Monday, September 25, 2006

September Thriftventures !

Here it is with less than one week left in September, and I just had my 1st significant Thriftventure of the month,(save snapping up that wonderful felted pony skirt on a 5 minute estate sale dash).I think it was worth the wait! I stumbled into a moving sale with 75% off clothes and 50% off of everything else.For the Fall collection I grabbed a wonderful pair of hi-waisted,full-legged,fully lined ,pleated wool trousers ala Kate Hepburn,for 1.50. I can take them for a spin and if the style doesn't suit me,oh well back to the thrift store they go for good thrift karma. A celery satin party frock for 2.25,and what of the black bustier? A very wise 3.00 purchase for this girl. I have many sheer vintage blouses and as an actress,one just can't own too many bustiers. To fan the flames of my passion for tooled leather the billfold was 2 bucks!The mini vase AND the little birdie were 75 cents and will be used as props for future dollie stories.The apothacary or canning jar has vintage fairy decals and wil be a new home for my buttons,only 200. I simply could not resist the portrait brooch ,my most expensive item at 6.00 (and it matched the party frock!,not that I would pair them).
The last purchase I made was this amazing graphic Vera scarf from the 1960's ,bought for a wee one dollar bill. WEEEEEEEE!


MaryAnn said...

Don't thriftventures truly keep you smiling all damn day long?! I am so loving the frock - really! Great finds!

Heidi said...

Wow. I'm impressed. That green dress is awesome. And great prices, too.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I'm totally green with envy and so so jealous of your scarf. I'm allowed to be right? What a major score in my vera loving eyes! Well done.

miss vintage love said...

Wow, that green dress IS just like the one I found! Love the color.
Nice find!!

StephenMosher said...

While you are thrifting at garage sales, I scored a 1-sheet of Diane Lane in HOLLYWOODLAND for $1.04 and a DA VINCI CODE for $.99, $2.99 for SOPHIE'S CHOICE, COCOON and ASH WEDNESDAY (each), $1.00 for FORTY CARATS, TOUCH OF CLASS, NIGHT MOTHER,and THE DEVIL IS A WOMAN, $1.47 for STRANGE BEDFELLOWS, $1.36 for DOCTOR DOOLITTLE (Rex Harrison), $4.13 for a set of lobby cards from Xanadu and a lot of other treats!

It's just more fun when you get your treasures for under five bucks!!!

Ain't it?


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