatched up for a mere 80 cents.I have long needed one of these and it will ,especially, come in handy during birthday season.In the same category ,I found a "snax and refreshments" Better Homes and Gardens cook book, for 60 cents.I assumed I had all of these , but this one was unfamiliar to me.
Add to both of these pretties,2 vintage Nancy Drew books for 80 cents, a tooled leather eagle belt, also 80 cents,and finally an old aquarium pagoda.Naturally it was a must,and only 30 cents.
On our last day, I found a shopping center with a Goodwill, and a Starbucks. Thrifting AND icecoffee, now thats what I call Hoosier hospitality!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

More Indy Thriftventures , the fall collection

>Lately, I seem to be quoting Al Hoffs,Thrift Score, quite a bit, but in my house your just as likely to hear the phrases "lets go thrifting "or,"the big reveal",the way some households quote Shakespeare. So its time to switch writers.
In Tennesee Williams', Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Brick tells Maggie, he has to drink until he"feels the click". Well folks, I have to thrift until I feel the click.
And click it up I did.
In todays ,Fall collection set,I'll be sharing some of the things that will inspire me for the fall. My favorite thrift store in Indy, is called Unique Thrift. It is in a word, scrumtrulescent. Go directly to the jewelry case. Do not pass go, do not save it for the thriftfudgesundae at the end, and get ready to drool.
Not only did I find this amazing cameo for 3.95, but also this etched glass pendant of, a lady walking a grey hound, also 3.95. I was wearing the pendant moments after leaving Unique. Add to that 2 lovely little wee bird pins for .95 each and you get one happy thrifter.
For aparrel inspiration, I scarfed up 3 slips, One a lovely light blue,1.29, one kinda lacey, 89.cents ,and one rather old and cotton with boning in the strapless corset, a bit steep at 5.95, but I have WIP plans for it involving brown die.
One of my fave purchases was a little cunning brown leather bag,from the 60's, with kiss closure, for 2.95. Ofcourse its just for date nite, ( what a concept ),I presently sport a tasteful leather Gucci backpack for handsfree 3 year old chasing.

Let me leave you with this quote from Friedrick Nietzche,"In heaven ,all the interesting people are missing". Yep, they're probably in some thrift purgatory, searching for that one great score!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Indy Thriftventures, the X-mas set

Back in the not so distant past, when I was lurking in the cyber shadows of blogland,I would stumble upon a new tasty site with December archives. I would then hungrily and voyeuristically devour its' contents. It was never dissapointing to me. Each site was as unique as its' authors' point of view.
The funny thing is, most of you dig vintage X-mas goodies as much as I do. I'm sure my husband hopes for the sake of your poor husbands,and significant others, that you do not. When December rolls around you'll see why.
In the mean time heres the X-mas set of my Indy Thriftventures. The pictures are not the best, so please forgive me I'm still learning the art of blogtography.
The dollies and deer are for my littlest flower blossoms' tree,and cost 60 or 80 cents each.The cards came in a big box for 60 cents and I have multiples of each design.The little elves were just 50 cents so they had to come home with me. My favorite purchase of the trip ,was this amazing tablecloth from the 50's. Cost? A buck 45.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What is your all-time favorite thrifted item?

For me the answer to that question will always be my wedding dress. As I approach my lucky 13th wedding anniversary later this month, with my beautiful and devoted husband, I feel the need to take a walk down memory lane.
In Thrift Score, Al Hoff talks about scopin' out the parking lot 1st. If you see a car with a Fugazi sticker on it you better hit it to your favorite section before they get the goodies.
T- towne was my favo-rite thrift spot. At the time they had a section of vintage clothes which they rather charmingly referred to as "old fashions". Often the real treasures were tucked, unbeknownst to them ,among the more contemporary clothes, but you could still count on "old fashions" for a couple of perks to your wardrobe. I always saved this section for last, kinda like a thrift fudge sundae, if you will.
On this particular day, I noticed a beat up purple Karmen Ghia with a Ministry sticker on it. I was immediately nervous. Sure enough, there were a couple of goth-esque type cuties hoverin' around "old fashions", in fact they were completely blocking my entrance to the clothing rack. One of em' had MY wedding dress in her hands talking about how she could cut up the lace and die it red! Well ofcourse we all know how when someone else has something in their hands at a thrift store it immediately becomes 3 times as valueable, but that lace , it was alencon lace! Thank the thrift store gods above it was 29.95 and a very small size,(hey, that was before 2 kids). I had never before spent that much money at the thrift store, and my hubby had not even yet, proposed. I saw the possibilities and immediateley forked over the cash.
So come on now, whats your favorite thrifted item ?


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