Thursday, February 14, 2008

MOVCFM,Baby its Cold Outside,February 2008

Happy Valentines Day !!!! In honor of the day I had to share a little retro vintage clothing themed Valentine for you by a cherished favorite artist of mine.Miss Joan Walsh Anglund !
So,how many of you(when it's cold outside) consider it a good day when it's high noon,and you're still in your PJ's ? I have a little alternative vintage solution for you. Lets call it "Comfort Food for the Body" ! How about old beaded cardis from the 50's and the softest and buttery-est,washed to perfection jeans(those that are at least a size too big!)you could possibly find?
The above icy blue cardi was thrifted recently for 1.50(it was half off!),and the old lady beads were bought at an estate sale for a couple of bux.

In the floor collection today ,I present to you a typical winter day ensem for me. You could even call it a uniform.
Beaded cardi ,that I have had for so many years,I can't recall the price,Kowalski undershirt,my fav-o-rite jeans ever!I bought these in my 2nd trimester with my 1st,and now they are merely delightfully baggy!
.....and..... my absolute ,positive ,mu-hajorly favorite,the kind of thing goofy old Stacy and Clinton would make me throw away..... beat up and aged to perfection,cowboy boots! I bought these for 4 dollars at the thrift eons ago. I have spent over 100 dollars through the years in re-sole-ing fees. I wore them last year in Hair for pitys sake. Not only do I love to wear them but am sentimentally attached to them. ...and look,now they're sandals too!

Another ice blue beaded cardi from my collection,bought from the thrift,and this time accessorized with a vintage detachable fur,beaded,collar also from the 50's(and the thrift, for a few bux!).
...another year round staple for me is overalls.They are always cheapedy cheap at the thrift!
Step 1:thrift a vintage looking ,extremely soft and comfy sweater. This one has a lovely vintage-y rose print and cost 69 cents. I just toss them in the washer and dryer and felt them a bit for patina.
Step 2: Add a well loved denim jacket.
Step 3: For interest I threw on this vintage tablecloth as a sort of wrap.I wore this last Thursday to take my littlest to dance class. It was a particularly cold and blustery day and I just sort of grabbed something as a shawl/scarf. I was amazed at the compliments I got.
My oldest babe could not believe Mommy wore a tablecloth out (I'm sure Sarah can't either!),and she told her father just that.To which he replied"...and how long have you known your Mom?"
I became rather enamored of the table linen as fashion accessory idea and decided to experiment.
Here I paired a thrifted cardi from the 60's with a lace table runner and pinned with a couple of 60's and 70's flower pins from my collection. In retrospect I think one pin is enough!
Here I used an embroidered dresser scarf as a neck scarf ,paired with another fave 69 cent ,washed to death ,and oh so soft sweater!See one pin is best!
...but what to wear when you are going to an event and all you really wanna do is stay home and watch Mission Impossible re-runs ? My vote goes for non-constricting velvet vintage dresses! My favorite leopard velvet that I have had for ages,and am so glad I never tailored it to fit.
My newest green velvet baby doll dress from the 60's ! So soft ,so warm,and so comfy ! I bought both of these at my favorite vintage clothing store, Ahab Bowen,for less than 20 bux each(much less!)!
I leave you with a pic from season 1 of Project Runway. This is Austin Scarlets much maligned offering from the "deconstruct vintage clothing" eppy.
I loved most of the garments that came from that challenge,but this is the one that I would have liked to have owned! The judges hated it,but I LOVED it. Which is more than I can say for last weeks wrestler girl eppy.Could my beloved PR have "jumped the shark" as they say in the biz?
I have not yet watched last nights eppy,so don't tell me anything about it until I watch it later tonight.
....but I will say this about the Wrestler Girl least the designers embraced it,and my top 3(Jillian,Christian,and even Rami)did create some fun stuff
....but come on now.... give us some high fashion....please!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"The Chronicles of The Dream Pagoda"

Sooooo........did you think "The Chronicles of Barbie's...
....Pagoda... were drawing to a close?
Honestly ,I wasn't sure. Never ,since the beginning of my blogging journey have I not even "lurked" on my pals! Let's just say I'm felling a bit more centered and back to myself.
Speaking of dream houses....hows this for a candidate?
For the time being our current "dream house" is not yet a reality.Fingers still crossed ,though.
...but this ones available. Somehow, I find it too slick. Is that possible?
In other Pagoda news oldest baby's all growed up!With the money she made from her professional debut,she got a super fancy haircut and color!I love it ,but admit I had my doubts,what with Crooked Halo's "dramatic" taste buds... I did fear something dreamed up in the imagination of...
....Edward Scissorhands.
I'm just sayin'...(what,you thought I could get through a whole post without a Project Runway reference?).

Amazingly,it seems my Blogpanions have not forgotten me. Look what Jennifer ,from The Felt Mouse sent me!
The treasure within.Do it your self New Years fairy lights!
I created a necklace for my sometime model Josephine. Next year I plan to string my Happy New Year greeting along a new mantel(and in a new home!). Thank you Jennifer !
So just what have I been up to at the Pagoda? Well,besides laundry and then some more laundry,in the evenings the fam gathers round the tube and watches old Mission Impossible re-runs. They are simply the best! We've been catching the Leonard Nimoy era of late.We cuddle up on the couch and get ready to watch the MI gang thwart some fiendish political plot based in a vaguely northern European country. Nimoy gets to strut his stuff as a "serious actor" and attempt one ghastly accent after the next.Peter Graves,though quite dashing,looks like he has been smoking and sunbathing since puberty. The Foley artist seems to be the real star of the show ,with much of the action shot MOS (without sound)with sound effects folied in later.It must have cost absolutely nothing with the majority of the action taking place on the back lots at Desilu. In fact ,every time the same basement winding staircase shows up(in yet a different country)it gets a big laugh from the pagoda household!
Check your listings,its actually big fun family entertainment!

...and a sneak peek.....
Next up MOVCFM . I really havn't had anything of interest to say here in bloggy world and thought my way back in would always be when I started my vintage fashion zine back up. I was sure I had the perfect idea from a holiday movie I loved.
...but you see to write about it,I actually have to be wearing it.Thats what gives me the inspiration to share. Thus ,I shall be tackling a special "Baby its Cold Outside and all I want to do is wear my PJ's till Noon" issue.
See you soon!


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