Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Candy Buffet and Etsy Taste Test

This is the second year I have created a candy buffet for my little fam to celebrate Valentines season with.It makes them feel positively spoiled and any left-overs get trashed tomorrow!
Note to self:Never buy pretzel filled M and M's again...this is a treat for everyone ELSE in your household not a nutrition spoiler for you!

....and here is last years buffet. A much better idea is to fill the buffet with candy necklaces and pixie stix and ring pops...all the stuff that Mommy's do not crave!

Speaking of tasty bits....have you played with the Etsy Taste Test yet?
Grab a spare 30-60 minutes and prepare to be tempted by treats beyond the caloric intake of chocolate !
Items on my final list included this adorable wooden "log" box bag!

...and this modern telly console much like the one I already own.

....and another version of a fave style of embroidered sweater that I also already own.
It may take a couple of plays but the Etsy Taste Test might actually "get" your individual taste!!!
Be good to those you love AND yourself today!


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