Saturday, December 22, 2007

My big holiday entry!

Hello all!! I am about to face a 4 show weekend, otherwise known as JDP nirvana! Still my schedule has its challenges. Couple that with the holidays and I am quite literally passing myself and saying "hey". Out of town visitors added to the mix along with a 1:30 dance call? YEESH!!! Wouldn't have it any other way,and what a lucky girl I am to have such an amazing husband!My perfect puzzle piece!
Loved last weeks challenge on P.R. ,I must admit (begrudgingly) Christian's got some serious game! LOVED his interpretation of the challenge (using former oversize garments ,from lady's who have gotten their fitness on ,as raw materials)! I also admire his point of view! Its not really my style but its growing on me in leaps and bounds. He ALWAYS delivers something interesting. Since we justifiably lost Stephen my unscientific final 3 choice(based mostly on his mad sketching skills),I give that slot to Christian now!
Elisa was in the bottom 2 last week but I LOVED her garment. I thought it was the 2nd most "fashion forward" ensemble on the runway and the client loved it!
P.R. will be back on January 2nd.

This might be my final entry for 2007 ,what an amazing year! I have so much love for all of you out in bloggy world and certainly will be back in force when my show closes in January. Just in case you want to see my decor heres last years post on my tree . The MERRIEST season to all of you!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Norma..... and has Jillian been reading JDP for styling tips?

This shall be ever so quick a post,but I had to drop in and play catch up! First my AMAZINGLY TALENTED SIS won another Project Dollway challenge.This is her Norma Desmond tribute. Word.
Second, I knew I had backed a winner when I said Jillian was my heart of heart fave. LOVED last weeks challenge of updating outdated trends. Honestly though in the ever evolving world of fashion ,is anything ever really out? You will always find a person who knows exactly who they are in terms of personal style and NOTHING will ever look outdated on them.
...but back to Jillian...a girl after my own heart.....she was wearing overalls and picked overalls as her outdated trend to update!....and then she created an ethereal sheer vintage-y looking blouse to pair 'neath the overalls. Why its almost as if she had been reading MOVCFM ! I'm just kidding,but she definitely plucked a page out of my personal style notebook! I still love Elissa and Kit,but this week Sweet Pea also created a wonderful shaped garment though I truly didn't care for the color combo.
The menswear challenge the week before ,ugh!!!It might have been a wonderful eppy if they had not had a former athlete be the guest judge. He was a beautiful specimen of manhood,but I do not believe that gives him the street cred to choose a fashion forward winning garment. Loved Kits,it grew on me more and more,but I felt there were many designers that should have been at the top that were not even mentioned(Jillian being one of them).
Lastly an outtake from the press photos for mine and my baby's show. We are previewing on Thursday and I am buried with polishing and brushing up. 2 weeks is a VERY short period of time to put up a GIANT show like this. Its like a play AND a musical combined ,tons of dialogue and tons of music! I'll be visiting everyone next week after we open. I sure miss my bloggy peeps and hope everyones holiday season is going wonderfully!


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