Sunday, August 06, 2006

More Indy Thriftventures , the fall collection

>Lately, I seem to be quoting Al Hoffs,Thrift Score, quite a bit, but in my house your just as likely to hear the phrases "lets go thrifting "or,"the big reveal",the way some households quote Shakespeare. So its time to switch writers.
In Tennesee Williams', Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Brick tells Maggie, he has to drink until he"feels the click". Well folks, I have to thrift until I feel the click.
And click it up I did.
In todays ,Fall collection set,I'll be sharing some of the things that will inspire me for the fall. My favorite thrift store in Indy, is called Unique Thrift. It is in a word, scrumtrulescent. Go directly to the jewelry case. Do not pass go, do not save it for the thriftfudgesundae at the end, and get ready to drool.
Not only did I find this amazing cameo for 3.95, but also this etched glass pendant of, a lady walking a grey hound, also 3.95. I was wearing the pendant moments after leaving Unique. Add to that 2 lovely little wee bird pins for .95 each and you get one happy thrifter.
For aparrel inspiration, I scarfed up 3 slips, One a lovely light blue,1.29, one kinda lacey, 89.cents ,and one rather old and cotton with boning in the strapless corset, a bit steep at 5.95, but I have WIP plans for it involving brown die.
One of my fave purchases was a little cunning brown leather bag,from the 60's, with kiss closure, for 2.95. Ofcourse its just for date nite, ( what a concept ),I presently sport a tasteful leather Gucci backpack for handsfree 3 year old chasing.

Let me leave you with this quote from Friedrick Nietzche,"In heaven ,all the interesting people are missing". Yep, they're probably in some thrift purgatory, searching for that one great score!


my house is cuter than yours said...

i love all your quotes!

janelle said...

love the pendants/cameos!


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