Thursday, November 30, 2006

Vintage Inspiration for Christmas(part one).

Heres a few goodies to inspire those of you still decorating.Honestly if its Christmas time ,I am simply bathing myself in these goodies!Here you see more lovely little reindeer,a cunning little Santa,and my favorite Joan Walsh Anglund book (autographed even!).I am busy preparing a box of vintage goodies to go out toAnastasia,in Australia,shes my swap partner for The Vintage Christmas Swap .My taste runs to the midcentury fun side of the taste-o-meter,so I'm looking for something a little more refined for Anastasia,and I think I just might have found the very right style she likes (yay me!).What fun to make a new freind at Christmas who lives so far away from me!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random Vintage-esque Stuff from the Dollar Store

Old fashioned hard candy can you believe it? I flipped when I saw this,so many ways you could use this,multiple candies in a clear dish,Gingerbread House decor,or how about just eating them? Me, I was crazy for the cannister they came in!

Monday, November 27, 2006

November Thriftventures!

After traveling to Hawaii AND Chicago this month,fulfilling a couple of engagements for my acting career, and just coming off of a major family holiday(not to mention a bathroom renovation STILL in progress), its no wonder I simply had no time to thrift! Ah,but I DID manage to squeeze one thriftventure in before November comes to a close. Just look at the goodies I scored just in time for the holidays.I am crazy for old holiday themed tins and you can still almost always purchase them for under a dollar,these cost 45 cents each. I love the red one with the gilded homeade ornaments.The little plastic Santa has a string that you pull on his beard that plays a hurdy-gurdy style Jingle Bells,at 95 cents,also at .95,you see the wee vintage box of blue bulbs,one is missing but I think I have a stray little bulb to fill the space,I love the patina and graphics on the box. The tea-set is not vintage ,but what fun to surprise my little flower petal with her
play table set for a teddy bear tea party when she comes home from Pre-school this week,cost 2.45.
Can you believe I found this hand-painted silk slip for 2.95?Its simply begging to be paired with skinny jeans and platforms for the spring(clik on any image for more up-close thriftalicious-ness).The tooled leather belt has a gorgeous broke-in design,also 2.95.Rounding out the 2.95 theme was this wooden wheel(I believe used for ties),I'm gonna try this as a neclace organizer. Hmmm,wonder if it will work?
Crooked Halo came out the big winner this trip. I love this 80's jumper,for under 2 dollars,we're hoping it will work for her uniform at school.She also found yellow hi-top sneakers for 4.95...and...even though I do not like to spend this much at thrift stores,she found BRAND NEW yellow Doc Martens, in her size, for 14.95!
Each clothing piece was under 2 dollars. I have embellishing plans for a couple of the pieces(more on that after the holidays)but most will work as is.My baby likes to "help" mommy take pictures as you can see.
I was wild about the prints we picked out so I took a gratuitous shot of just them collaged together,how 'bout those mushrooms?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Its Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas!

Turkeys down,stockings hung!I couldn't wait,I had to begin decorating today ( oh yes, its a process!).I always decorate the mantel 1st,there might be a little tweaking( I'm not so sure about the leopard Santa hat Venus is sporting,she just might look X-masy enough already) but this is just about the final product. Can you tell which corner the tree goes in? Its already up,tee-hee ,this is the before pic.
Those little red reindeer make my heart beat exotic rhythms,do any of you remember those at your grandparents ? The stockings are all vintage (I loves me some vintage stockings!),they are thrifted or from estate sales ,and in terms of ownership they begin with The Big Daddy and on down the line to our kitty, Elvis( yes he is the king).I do tend to be quite anal about stockings hanging the same way. My heart and soul wishes for the sentiment on the stocking hangers,please dear Lord, let their be peace on earth.

So much more to come soon!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Blogpanions!

