Monday, April 30, 2007

My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,April,Inspired by Hollywood,part 1 ,Marie Antoinette

I'm sure I was the last of us girls to see it, but believe me, it was one of those films I yearned to see on the big screen. Alas ,time slipped away and it was the small screen after all that inspired me. Marie Antoinette is a feast for the ears and eyes,and made me wonder...what would Marie wear today?
I believe our Marie would be just as hip as the actress who played her. Surely with the arsenal of family heirlooms at her fingertips ,she would find some wicked cool combinations of vintage and modern.Rhinestones and red lipstick,always the perfect statement.
I can just hear her now,"Louis do you mind if I grab your dear departed Mamans,diamond and lucite heels?

I think she would jump right on the dress and skinny jeans thang,proving that this particular trend is not going away anytime soon. Shown here with a sheer pink lace dress ,leopard pumps,and silver box bag from the 50's.
Hot pink would remain near and dear to her heart.
Though she might pair her short version with a lucite bag and matching giant platforms.
She would ofcourse shop at Etsy ,where she would no doubt find this amazing silouhuette neclace from Paraphernalia.
She would trade this floral print ....
..for this ,ironic "Marie had a little lamb" print 70's nightgown,paired with plastic Cinderella pumps.
A last minute decision to belt it 'neath the chest would produce just the right empire waist effect.
If our time travlin', vintage lovin' Marie loved overalls as much as your fashion editor,she might grab for these choices in her royal closet. A simple sheer ruched blouse and a pearl and rhinestone collar,with a beaded bag and plastic pumps.
For a jacket? She might add this beaded 50'cardigan and trade the collar for pearls(too much bling).
Or perhaps she would wear the beaded cardi 'neath the bib.
...and add a perfectly patina'd jean jacket to further de-bling-a-fy the ensem.
Or maybe she would wear it like this.

The complete collection of MOVCFM:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Its All About The Pagoda!!!,or Lets Have Some Tea and Chat.

Would you like to join me for some tea,while I tell you of my week?I'm almost finished with mine,but since I'll be doing all the talking anyway...let me steep a fresh cup for you with my new Pagoda laden teacups from Tia. Don't you wish you lived next door to Ms. Smoochie Lips? Ofcourse no one would get anything done because we would all be too busy having fun!!!
Speaking of having and the fam just got back from Vegas,baby!!
Hmmm,which sister didn't listen...
...and which sister became The Enforcer?

We stayed at The Venetian,a beautiful and incredibly nice hotel,but certainly an Italianate,marble floored maze!My baby insisted this mural was a picture of mommy brushing her hair.
Naturally The Forum Shops at Ceasers Palace is a must!You see I never gamble while there ,but ALWAYS shop!The Forum shops is the perfect place to play out one of my favorite fantasies. *IF* I was a touring Rock Goddess ,and money was no object,what would I buy?
Well, I would start at The House of Emilio Pucci.
Make a stop at the Gap...
Where I would take all six of these white garments ,specially designed by Thakoon and Rodarte.There are a collection of 3 by a third designer ,but I care not for those garments.
Which would make room in my suitcase for LOTS of jewelry by Michal Negrin ,a spectacular Israeli designer heavily influenced by the victorian times.
Ah,but I only PLAY a Rock Goddess onstage. So this is what I actually came home with.For Crooked Halo a t-shirt that feels eerily prophetic(click to enlarge any image,while your author dabs a tear from her eye).
Another tee for the Little Blossom that is the gospel truth!
Urban Outfitters was having quite a sale and I grabbed their version of the 30's housedress for 17 dollars. Its actually better than real vintage. Oh,don't think I'm going soft on you,I had a fabulous dress almost identical to this one,that was from the 30's. Everytime I wore it it ripped a bit.
This brown dress was only 5 dollars,thats thrift store prices!
I may actually wear the back as the front (with the perfect vintage slip and accessories ofcourse.

There was one other item I was absolutely knocked out by. Anthropologie is carrying a few items by Anna Sui. This scrumdillyumtious silk blouse is 318.00. I decided to create my own version from a Kowalski undershirt,a vintage linen,a vintage collar,and a few vintage notions. Thus far its a WIP,but I think its going to scratch that Sui itch. I might even create a few more.
Last but not least some inspiration for Crooked Halos new room. We will begin that project in about a week,we have dear visitors to see this week. Up next, MOVCFM, where I take inspiration from a film that is a bloggyville fave and a contest to celebrate a special post.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oh,the Outfit's She'll Wear!!!

