Saturday, November 07, 2009

A November Thriftventure,Kidlette Costumes ,And A Sneek Peek!

Happy November! Oh my, how I have been livin' it up at the thrift !Here are few choice morsels from recent furloughs at 2nd hand establishments,namely thrift stores,and specifically my FAVORITE thrift .....a dangerous mere 5 minutes away from the new pad!
A brown silk velvet jacket from ...I believe the 70's. It is fully lined and delicious(at a couple of bux)! You will note I am finding new photo op spots around the house,this is my current fave "backdrop".

Here is a little pink cotton kimono. I am imagining it over jeans and a tank or simple clean lined fitted sweater.

Here is a close-up detail shot of the cute and kawaii embroidery.The adorable stitching is what made me fall for this piece (also 1.99) and it might look better chopped off and hemmed as a short jacket or possibly reconfigured somehow as a little girls dress. I have not quite gotten my brain around what I wish to do with it yet.

Yet another bed-jacket. I loved the color and the sleeves and knew it would look oh so fun with my butterfly necklace.You know the styling drill
with this one:overalls,Kowalski tank,and cowboy boots.

An over-sized old fashioned heart locket at 3 bux. I am imagining this layered with pearls,after I tuck pics of my precious girls inside.

A final bit of goodies to round out the fun. Pieces of hand-tatted lace,an amazing vintage pillow case with a sheet music and blue rose print(you may click to enlarge any image),and a delicate vintage nightgown longing for a tea bath and some
other vintage embellishment,so she can emerge anew as a springtime frock.

....and th H-ween round-up!
Halloween weekend found Crooked Halo dusting off her wings and donning fairy attire for her school dance. I especially love her rainbow fantasy make-up.Ruby's current on-line obsession is you-tube make-up tutorials.

The Little Petal continues to beg for store bought H-ween stumes,and found the perfect intersection of her own obsessions (skullies and stuffed animals)when she chose this Skelanimal costume.

...and that's not Ruth Buzzi. Its my own sweet and sour C.H.using another make-up technique,and going trick-or-treating as an old lady(you didn't think she would choose something as pedestrian as a fairy for her actual costume did you?).

and last but not least a sneek peek of the new Crooked Halo Lair (or the drama dept. as her father and I like to call it).Its not yet done and I shall probably have the finished product toward the end of the month,but atleast the paints on the wall.
The New York Loft room is a tough act to follow,but she and I are both getting excited about the new ideas we are brewing!


sarah said...

what great finds!! I miss thrifting SO MUCH. It's the #1 crappy thing about the NYC area. Okay, well, not really but still. It's up there.

And the costumes were great!!

Household 6 said...

Oh my gaw, you buy the coolest clothes!

Tell CH to check out Kandee Johnson on youtube if she hasn't found her already. I heart KJ! She has fab makeup & costume tutes!

I'm dying to see the bedroom makeover... it looks very white! I love the play of shadows in white rooms... very dramatic!

I'm also diggin' both girls' halloween get-ups! Tres Fab!

Heidi said...

Gorgeous brown jacket! It will look great with your red hair. And I think the pink kimono needs a trim too--definite potential there!

Cute girlies!

Heather said...

what treasures!~

The Glamorous Housewife said...

Love the locket and kimono. And your girls are beautiful!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife


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