Friday, November 17, 2006

The Tiki Tour !

The Polynesian influence is also widely felt throughout the Aloha state.No other image captures that feel quite so succinctly as the monolithic Tiki! Along the Northshore, photo ops abound with these wonderful statues,you have merely the need to pull over by the side of the road,pose and click.
The Polynesian Cultural Center popped up on our path,but hey ,no need for a drawn out visit . Just pay 5 bucks to park and you can bathe yourself in some ticky-tacky tiki love!
"Crooked Halo,please do NOT pick the tiki gods nose"!
Boy howdy, this guy has been around the block!
Here she comes...
...shes out of the..
What do ya know a picture is worth a thousand words!


Timothy Hogan said...

I am instantly transported to THE BRADY BUNCHES' Hawaiin Vacation. During their "we've run out of blended family plots centered in the home and must travel them to breathe life into our dying comedy" panic that ended sadly in their variety act and Cousin Oliver. You trip looks totally glam and I am ever so jealous. Oh, I'm creating a New World Religios paradigm on my sit so please usher your readers my way:

Lucy said...

I am soooo jealous :) Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Love the photo's, thanks for sharing!

miss vintage love said...

Love the Hawaiian pics!
You guys are adorable!
Hopefully one day I will make out to the land of tiki-ness!

Sarah and Jack said...

ha! The nose picking is too funny.


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