Thursday, October 29, 2009

H-Ween Dress and the Last of the H-Ween Decor!

Can you believe I am creating again? I can't.

I am into tee-shirt dresses for the little petal. She loves all things skullie....but has such a distinct old-fashioned little lady side.

Thrifted skullie with rainbow tee + a vintage embroidered table runner (for the sleeves) + the hem of a vintage slip = Wee Petal style!!!!

Another tee-shirt dress. This tee was gifted long ago from Mary Ann. It also has Wee Petal Style written all over it ....well actually it has "Whisky -A-Go-Go written on it (tee hee).Just add lots-o-lace and voila...a simple creation fit for 1st grade princess!

Look at these pumpkin flowers!I 1st saw these over at Brandy's place...and after a fruitless search for Gladiolas found these at "The Thumb". I love them paired with floating skellies!

....and last on the skellie front...3 dollar store skellies ...seeing no,hearing no,or speaking no evil!!!!
I think the holidays are helping me find my groove again with this new space I live in. Its finally feeling like home.


Household 6 said...

Awww too spookfabulous! It's awesome that you're getting your "creating" on! I'm ganna check out the linky! I just made my final H-weeny decor tonight... well, not really "made"... just dressed a nakie skeleton. Now I'm done, and I can't wait to pack away the H junk! lol
Happy Halloween at the Pagoda!

Blossomnbird said...

Happy Halloween!
Your daughter looks gorgeous in your creations :)

strawberry lemonade girl said...

I love her dress!!!! how cool is she??? (and what a cool mama of course!)

rochambeau said...

Hey Lisa Gabrielle! Your little Petal looks amazing in her couture T~frocks! What a great combo, lace and skullies!
You did good.

I have an idea for your matadores for next year. Why you you get Petal to make 2 witches hats for the boys to wear?

Hugs from Brunhilde's daughter!


Heather said...

oh my goodness, she is the cutest! What a model ;) hope you all had a fun and spooky halloween!~


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