Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gettin' My Spooky Ookie On!

Tis' the time of year to be playful and ookie!
Tis' the time of year to create a Halloweenie Tree !
This one is much bigger than last years(still pushing myself to think on a grander scale!).

Note to self:Next year make an extra Halloweenie Tree to balance out the expanse of white fireplace real-estate!

In the dining room I experimented with different sized candy jars and a skelly mirror,bought from Target for half off the day after halloween last year.

This "spells" sign was also a day after Halloween target purchase.I have my eye on a few goodies to grab this year too on Nov. 1st.

Look! The Mummy and Wolfman are hitching a ride with Elsa Lanchester!

In the Wee Petals room the dollies are having a grand time with the monsters!

Even Lilly Munster came to play!

Didn't you always wish for a bat neclace like Lily's?You can get one here.

.....and it just wouldn't be Halloween without insanely talented Amanda's Halloween mix C.D. !!!!!!
This years "Welcome To My Nightmare" came in the mail yesterday. I am happily driving the girls to and from kid-tivities whilst listening to such tuneful horrific-ness as:Glen Millers:"Swingin' at the Seance,Siouxsie Sues:"Rawhead and Bloody Bones,Tom Waits:"We're All Mad Here,and my FAV-O-RITE...the late great Eartha Kitts "I'd Rather Be Burned as a Witch". Did you know Amanda is a distant relative of hers? Is that the cooliest lineage EVER???
Thank you sweet Amanda!


rochambeau said...

Adore your all of your Spooky Ookie display! What a nice Halloween tree. Looks just great in the setting too, Lisa Gabriella! Also, the mummy vignette, very nice. Methinks you have a couple of very lucky girls to have such a fanciful mother as you!! You are making memories they will never forget!

What is everyone going as this year?


Heather said...

Ah, I love seeing people's halloween aesthetic! Your living room looks so charming! Thanks for stopping by :)

Household 6 said...

Ahhhhhh, yes you are in the Halloween spirit!

You know your chair with the matching ottoman? I forgot the name of the style/designer. My dad has one in a darker brown leather that he's had for years... I sooooo want it.

Anyways, back to your tree... I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for some Witchy looking black boots this year so I can stick your tree idea down in them next year!! Yay for you and your awesome ideas :)

By the way, I am digging your modern minimalist style! It's totally you!! I often wish I could do that look - it just feels calming and uncluttered to me and I like that!

strawberry lemonade girl said...

I looooove all your spooky goodies!!!! What a fun home you guys have. Rochambeau is right, we need to hear what everyone is going as this year!

rochambeau said...

Do you have any marionettes, Lisa Gabriella?
Would love to see you post them, if you do!

Constance said...

Spooookie OOooookie time rocks!!!

Miam Miam, I love the jungle Dream Pagoda in full swing! It was the first place I ever "hung out" at when I found myself in the blogosphere all those years ago... ;) Okay, only three years ago, but still.



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