Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Summer Daze and a to do list!

The little petal and I have found our new favorite summertime drink! Diet Grapefruit Soda from Thom Thumb!!
You may also note.... I have really done well on gathering my milk glass collection!

TO DO List For This Week:

- More regular blog posts!
I have really been busy with summer activities for the girls!

- Instant gratification project:Decorate the girls bathroom!
It is LONG overdue for some help!

- Some fun and yummy kid cooking with the little petal!
Big sissy has been getting to have all the cooking fun this summer!

-Update on my Etsy Shop!!!
I am overdue from my personal goals on this one!

I find that if I post that I am going to do something actually happens!!! Let's see if that holds true!
What's on your to do list this week?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Home From the Beach,Under the Weather,and the Busy Summer !

Well naturally I wear overalls to the beach! ....but these are my special clam-digger overalls! we have been back from the beach an entire week with no word from me in Bloglandia! Tummy bugs,ear-aches,doctors appointments.......

.....7:oo A.M. swim practice...

.....and auditions(SHE GOT THE PART !!!!) have all conspired to keep me away from bloggy world!
Here's hoping I shall have something fun and creative to share soon!
What has been going on in your busy summer?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Re-Run for the June Bride...My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine..The Wedding Bell Blues Issue

Well of course and why not vintage for your dress on that special day!It could be the perfect budget panacea for what ails ya. I must admit though,with regards to that perfect ensemble on that perfect day,the bride should be allowed to choose with impunity to which ever way the wind blows her whim! I am merely here as your fashion editor,to remind you that vintage can certainly step up to the bridal fashion plate!
BRIDE:Ah me,another day another blockbuster to shoot!
GROOM:Are we going to do this thing?
BRIDE: Come on,buster,get that crazy Italian jacket inside the chapel!
GROOM :Can we push the fast forward button,? I gotta meeting with the suits at the studio?
.......and smiles for the Paparazzi!
That red velvet dress with matching red velvet hat ,inherited from your Grandmother could be perfect for Valentines day.
Don't forget to toss on Grandmothers gloves for tossing the bouquet!
Lace is always perfect,whether short or long!
Even the Justice of the Peace will compliment you in this suit from the 40's!

....and now for The Floor collection.For that unconventional bride,why not jeans?A long black sheer lace piece layered with... antique hand tatted ecru lace bolero,and oodles of pearls!
A variation on this same look.
Why,you may ask, do I have all these crazy pictures,of me and the hubs in wedding attire(oh,and believe me there are more where those came from!)? Once upon a time when my hubs and I decided to get married in Vegas,we (read I) took a leap of faith that the chapel we chose would be a suitable vessel for pledging our love.Incredulous that there was no book on the subject we set out to create our own. Armed with a backseat full of vintage clothes,and flying in our favorite photographer from New York City,the uber talented Mister Stephen Mosher,we plunged right in and interviewed and photographed MOST of the chapels.We even nabbed a literary agent! Yes,we have a lovely collection of rejection letters from Penguin to Workman Publishing to prove it.I thought it was time these wonderful memories saw the light of day.
What to do with hoarded thrifted wedding frocks? How about a window treatment.
Just in case you wondered what I wore on my own wedding day,well of course it was vintage AND thrifted ...and heres the story. The best reason to wear vintage on your special day? My oldest jewel has flattered me by saying she wants to wear my dress at her wedding. Inherited vintage is always the best!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Re-Run Post for the thriftventurers :My Fantasy Shopping Trip to the Perfect Thrift Store

My littlest flower blossom and I are off on a THRIFTVENTURE.

"Why ,I've never seen this thrift store before."

"Sweet God, they serve ice coffee!"

"Hmmm, should I leave her here with all the other big-headed babes?" "Que sera!"

"Yum!Cowboy boots,60's dresses,tooled leather suitcases..."

"A vintage X-mas room! And what are those,solid gold donkeys pulling wagons? How X-masy and only 5.99, just under my 6 dollar limit!"
...and back at the Pagoda. "Was it all just a dream"?" WEEEEEEE"

Friday, June 03, 2011

My "Once upon a Time Little Girls" and the Busy Summer!

Hard to believe I now have a big 3rd grader and....

...a Hi School Sophomore on my hands!

When people tell you to enjoy the time when they are little....PLEASE do does indeed go sooooo fast! I just had to pull out a couple/3 pics of my girls when they were younger.
Today is the 1st day of summer and we are ALREADY packed to the gills!!
We are prepping for a 5 day road trip and we leave tomorrow morn at 5:00 A.M. sharp!
Upon our return's a snapshot of our busy summer and some of the projects we will be working on !
* There will be lots of reading and even some Summer volunteering at the library.

* The Little Blossom has swim practice every week day at 7:00 AM.

* We will begin a redecorating project for Princess Hipster's bedroom !

* Ruby has been ask to audition for Juliet in the Shakespeare lots-o- Bard reading!

* Ruby was also scouted by a local modeling agency and we will be working on THAT project in between (hopefully) R&J rehearsal ,swim meets,and volunteering!

....along with...what I hope will be much more family cooking time together.

* One of my big goals for summer is for the 3 girls in the fam to learn to make (and in one small fry case ) to EAT healthy meals together!!

* Another of my big goals for summer is to learn to be a better blogger! This summer I hope to spruce my little blog up a bit...(I will definitely figure out how to center that header!)...and make it an aesthetically pleasing experience to visit here!I have pushed myself to post much more regularly lately ..(which has actually been allot of fun for me)so while I am gone I will be scheduling a couple of "re-run" posts (isn't that what the networks do in the summer?) that were personal I do not "break" my posting stride!

So what about you...any summer goals?


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