Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Back to School Fairy and Yummy Fall Television Addictions!

Well naturally "The Back to School" Fairy visits my house,doesn't she come to yours?
What started when my oldest was still in Preschool and I decided a Scooby Doo or Barbie lunchbox was far too mainstream a choice for my Pretty Preschool Princess...
(the Lisa- Frank designs were still ultra girlie but also gave a nod to an edgier kind of 3 year old!(and yes I am sure I said "lookee she gave you a lunchbox with a picture of herself on it!"))* has continued as an event to look forward too. Every year they become less school oriented and more like stocking stuffer's!

This year I discovered the magical realm of Bella Sara for my horsie loving Wee Petal.This is a sort of "trading card/fun free website" game.
You buy and trade the cards with your friends and you care for a herd of virtual pet horses online. The cards have beautiful artwork and positive little quotes such as"Being happy helps your friends feel happy too."(the 13 year old could certainly benefit from this wisdom!).

Speaking of Crooked Halo.I decided sugar free gum and Simone Legno (the artist behind Tokidoki) book covers from Target were prolly enough.

On to the good stuff...fall TV....!!!!
... Project Runway
is FINALLY back!!!!!!!!!!!
The move to lifetime seems to have not diminished the show at all,infact it seems quite intact except for the shots of that marvelous New York skyline replaced by the hazy L.A. landscape.
The challenge pleased me immensely,because I truly believe a red carpet dress should give you a pretty good idea of what kind of designers these folks are!

For the record Eppersons dress was my fave,and I TOTALLY predict he will be in the final 3!I have no idea why he was not in the top.
Louise is obviously my fave this season...and I loved her dress too. Wish (as she herself said on the show)the fabric colors had contrasted more.

Perhaps not as contrasted as this gorg and unique piece ,but in the ballpark,I cannot wait to see what else she has up her sleeve so to speak!.
I am also curious to see more from Ra Mon,Gordana,Irina,Nicolas,and yes ...cute untrained 1st round winner Chris!
I completely agreed with the auf'ing of Ari,I mean geodesic dome fabric is very clever unfortunately what she did with it was not.Qrystal,had best up her game and her "taste level",'cuz I think had the judges been in a different mood,Ari might still be doing hand stand design meditations!
Joss Whedon's Dollhouse returns Sept 25th..and I anxiously await its return.We downloaded "Epitaph" from itunes ,the unaired episode from season 1...and all I can say is..it was chilling...and Joss Whedon just dares to go there!!!!!!

This summer I got into watching the BBC America channel and found a beautiful and funny little dark jewel of a show,Being Human.
I love a good monster with a heart of gold tale and this show has 3 uniquely "human" monsters. The only thing that would make it perfect was if the season was not so short. The season finale airs this weekend. Oh...and then there's that pesky preview of the main plot points in the middle of the commercials the BBC insists upon.Does this bug anyone else?

Next up my thrift haul from the WHOLE dang nab summer featuring this beautiful vintage butterfly necklace!
* I know such extreme overusage of the parenthesis mark!

Friday, August 07, 2009

New Magic Closet Vs Old Magic Closet

Perhaps I still have a few readers from way back when...
that remember....how I always referred to my closet as The Magic Closet.I actually ALWAYS intended to do a post on the big giant vintage packed magical space that was my closet at The Cliff May home.
.....but alas it was not to be....

So I present to you....(please click to enlarge for full enjoyment of any image) .... my new magic closet!!!!

It is much smaller than the other so I had to be both clever and store a few (hundred) items.....

and find a few purging candidates.
...and then a few more...I always do my best to use the same type of hanger so my clothes will hang the same height. I get these wonderful wooden ones 3 to a pack at one of my local dollar stores.

Housing my large vintage purse collection was a particularly delicate dilemma.
Sure I have more than one person could ever possibly need....but I really DO need several dozen lucite ,straw and box bags!!!!
I hung them and stacked them on EVERY available surface (artfully of course)!
....but you see there really is something wildly inspiring to me about looking at my scrumtrulescent bits and baubles every single day !

Here is a tiny clothes-less area to set wee knicky-knacks and dollies!

And now for comparison here are a few shots of the former magic closet(snapped on moving day for posterity)...Not only did I have bins and shelves for my unhung clothes...I also used the bins for,sheet music,headshots and resumes,books,scripts,.......

....vintage fabric ,embroidery,and doilies,my dollies(for an impromptu dollie doppelganger story.....

...and of course my clothes and lucite bags!!!!There was even room for my dress form.

Heres a crazy "in the heat of the moment I must have this done today"decoupaged chest of drawers(that nobody but me had to see).
This homely little crazy quilt chest holds a lifetime of paper ephemera and is now relegated to the garage.
I have had quite a bit of difficulty feeling like my old creative self in our new home.One of the ways this little pack rat was able to live such a clutter free existence in the other home was I always kept the chaos confined to my magic closet.Once upon a time it was not unusual to find me sitting on the floor of my closet coming up with my next greatest idea.
I feel as if in packing away so much delicious and unusual flotsam and jetsam my power is gone.
My creative space is gone.
I am hoping to reclaim it through blogging.
So.....where does your creative power flow from?


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