Well, its just too early for MOVCFM but I when a girl is in the mood to talk about clothes,lets face it ,she's just gotta talk about clothes! Way back in August 06 when JDP was barely a month old, I joined a clever group of stylish thinkers,"Wardrobe Remix", a flickr group founded by the cunningly colorful and uniquely fashionable,Tricia Royal of Bits and Bobbins. W.R. is a do it yourself "street fashion" community.,where the members post head to toe pics of themselves ,when they REALLY feel great about the look they're rockin'and loosing on the world at large!...and I do mean from all over the world!Re-mixers from Helsinki to Ontario,from London,to Minneapolis and Thailand,L.A.,Chicago,NYC and many small and big towns(and countries)in between.As you can see from the colors I chose in the above look,I probably will not be in a hunting accident anytime too soon(good thing too with those shoes!).
I joined not only because of a lifetime belief that true style is individual and can't be bought from a single stop at a boutique or chain store,but also as a way to get this stay at home mom out of her overalls and workout clothes!
It can be a slippery slope into frumpdom and I am fascinated by formerly fabulous stay at home moms that fall in love with comfort clothes.Here I was reaching for the overalls on a daily basis when I had all these goodies in my magic closet. Its a big walk in closet stuffed and cluttered to the brim, but omigosh at the treasures. In the rest of the house I try to keep things minimal and clutter- free. My closet is actually my REAL self and I both love and abhor the over-stuffing,BUT, I am always inspired by it!
I finally had to tell myself to step away from the overalls(though they are still a favorite wardrobe piece)and put on the fun stuff!My lifestyle has always given me a reason to dress with wit and flare atleast once a month,but W.R. was finally makeing me more accountable to me! ...and oh the inspiration from the other re-mixers!!
Alas, I once again find myself reaching for the bibs. Ironically when I was going to the theatre everynight,I had no time to snap pix for W.R,but what fun I had dressing for my actor buds!

My oldest baby joins in the fun from time to time too. I am in awe at her sense of style.Actually I was planning to snap a re-mix for a Sunday outing ,when all of a sudden ,my camera took a nasty fall. Unfortunately it was attatched to my hand at the time,and due to crashing into the pavement,it will not be taking any shots anytime soon! If you wish to check out my flickr stream here it is!
I am curious,what are your thoughts on this subject? Is it truly just a matter of time until we all are enveloped in the the murky quicksand of frumpdom? Is career,children,the laundry,even, keeping you from being you? I for one am not going down without a fight,and W.R was the fire that re-ignited the daily sass that I once barely even gave a second thought to putting into my wardrobe choices.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Last Look at the Pink Palace !

Crooked Halo has gotten sooooo grown up that she wants all the pink to go away!!!We affectionately dubbed her room "the pink palace" named for the rather pepto walls and bubblegum furniture that reside there.
Ah me, I guess its time for a re-decorating project!I must admit ,though I am excited about the creative possibillities, I am also sad my baby feels a need to leave this rather younge look behind.She was 5 when we changed the room from the mostly yellow and red furniture with cowgirl accents,that had been her nursery theme,to the more girl-i-fied version you see before you now.
Since Jungle Dream Pagoda,is also a chronicle of my families life and times ,I wanted one last detailed look for its a great before shot(right?).Come with me as I walk down memory lane and wax poetically about a room that was even featured in, The Dallas Morning News,when my baby was profiled for her personal style!
I love this tulle window treatment!If you click and enlarge,you will see that there are actually 2 colors of tulle draped ever-so easily in this simple treatment. The thrifted plaster angels are the same hot bubblegum pink that I painted the furniture in.Her vintage troll doll collection line the windowsills.
Every girl(big or little) needs an inspiration board. This one I covered with a thrifted fuschia Hawaiian print.
We tend to use vintage clothes as artwork here at the Pagoda,and this asian pajama outfit in her blue accent color fit the theme perfectly.What is to become of Trixie ,Dixie,And Dell?This painting is a treasured item,that I don't think will fit the new look(to be revealed presently).
More vintage clothing as artwork,ready to be wore right off the wall(and of course a messy pile of CD's).
This metal vanity is one of the few pieces we will keep,along with the ironwork shelves. Ofcourse they will NOT be pink anymore.
Heres the desk area/closet/nook(Hi Julius,I see you hiding in the corner!). This will be filled with pillows and will take on more of a conversation pit function.
Gee whiz was this desk hard to paint(and just look at the sweet blue rose knobs from Anthro!). I remember rushing to finish it before school started that year. Do you think thats where she does her homework? No,that'd be the bed!
Her closet is actually quite organized,and ofcourse also pink with pink hangers(we will be using lots of primer!)The beaded curtain seemed like such a great idea at the time,ugh,but what a pain it was! 2 weeks ago ,The Little Blossom and I heard a crash and guess what it was? It must have known its time was up,after this shoot it made it to its final resting place, the trash!
Now for the big reveal! Crooked Halo wants a more sophisticated look,something loftish and arty.She wants to use a nice taupey brown for the wall color and has chosen Sherwin Williams ,Meadowlark. I heartily approve of this color! This vintage gown was worn by my daughters Grandmother as she was named runner-up to Miss Indiana in the 60's. It will figure heavily in the design inspiration.
This loft bed from Ikea is actually the jumping off point for us(lets hope we ONLY use that term figuritively!).We will be doing an industrial and lacey vintage feel. With lots of brushed aluminum,lacey vintage clothes ,browns taupes and ecrus. Sort of a ... warm, monochramatic, victorian boudoir meets the set from Madonna's "Express Yourself " video.Wouldn't something like this look great beneath the bed,I love the juxtoposition of styles!

I believe a re-design every few years is great,and find the philosophy of "pick a design they can keep through college" to be absolute horseradish! A child needs to be able to express themselves and reinvent their living spaces, even if its something as small as choosing a new bedspread and curtains. Here at the Pagoda ,we say "lets try it" !


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