This is it. My meager thanksgiving decor.I do love my turkey collection(thrifted ofcourse,save the little salt/pepper shakers,they were inherited from Grandma) they look absolutely splendid and just right to my eye,mingling with the chic Nambe candlestix,and the Jean Cocteau prints in the background.. This is my decorating recipe in a nutshell:,the high/low aesthetic,something modern minimal and chic paired with something fun and kitsch-filled.
The older I get the more special Thanksgiving becomes. I personally NEED to take the time to be thankful,I have so much. The important things to me really are all in place. A beautiful ,loving extended family and dear friends that accept me and love me because of and in spite of all my eccentricities.We have our health,my husband (my perfect partner,how did we find each other?) has a wonderful career,and even I get to be creative in my chosen career,as I begin rehearsals for Hair in the new year!My girls are unique,loving and smart and I am always thankful for that shot of my husbands gene pool running through their blood!
Lastly I am thankful for YOU, blogpanions!What an original little village in this cyber world. We each march to the beat of our own drummer,we follow our own muse and its a beautiful thing!Why, I no longer have the crazy craft magazine habit that once threatened to land me in the Betty Ford clinic for addictions.I thank each of you for your diversity and for inspiring me in your own way,Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,the Thanxgiving issue

It's official,My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,has gone monthly! But then again,I believe, the thoughtfully edited treasures in my closet warrant a monthly fashion read!To read past issues you may click here for October andhere for September ,it never ceases to thrill me when linking to myself(it should be a Nina Hagen song,"I'm linkin' to myself,linkin' to myself...").
So heres the dilemma: What to wear for Thanksgiving?Do you dress up or surrender to the dark comfy side?
Are you supping ,just you and the immediate fam ? Perhaps you can forgoe that turkey and make reservations for dinner!If thats the sitch,I highly recommend siezing the oppurtunity,for an excuse to dress-up. Are you meeting that significant others parents for the 1st time?Dressing up couldn't hurt,right? Heres whats on the wardrobe menu at the Pagoda. Choice #1: An amazing new black crocheted skirt,with salmon crinoline from Anthropologie(a holiday present from the hub last year). Anthropologie does "new" vintage better than any other retail establishment.This I paired with a see-thru caramel blouse,inherited from my great Aunt Margaret (I have a whole collection of these from her ,she was saucy!). Underneath I used my thrifted black corset,topped with layered gold treasures inherited from my Grandma(you may click on any image to view details).If we get a "baby its cold outside "day I have my vintage chocalate brown silk velvet coat from the 40's,a holiday gift from my mother, just last year.The purse is a little gold and black 50's box number from my best friend Morgana.Lastly,if this is my turkey-day stume I shall walk in these fake Vivienne Westwood black suede pumps thrifted years ago.
Choice #2:If I go with a more curl -up and let the tryptophan kick in sorta tude. Its dolled up over-alls BABY !
Heres a close-up of the details ,in what shall probably be my thankful attire.Thrifted lace shirt from the 60's,thrifted beaded cardigan from the 50's,thrifted 3 strand graduated pearls(for a dollar!),thrifted portrait brooch,thrifted cowboy boots,thrifted tiny beaded clutch ,and oh yes,thrifted over-alls!
Here is another favorite Autumnal frock(thrifted for a few bucks)My hair just goes better with Fall colors! I am actually breaking one of my personal "dressing vintage" rules here. I usually NEVER wear a vintage dress AND vintage shoes ,its just too costumey,but these are my only brown pumps and I was just in the mood(plus the shoes are called "Glamour Debs" how irrisistable is that?).Here is a detailed view of my layered neclaces inherited from my Grandma,don'tcha love the Marie Antoinette-ish locket!
Finally,do you know what I am most thankful for when wearing vintage clothes? The oppurtunity to use something given to you from a loved one,that they wore themselves! Every piece of vintage has a history ,a secret story perhaps unknown to you. I find that intangible patina one of THE most exciting reasons to wear vintage! Did you notice so many of my goodies are handed down from my Grandma,she was very special in my life and I love having her "close" to me ,while at the same time indulging my passion for vintage!
This beautiful tapestry handbag was also hers(do you see the pagodas?),alas my blogtography did not capture the rich warm colors,but how 'bout THAT for a fall pocket book? So what will you wear for Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Pea-Hawk Chasing at Waimea Falls!

