Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine, February

Tis the last day of February and in honor of the month of la'mour,I wanted to share my collection of vintage bedjackets,and how I believe they look so much better OUT of the bedroom.When I think of an original use for a bedjacket,I immediately picture Myrna Loy(starring in a Thin Man film) having a glamorous breakfast in bed. I am fairly certain,however, that she never pictured wearing them as I wear my bedjackets,AND you can STILL find them at the thrift stores if your looking!
I love to pair something soft and feminine with somthing rough and worn,which makes bedjackets and cowboy boots the perfect pair in my world of style! Add a dark denim overall dress and you have the perfect canvas for a multitude of girliness to heap on top without looking like you have gone too far overboard(isn't more sometimes best!).This first bedjacket is the softest and sheerest of pinks and looks to me like angel wings. I have had it for years and remember paying less than a dollar for it at the Thrift.Underneath the denim I used the sheer caramel blouse inherited from my Great Aunt Margaret. The light caramel is a great color stepping stone between the dark denim and the sheer pink.Going with my something delicate + something rough = something fantastic ,equasion, I have added this tooled leather purse once owned by someone named Lavada(I bet I have carried it more than her!). There are beautiful thorny roses tooled all around on this purse(if you click on any image you will enlarge the pic).My tooled leather collection is rather large and deserves a post of its own,hmmm, someday.
I finished my adornment with a pearl beaded collar from the 50's and a favorite portrait brooch,also thrifted.

Another fabulous silouhuette for this swing type bedjacket is pairing it with skinny jeans and a Stanley Kowalski undershirt(I buy the undershirts by the half dozen at the dollar store).
This jacket is a beautiful peach with an ecru lace overlay,inherited from my Grandmas things.I very simply added a rhinestone brooch and graduated pearls. For my shoes,this time its vintage brown suede pumps,the brand oh so charmingly dubbed "Glamour Debs".

If the nice weather holds out here ,this is what I shall wear to the theatre atleast one night this week.White sheer bedjacket(also inherited from Grandma),Kowalski undershirt,gold beaded collar from India,vintage cameo,long gold chain with pearl beads,and matinee length pearls. Add to that a wee white beaded bag!

If it happens to turn cold again ,this is my bedjacket look of the week. Thrifted overalls with thrifted shrimp pink quilted bed jacket ,thrifted white vintage sweater,and thrifted tooled leather belt with fabulous buckle! The Calvin Klien overalls are super easy to find at the thrift ,they have little belt loops and sometimes its fun to belt ,for a different look. My adornment this time is a vintage set given to me by my mother. Pink flwers with rhinestone centers repeated over and over with gold little leaves. Because of the repetition of the flowers motif there is no competion with the big belt buckle,its just like wearing pearls or a chain.As my little helper is showing you ,it also has matching earings!

My last bit of vintage clothing fun this month ,is to show you the dress I decided on for the awards show. A black floral damask 60's cocktail dress with cutouts in the sleeves ,from my favorite vintage clothing store Ahab Bowen,perhaps we should take a field trip there next month? Hmmm,we'll see.

The complete collection of MOVCFM:

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Color me Chaotic!

Hello there!!! Can you tell my life as been wacky crazy lately? My posting has dwindled to about 1.5 per week,but right now thats the best I can do. There has just been sooo much on my plate lately and there is no immediate end in sight.
My show opened to lovely reviews (thank you Petula for the congratulations). I go back tonight,and am ever-so thankful for the days off I have had. I was able to clean house(a monumental task),catch up on the mountains of laundry(the dryer is going as I type),and celebrate a special birthday!!!

This is what 4 looks like.
We celebrated quietly with just the fam. Daddy and the Little Flower Blossom made A strawberry cake(while mommy slept in). We opened presents and played with them on and off during the day. Grammy sent money ,so off to Target we went to choose one more special present. My little petal loved this and poured over all the toys before settling on a "real" kitty cat that purrs,meows and even "makes bread". Kirsty kitty(she named it,not me) is her new sleeping buddy.I felt guilty for not planning a party,and had originally thought I would plan one for in a couple of weeks,but our day was so special ending with dinner at our fave resteraunt El Fenix and my baby later falling asleep in my arms. Did I mention we BOTH fell asleep? I am considering letting myself off the hook till next year (for a birthday party),anyone have any thoughts on that ? Am I cheating her out of a party? Truthfully I had such a good time being with her rather than hostessing with other energy-filled younge ones.

One special bright spot among the last 2 weeks was recieving this GORGEOUS package from the magical EB,of BE DREAM PLAY ,it came the day of my loss of Elvis,and I decided to wait to open it.The next day I decided I needed some fun,so my little one and I had a little EB party!Can you believe how lovely the wrapping is ,it even had pink bubble wrap!
Here is the beautiful contents. An Eb original,made with her own photography as little mosaics.A unique and wonderful heart neclace that I wore to my little ones Val-day party(alas I forgot to snap pics).The final goodie included was some delicious cinnamon scented oil,that I have already used up!Thats how good it was!
Thank you beautiful ,talented EB if you have not yet visited her site ,go quick!
Another major responsibility I took on was for my oldest babys school fund-raiser. I ,foolishly ,agreed to solicit companys for donations for the auction. This is NOT where my talents lie. My clerical organization is not conducive to this type of volunteer work. I persevere to fulfill my obligation,and until I am finished with this,I will continue to post spottily. I still can't believe I said yes to this. I have always volunteered for school needs,but in spots where I can truly make a difference.I directed 3 school talent shows (one ,2 weeks before I gave birth!),filed papers for teachers,and conducted various acting workshops.I just hope I don't drop the ball on this because I am unable to read my own notes!
...and just as I was cursing my inability to say no,this came.A special Vertigo Valentine from our story book heroine Vanessa.

