Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Indythriftventures, more goodies!

This will be the last OFFICIAL installment of my Indianna thriftventures,but believe me,I just might haul out a bauble or two for future postings.
Lets get straight to "the big reveal".First up today ,in the thrifting spotlight,we have an amazing plastic, cake plate and cover.Snatched up for a mere 80 cents.I have long needed one of these and it will ,especially, come in handy during birthday season.In the same category ,I found a "snax and refreshments" Better Homes and Gardens cook book, for 60 cents.I assumed I had all of these , but this one was unfamiliar to me.
Add to both of these pretties,2 vintage Nancy Drew books for 80 cents, a tooled leather eagle belt, also 80 cents,and finally an old aquarium pagoda.Naturally it was a must,and only 30 cents.
On our last day, I found a shopping center with a Goodwill, and a Starbucks. Thrifting AND icecoffee, now thats what I call Hoosier hospitality!

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