To wrap up our lovely trip to paradise,I shall tell the tale of A Pea-hawk chase!
While touring the North Shore of Hawaii,Crooked Halo and my sweet husband decided to hike (in the rain ) up to Waimea Falls and experience the life altering change that comes from a first swim in a brisk,natural waterfall.Considering the swimming skills of the other two family members(and the platform sandals, sported by this slave to fashion)my Littlest Flower Blossom and I decided to stay behind and make our own fun.
That fun began just as soon as little Magnolia petals first glimpsed a Peacock. "Mommy what ith that?",a Peacock I answered ,"yeth a Pea-Hawk ,I want one!".As you can see ownership was but a gift shop purchase away.
Almost got him...
...he picks up speed...
..and its the Pea-Hawk by a tail feather!Big sister in front of the real falls.
Note:No Pea-hawks were harmed during the actual filming of this post.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Tiki Tour !

The Polynesian influence is also widely felt throughout the Aloha state.No other image captures that feel quite so succinctly as the monolithic Tiki! Along the Northshore, photo ops abound with these wonderful statues,you have merely the need to pull over by the side of the road,pose and click.
The Polynesian Cultural Center popped up on our path,but hey ,no need for a drawn out visit . Just pay 5 bucks to park and you can bathe yourself in some ticky-tacky tiki love!
"Crooked Halo,please do NOT pick the tiki gods nose"!
Boy howdy, this guy has been around the block!
Here she comes...
...shes out of the..
What do ya know a picture is worth a thousand words!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


One of my favorite things about Hawaii, is the influence of the Japanese culture. A place to celebrate that flavor is at Ala Moana Mall at the Japanese department store,Shirokiya! Note : the girls and I are all wearing vintage Aloha wear(thrifted in Texas).
Inside is a treasure box of goodies,oh how I wish I had bought more!
Not to worry though,I scarfed up plenty of Pagoda delights!
These adorable little animals all are wearing Kimonos,you betcha some went home with me!
The top floor is all edible items,including a Japanese bakery.
My South Beach principles went completely down the drain when I sat foot in this store! Mochi is a Japanese rice pastry,my fave version gives you bite size pieces wrapped around ice-cream its SCRUMTRULESCENT !
It is also made fresh in the bakery,here is a couple of versions that made it back to big D with me.The top version has little pancakes wrapped around vanilla flavored Mochi, the bottom tray features strawberry ,coconut,and blueberry.I gotta find a place that sales this in Dallas,or then again perhaps I should let it be a special Hawaiian indulgence!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Back from Hawaii !

I have yet another busy week ahead ,however I did want to check in and say hello. Hawaii is breathtakingly beautiful,and yet that statement still seems superfluous. Our family vacation was amazimgly beautiful,also perhaps a redundant statement. I have lots to show and tell including visits to: I'olani Palace,Shirokiya(a too-too fabulous Japanese dept. store),the Northshore,and an impromptu Tiki tour.I am off to my busy-bee life,hope to check in tommorrow!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Aloha, darlings I'm off for a bit!

Setting: A balcony in Honolulu there is an ocean view,the sun is just about to set. I can feel the gentle breeze brushing against my cheek.I have just finished a Mai Tai and now the waiter is replacing it with a nice Chardenay and an exotic plate of fresh Mahi Mahi and native vegetables with Poi.I am gazing into the beautiful blue eyes of the only man I have ever truly loved.The sound of the waves is the perfect sound track.
Slowly my husbands hand reaches across the table,his eyes are locked onto mine,(THE RECORD SKIPS )his hand suddenly collides with our Littlest Flower Blossoms hand as she dumps the remaining ketchup onto the white linen tablecloth just missing her french fries.(CUE THE WHINING 10 YEAR OLD)"Dad theres nothing good to eat here,just a bunch of raw fish and fruit"!
Ah yes,its a family vacation to Hawaii,oh well Almost Paradise ,oh wait a minute that was last month,man ,I cannot get that crazy 80's tune outa my head!

