Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,the Thanxgiving issue

It's official,My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,has gone monthly! But then again,I believe, the thoughtfully edited treasures in my closet warrant a monthly fashion read!To read past issues you may click here for October andhere for September ,it never ceases to thrill me when linking to myself(it should be a Nina Hagen song,"I'm linkin' to myself,linkin' to myself...").
So heres the dilemma: What to wear for Thanksgiving?Do you dress up or surrender to the dark comfy side?
Are you supping ,just you and the immediate fam ? Perhaps you can forgoe that turkey and make reservations for dinner!If thats the sitch,I highly recommend siezing the oppurtunity,for an excuse to dress-up. Are you meeting that significant others parents for the 1st time?Dressing up couldn't hurt,right? Heres whats on the wardrobe menu at the Pagoda. Choice #1: An amazing new black crocheted skirt,with salmon crinoline from Anthropologie(a holiday present from the hub last year). Anthropologie does "new" vintage better than any other retail establishment.This I paired with a see-thru caramel blouse,inherited from my great Aunt Margaret (I have a whole collection of these from her ,she was saucy!). Underneath I used my thrifted black corset,topped with layered gold treasures inherited from my Grandma(you may click on any image to view details).If we get a "baby its cold outside "day I have my vintage chocalate brown silk velvet coat from the 40's,a holiday gift from my mother, just last year.The purse is a little gold and black 50's box number from my best friend Morgana.Lastly,if this is my turkey-day stume I shall walk in these fake Vivienne Westwood black suede pumps thrifted years ago.
Choice #2:If I go with a more curl -up and let the tryptophan kick in sorta tude. Its dolled up over-alls BABY !
Heres a close-up of the details ,in what shall probably be my thankful attire.Thrifted lace shirt from the 60's,thrifted beaded cardigan from the 50's,thrifted 3 strand graduated pearls(for a dollar!),thrifted portrait brooch,thrifted cowboy boots,thrifted tiny beaded clutch ,and oh yes,thrifted over-alls!
Here is another favorite Autumnal frock(thrifted for a few bucks)My hair just goes better with Fall colors! I am actually breaking one of my personal "dressing vintage" rules here. I usually NEVER wear a vintage dress AND vintage shoes ,its just too costumey,but these are my only brown pumps and I was just in the mood(plus the shoes are called "Glamour Debs" how irrisistable is that?).Here is a detailed view of my layered neclaces inherited from my Grandma,don'tcha love the Marie Antoinette-ish locket!
Finally,do you know what I am most thankful for when wearing vintage clothes? The oppurtunity to use something given to you from a loved one,that they wore themselves! Every piece of vintage has a history ,a secret story perhaps unknown to you. I find that intangible patina one of THE most exciting reasons to wear vintage! Did you notice so many of my goodies are handed down from my Grandma,she was very special in my life and I love having her "close" to me ,while at the same time indulging my passion for vintage!
This beautiful tapestry handbag was also hers(do you see the pagodas?),alas my blogtography did not capture the rich warm colors,but how 'bout THAT for a fall pocket book? So what will you wear for Thanksgiving?


amanda button said...

That first outfit...oh my's PERFECT. I love it and want to steal it from you...good thing you are so much smaller than me or you'd be in big trouble! LOL! I love both outfits....but what i love more than anything is how you have turned dressing into such a n art form...each piece is so immaculately thought-out, and meaningful to boot. You really ought to own a vintage boutique, you have a gift, lovey!

Petula Darling said...

You definitely have a fabulous vintage clothing collection.
If you're doing the cooking, I'd say go with comfort all the way (the overalls work well for both cooking comfort and after-meal belly expansion).
Me? I'm in charge of the dinner, so I'll probably be going for something with an elasticized waistband. To dress up the look, just before dining I'm thinking I might try to remove the gravy I'm sure I'll have spilled on myself.

Timothy Hogan said...

Gorgeous and not a bit surprised. Maybe instead of Nina Hagen it could be a Divinyl's song "When I Think About You, I LINK Myself..."

I always opt for the long shirt that either conceals the elastic waist band of my track suit ants (very Long Island) or allows me to crack open a waist button, sight unseen Shhhhh!

Have a lovely one my dear.

Peta said...

I LOVE that Anthropologie skirt. I would wear that!

AnastasiaC said...

what a gorgeous skirt!!!
I love that vintage dress too - stunning!

Rebecca said...

What perfect outfits! I spent my day in pumpkin pajama pants and a black tshirt. It amuses me that I set a very formal table and then we all wear pajamas. :) My mother would die . . . ;)

VictoriaE said...

That skirt, and that bag..

Ivy Frozen said...

Silly me, I just found your blog! I love wearing vintage for the same reason! It's a connection to the past/relatives/etc, kind of like traditions (and why we sometimes still do them, even if they don't make sense anymore.)

StephenMosher said...

I love all the outfits and everything...

But that photo.

Your outfit is great and you are as beautiful as ever but where is the dazzling LGG smile? Where is my girl with with the movie star smile?

Please, my darling. Let your readers see the Pepsodent.

I's hard to really smile when it ain't me behind the camera.

You're so gorgeous. Never grow old, Orlando..


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