Thursday, October 29, 2009

H-Ween Dress and the Last of the H-Ween Decor!

Can you believe I am creating again? I can't.

I am into tee-shirt dresses for the little petal. She loves all things skullie....but has such a distinct old-fashioned little lady side.

Thrifted skullie with rainbow tee + a vintage embroidered table runner (for the sleeves) + the hem of a vintage slip = Wee Petal style!!!!

Another tee-shirt dress. This tee was gifted long ago from Mary Ann. It also has Wee Petal Style written all over it ....well actually it has "Whisky -A-Go-Go written on it (tee hee).Just add lots-o-lace and voila...a simple creation fit for 1st grade princess!

Look at these pumpkin flowers!I 1st saw these over at Brandy's place...and after a fruitless search for Gladiolas found these at "The Thumb". I love them paired with floating skellies!

....and last on the skellie front...3 dollar store skellies ...seeing no,hearing no,or speaking no evil!!!!
I think the holidays are helping me find my groove again with this new space I live in. Its finally feeling like home.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gettin' My Spooky Ookie On!

Tis' the time of year to be playful and ookie!
Tis' the time of year to create a Halloweenie Tree !
This one is much bigger than last years(still pushing myself to think on a grander scale!).

Note to self:Next year make an extra Halloweenie Tree to balance out the expanse of white fireplace real-estate!

In the dining room I experimented with different sized candy jars and a skelly mirror,bought from Target for half off the day after halloween last year.

This "spells" sign was also a day after Halloween target purchase.I have my eye on a few goodies to grab this year too on Nov. 1st.

Look! The Mummy and Wolfman are hitching a ride with Elsa Lanchester!

In the Wee Petals room the dollies are having a grand time with the monsters!

Even Lilly Munster came to play!

Didn't you always wish for a bat neclace like Lily's?You can get one here.

.....and it just wouldn't be Halloween without insanely talented Amanda's Halloween mix C.D. !!!!!!
This years "Welcome To My Nightmare" came in the mail yesterday. I am happily driving the girls to and from kid-tivities whilst listening to such tuneful horrific-ness as:Glen Millers:"Swingin' at the Seance,Siouxsie Sues:"Rawhead and Bloody Bones,Tom Waits:"We're All Mad Here,and my FAV-O-RITE...the late great Eartha Kitts "I'd Rather Be Burned as a Witch". Did you know Amanda is a distant relative of hers? Is that the cooliest lineage EVER???
Thank you sweet Amanda!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Planning a Beautifully Creepy Halloween

Honestly ,how much in the mood for the Samhain Season does this doll image put you in? I cannot recall where I came across this odd little shot ,but something about it caused me to right click and save the picture.I think its the tattered dress and how she is turned to the just conjures up such a creepy back-story for me.

My own creepy but beautiful thrifted dollie.Evidently she is a crying doll Tiny Tears or something like that...even weirder!

Imagine her contained in a terrarium,like this dollie who had the unfortunate experience of sitting for a painting by Amy Kollar Anderson.

Perhaps my vintage hoodoo witchie doll might provide a bit of inspiration.

If you need a beautiful but creepy something to watch. This spooky but gorgeous anime piece Hell Girl will certainly put a snap in your drawers. Poor doomed Ai ,just be very sure vengeance is what you wish for before you pull the red string.

And finally this amazingly adorable short film starring the creepily beautiful Sisters Kane will mesmerize you.
Here it is "Callalily" by Christy Kane .


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