I must escape for a week. I shall miss you all,but will return with a vengeance(just as soon as I get over the jetlag).

Friday, November 03, 2006

Pumpkin Soup

Oh,yes attention must be paid to each holiday around the Pagoda.Thanksgiving is such a lovely holiday.Even in Texas we do not have a hot Turkey Day,hot Halloween ,yes, but the temperatures never soar on lovely Thanksgiving.Its so nice to have a small breather,and gather with your family to be,well ,thankful,before we tumble head first into the holidays.
Among the zillions of ways I am thankful,heres a simple one:
Pumpkin Soup with Whole Wheat Croutons

you will need:
1 tablespoon of olive oil
2 large onions,chopped
2 stalks of celery,chopped
2 cloves of garlic,minced
1/4 cup of chopped fresh parsley (I opted out of this ingredient)
2 tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice
2 teaspoons of dried ,crushed thyme leaves
1 box of 32 oz. chicken broth
1/4 cup of dry white wine
1 can of (29 oz.)pumpkin
2 cups of light cream
4 tablespoons of butter,cut in pieces
1 box of whole grain croutons(I used Peppridge Farm ,where I also found this recipe)

Heat oil in saucepot,add onions and celery and cook until tender. add garlic,pumpkin pie spice,parsley,and thyme and cook for 30 seconds.
add broth ,wine and pumpkin.Heat to a boil. cook over low heat for 30 minutes,stirring every 10 minutes to prevent scorching.
Stir in the cream. add the butter 1 piece at a time ,until melted.
Pour 1/3 of the soup mixture into a blender container. Cover and blend until smooth. Pour into a different saucepan. Reapeat blending process with remaining soup. Heat through.
serve soup with additional cream and add generous heaping of croutons!
Yummy,I made so much I had enough to share with a dear neighbor,since the recipe does serve 12!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Finally Finished WIP, A Vampire Prom Queen,and some ETSY Love

...and here it new bathroom... TA DA
I wanted a very clean and modern look to go with the rest of the house.It looks very bare right now(which I intend to keep that look),but we have yet to pick out vessels and cabinets,which we will add for towels and products.
Next week we start on bathroom number two!
Last night my angel with the crooked halo went as a vampire prom queen. Doesn't Amandas skullie corsage work perfectly!
Heres the full length shot of Miss Translylvania,she was just dying to win!
You can always tell I have had a busy week if I post on multiple subjects ,I tend to enjoy focusing on one subject at a time probablymy small forehead issue .With that said,I will now share a couple of treasures,purchased for my 5432 Etsy challenge,this is my final month for the pledge and I think I may re-join at some point in 2007,because it is such a wonderful thing to profile Artists and Keepers of Intriguing Objects.
Speaking of Keepers of Intriguing Objects,I give you,Covetable Curiosities. This shop has all sorts of eclectic treasures,including the above tiny vintage glass cameo from the 40's.I purchased this lovely for 3.75,and it now has the distinction of being the tiniest silohuette in my collection of cameos (this collection deserves a post of its own).
I also purchased this set of 12 tiny Tea Geisha stickers for 2.50.You knew I had to purchase something Pagoda-ish didn't you? My plans for these beautiful illustrations are to scan, enlarge, and decopauge.

With Halloween over we have entered the frantic throes of "colliding into the holidays".I'm actually quite excited. My reasons for writing Jungle Dream Pagoda,are numerous and ever-expanding,but certainly among the top 5,would have to be Christmas and decorating with a witty wink of kitsch and vintage. Almost there and ready to share.


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