Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Holiday Thriftventure Booty !!

Angels......angels ...angels!!!!Each darling Seraphim at under 1 dollar!

A Dickensian trio in the most fabulous of muted colors!

More traditionally colorful tiny figures....again NOTHING over a buck!

Vintage Santa cups,snack trays and VERA napkins(4 total).....and a lone stocking....again,each item thrifted at under 1 dollar!

This one cost 4.95 (not the toothless wonder....the advent calendar!).Each numbered pocket has a beautiful handmade ornie for the tree!!! This is my fave thrifted item for the season and I found it last week!!!!!!! I have wanted a beautiful vintage advent calendar FOREVER!!!!

....and the trees up(not decorated and not thrifted , but inherited)...and I'm just gettin' started!!!!


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