In the midst of the excitement last week,I bought myself a val-prez' . A little something to put the Jungle in the Dream Pagoda! Leopard ballerina flats.

To top it all off on Monday, I have been ask to present at a local awards ceremony hosted by Ugly Betty's Michael Urie!
What shall I wear? I was considering this bronze number I wore on New Years Eve,thoughts,suggestions?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Stilletto Heights Fantasy Slumber Party

Jennifer of Stilletto Heights
Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist
and ofcourse my little ol' dollie doppleganger self
Jennifer is hostessing A virtual slumber party! Wow! What a cool pad ,it's a giant stilletto pump!

Naturally ,her fine art collection would include shoes!

...and how adorable a retro troll collection.
Look at the amazing mural of her signature and semi/autobiographical comic book,on the wall ! Wow,she must be making a killing with her ETSY shop.

JDP and Vanessa arrive at the slumber party.
JDP :Hey wheres the artist formerly known as Cinderellas Revenge?
Vanessa :Oh, she's busy re-inventing herself.
Jen :Would you look at us 3 girls we all have the exact same perfect body of 100 percent injected molded plastic.
All 3 girls squeal with delight and in unison and say : Bitchin!!!

JDP :Vanessa that is so sweet that you brought Knowme to cuddle up to.
Vanessa: Jen I have to say that large troll doll is kinda creepy!
Jen:Oh ,never mind him ,thats just my stalker Aaron, he thinks he's in disguise.You know I never realized he had a pierced belly button.

Jen: So gals shall we settle in and watch Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live ?
Vanessa:Oh damn,that reminds me ,I forgot to bring the Tiger Beat magazines!
JDP :..and when SNL is over I brought my bootleg copy of Idina Menzels closing Broadway performance in Wicked !
All 3 in unison: EEEEEE !!
Aaron : YAY!!! Show tunes I am so there!

JDP : MMMMMM,donuts!!
Jen: Yes,and since these are virtual calories we can have as many as we want!
Vanessa:There so good!Crispy yet creamey!

Jen: Hey Vanessa,wheres Knowme?

And a happy ending was had by all.
Aaron: MMMM ,virtual beer AND donuts !

****As you can tell the party is just getting started so heres the details again come and join us ! I must also send loving apologys to all the characters in todays story. Especially to Aaron,whom I have never met or even read until today ,when he skewered Ben,whom I believe is probably a dear freind,even calling him a hairy monkee in the zoo. This is just my way of helping him settle his karmic debt with the universe.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Oh say can you see my eyes ,if you can then my hairs too short!"

Hello dear freinds in sweet bloggy arty crafty world ,and Happy Valentines day!Your sweet and kind words of comfort was of much help last week.I even discovered new freinds with wonderful sites unknown or less familiar to me.All wonderful places to visit.
One of my friends even honored me with a lovely post,and wait till you see what I got in the mail from her! I will be visiting and catching up with everyone next week. As "you can see",currently my focus is on opening the tribal Rock musical "Hair",this Friday.Oh thats me in the top picture as the pregnant hippy chick or democracys daughter.
P.S. remember to hug your furry freinds!

Pictures by Morgan photography

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Our Sweet Elvis Has left The Building

Today we said goodbye to a sweet loyal friend and family member.Elvis (yes ,he was the king!) lived with us for almost twelve years.He came to us at a time when my husband just might have been having buyers remorse, over the non-domestic bride he chose, who could barely care for herself. He came to us right before I became pregnant with Crooked Halo. In many ways he taught me to be a mommy.
Over the years he grew from a scrawny little kitten to a BIG and beautiful boy.If a handyman came to the house ,be it dishwasher repairmen,exterminator or plumber,you can bet you would hear them say "Tha's a biiiig cat!". Yep,it was money in the bank,and quite true as you can see from the below picture,he was even bigger than my 8 month old Little Flower Blossom.
Elvis had a wonderful, full life as an indoor and sometime outdoor kitty.He was quite loved,and will be deeply missed. Mostly he will be remembered as a wonderful,loyal ,and unique family member.

__________________ Velvet Elvis Vegas _______________

Monday, February 05, 2007

A Brief but Fulfilling Thriftventure and Some Sisterly Cyber Love !

I had an ever so small window to dash in the thrift store,and just look at the results!
This fabulous poster size ,Lee "go-go girl" was just 80 cents! I shall employ it in this Springs redecorating project for the girls rooms!

This satin coat dress just about stopped my heart!It was 4.99(now I ask you why are some things priced at the 1 cent shy mark of the dollar and others lopped off to the even 10,IE: 80 cents and 4.99 ? Ah ,the mysteries of the thrift store!)I have already worn it as a jacket over jeans. Just click on the below image for a close-up of that print.

Rounding out my 60 minute dash in and out of the thrift(yes, thats record time for me),was this lovely Spring/50's print tablecloth for 1.49,an ecru hand tatted doily for .69,long pearls for 2.00 (theres that pricing mystery again)and 2 AMAZING ethnic pillow covers for 2.99 ! Now thats what I call "feeling the thrifting click"!

If I had to vote on a "most likely to succeed Martha" award it would surely go to Jennifer, of The Felt Mouse.This year instead of Christmas cards,she sent "Newyears Crackers",to her pals.Upon opening ,you find sweet little symbols to help wish you Health ,wealth ,humor,and happiness. Right back at you dear Jennifer,and thank you for such a sweet thought!


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