Friday, February 13, 2009

Early Valentines!

...and she's back!
I bet all of you wonder why I do not just excuse myself and take an official bloggy break? Well,I'm afraid if I made it official it just might make me want to rip my clothes from my body and float off nekkid ,into the cyber ether,in nothing but a wee heart belt like these cute cupids depicted here in a vintage Hallmark honeycomb centerpiece!...and besides I continue to lie to myself and tell myself "Self, just look at that glimmer of light,why its almost amber. See it?Right there ,waaaaaay in the distance,at the end of that looooong Pagoda tunnel!Why it will be no time at all till you are once again a blogging fool!".

...and who else ,but all of you ,would I show off my half and yet whole hearted attempts to make merry for the seasons? This time I spruced up the Wee Petals digs with my painted stray tree branch trick.
The great thing about using discarded sticks is just toss the little tree away when you are done,no bulky storage issues.
All of your vintage valentines from the 70's (perfect for a little girl that loves cute doggies)will fit neatly into that pink vintage ruffled candy box(also from the 70's)that you thrifted for mere pennies(I paid 35 cents for mine 2 weeks ago!).
Honestly.... I could never leave this creative community and all the amazing cyber sisters I've "met". I mean look at Amanda who knows my style to the letter.She gifted me with a box of early Valentine prezzies at the beginning of the month.Just look at this amazing black crushed velvet mini dress she sent. I'm thinkin' black tights ,Doc Martens,and ropes of pearls and crazy silver costume jewelry amulets.Hmmmm,maybe just the pearls ,a matching velvet wrap and a wacky yet bodacious vintage bag.....can't decide yet. I just wish I had had it the 1st weekend of Feb(tell ya why in a sec).

Can you even believe this regal sea foam green(she knows me so well) beauty. Amanda calls her "Mame" and she(the dress) immediately makes me think of my favorite quote from that movie(What,you don't have a favorite quote from Mame?!?!): "Life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving". What a great inspiration quote to live your life by. This quote always makes me think of one of my best friends,a great man ,and a true inspiration. He knows who he is.
But back to Amanda's Mame,I have plans for this grand dame of a dress ,I shall reveal them at a later date. I love that something sent to me from a cyber sista
has inspired me to share again,but thats what we do in Bloglandia share our spirit.
On to the sharing portion.
So where have I been? I have been going non stop since before the holidays and I have finally come up for air only this past week. My oldest babe took on her second lead role at a professional theatre (the show just closed,if only I had had that crushed velvet number for the last weekend!). My child played young Violet in Violet a Jeanine Tesori musical. It tells of the spiritual journey of a young woman(older Violet)who as a child suffered a horrible disfiguring accident,and her travels to discover her own inner beauty. Young Vi and older Violet share the stage as they travel and learn about love and courage,and acceptance.
I understand,this seems an odd subject choice for a musical,but these types of human stories is the direction where Musical theatre must continue to head to be relevant.

I must also share that the opening preview was probably one of the greatest nights of my life. My respect for my flesh and blood as an actor has been one of the most satisfying experiences to DATE. To see my own passion reflected back to me through Ruby was quite something indeed.As an actor we know when another actor "belongs" on the stage,and my baby was incandescent.
Ah,but I have 2 little valentines to be proud of.My Wee Petal continues to ,pretty much wake up and begin producing art,as evidenced by her mini me project that I helped her with.
Its time for "A Wee Petal Style Break"
My littlests style pleases me quite a bit. Uniform or no uniform she infuses her own spin on things. She is already a fan of Vans, skullies ,and layering and it warms my heart every time I look at her.
So what I guess I am trying to say on this Valentines Eve,is....... I have always been a bit of a hedonist,I kinda have always suffered from a bit of "Its all about me" disease",don't get me wrong at the same time I would never have called myself selfish(and don't think others would have either).
.....but,right now is about me facilitating the life of the other 3 people that live in the Pagoda. My hubs is traveling more than ever and I must be the glue right now,and sometimes its hard to get in front of my own life.
I shall return ,but who knows when.......


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