Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Re-Run for the June Bride...My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine..The Wedding Bell Blues Issue

Well of course and why not vintage for your dress on that special day!It could be the perfect budget panacea for what ails ya. I must admit though,with regards to that perfect ensemble on that perfect day,the bride should be allowed to choose with impunity to which ever way the wind blows her whim! I am merely here as your fashion editor,to remind you that vintage can certainly step up to the bridal fashion plate!
BRIDE:Ah me,another day another blockbuster to shoot!
GROOM:Are we going to do this thing?
BRIDE: Come on,buster,get that crazy Italian jacket inside the chapel!
GROOM :Can we push the fast forward button,? I gotta meeting with the suits at the studio?
.......and smiles for the Paparazzi!
That red velvet dress with matching red velvet hat ,inherited from your Grandmother could be perfect for Valentines day.
Don't forget to toss on Grandmothers gloves for tossing the bouquet!
Lace is always perfect,whether short or long!
Even the Justice of the Peace will compliment you in this suit from the 40's!

....and now for The Floor collection.For that unconventional bride,why not jeans?A long black sheer lace piece layered with... antique hand tatted ecru lace bolero,and oodles of pearls!
A variation on this same look.
Why,you may ask, do I have all these crazy pictures,of me and the hubs in wedding attire(oh,and believe me there are more where those came from!)? Once upon a time when my hubs and I decided to get married in Vegas,we (read I) took a leap of faith that the chapel we chose would be a suitable vessel for pledging our love.Incredulous that there was no book on the subject we set out to create our own. Armed with a backseat full of vintage clothes,and flying in our favorite photographer from New York City,the uber talented Mister Stephen Mosher,we plunged right in and interviewed and photographed MOST of the chapels.We even nabbed a literary agent! Yes,we have a lovely collection of rejection letters from Penguin to Workman Publishing to prove it.I thought it was time these wonderful memories saw the light of day.
What to do with hoarded thrifted wedding frocks? How about a window treatment.
Just in case you wondered what I wore on my own wedding day,well of course it was vintage AND thrifted ...and heres the story. The best reason to wear vintage on your special day? My oldest jewel has flattered me by saying she wants to wear my dress at her wedding. Inherited vintage is always the best!

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Jenny (VintageSugarcube) said...

LOVE LOVE the vintagey pics and especially the Vegas ones. :)


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