Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oh,the Outfit's She'll Wear!!!

Well, its just too early for MOVCFM but I when a girl is in the mood to talk about clothes,lets face it ,she's just gotta talk about clothes! Way back in August 06 when JDP was barely a month old, I joined a clever group of stylish thinkers,"Wardrobe Remix", a flickr group founded by the cunningly colorful and uniquely fashionable,Tricia Royal of Bits and Bobbins. W.R. is a do it yourself "street fashion" community.,where the members post head to toe pics of themselves ,when they REALLY feel great about the look they're rockin'and loosing on the world at large!...and I do mean from all over the world!Re-mixers from Helsinki to Ontario,from London,to Minneapolis and Thailand,L.A.,Chicago,NYC and many small and big towns(and countries)in between.As you can see from the colors I chose in the above look,I probably will not be in a hunting accident anytime too soon(good thing too with those shoes!).
I joined not only because of a lifetime belief that true style is individual and can't be bought from a single stop at a boutique or chain store,but also as a way to get this stay at home mom out of her overalls and workout clothes!
It can be a slippery slope into frumpdom and I am fascinated by formerly fabulous stay at home moms that fall in love with comfort clothes.Here I was reaching for the overalls on a daily basis when I had all these goodies in my magic closet. Its a big walk in closet stuffed and cluttered to the brim, but omigosh at the treasures. In the rest of the house I try to keep things minimal and clutter- free. My closet is actually my REAL self and I both love and abhor the over-stuffing,BUT, I am always inspired by it!
I finally had to tell myself to step away from the overalls(though they are still a favorite wardrobe piece)and put on the fun stuff!My lifestyle has always given me a reason to dress with wit and flare atleast once a month,but W.R. was finally makeing me more accountable to me! ...and oh the inspiration from the other re-mixers!!
Alas, I once again find myself reaching for the bibs. Ironically when I was going to the theatre everynight,I had no time to snap pix for W.R,but what fun I had dressing for my actor buds!

My oldest baby joins in the fun from time to time too. I am in awe at her sense of style.Actually I was planning to snap a re-mix for a Sunday outing ,when all of a sudden ,my camera took a nasty fall. Unfortunately it was attatched to my hand at the time,and due to crashing into the pavement,it will not be taking any shots anytime soon! If you wish to check out my flickr stream here it is!
I am curious,what are your thoughts on this subject? Is it truly just a matter of time until we all are enveloped in the the murky quicksand of frumpdom? Is career,children,the laundry,even, keeping you from being you? I for one am not going down without a fight,and W.R was the fire that re-ignited the daily sass that I once barely even gave a second thought to putting into my wardrobe choices.


Heidi said...

I have felt my feet slipping down that slope into the pit of frumpdom and sometimes I feel so powerless to stop the slide. It's like I'm looking around for vines to grab to stop my descent, but I don't know quite where to look or which vines to hold! I know I'm sliding and I'm trying to stop but I just don't know how.

I definitely feel like I've lost my fashion mojo, and most of that I can directly relate to the 15 or so lbs. of baby weight I am still carrying, even though DD just turned 2. That has put a huge kink in things because my body is not what it used to be, and it's frustrating to hate the way I look. Also, I'm a SAHM chasing a wild toddler and cleaning house so I need things to be comfortable and practical.

I love all the cute colorful clothes at Forever 21 this spring, but I can't fit into a single thing there! I love Anthropologie but can't afford it. I'd love to wear vintage but I can't find it. I desperately want to find my own style, but I just don't know quite where to begin. I even visited a Personal Wardrobe consultant-type lady but when I found out it would be $400+ just for the evaluation, before you even spend a dime on clothing, I just couldn't do it.

Lisa, I love reading your Vintage Fashion Magazine posts because you inspire me! I even bought a frilly pink bedjacket because of you, but now I'm too chicken to wear it! Keep posting pictures like these and maybe I'll get up the courage!

Emma said...

god, that sounds so cool!
thanks for the kind words, your writing style is pretty fantastic as well. and i love your blog!

Heidi said...

I'm not a stay-at-home mom but I do know that when I get home from work, I immediately put my pjs on. And on days that I don't go into the office, I wear pjs until forced to put clothes on to go outside. So I could see myself not only degenerating into frumpdom, but into pj-dom if I were home most of the time. I know writers who work at home who feel they have to "dress" so they can get some work done. I love to be comfy, but there is something to be said for getting out of your pjs occasionally!

When I go out, I do dress up less than before, usually because I'm too busy to shop (and budgeting for a baby) but I'd like to think I still have a sense of style! Keep up the blogging about fashion. I love it!

sarah said...

I think so many moms fight the frumpdom, and pregnancy is so often the kickoff. It was SO hard to find clothes that were fun, especially towards the end; then you have those first baby months where you are not in shape and you have a messy infant....it can be a struggle to come back to yourself!

I think the idea of using a support group to fight frumpdom is brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

Girl please. I put the Rump in Frump! YOU and a couple other fantasticly glamorous bloggers have actually helped get me out of it! *applause* Because I also have some great garb (at least I think so) but I'm still easing back into the not24/7sweats attire and trying to add more flair every day. So... I still think there's a time and a place for me to doll up. I haven't committed to flinging myself head first into it yet.
Catchya next week!

gilfling said...

Oh I adore your style!!! And your daughter is clearly following in your inspiring footsteps - what beauties you both are - but more than that, your character shines through from the inside to the out and your wear it with such confidence and panache!! Woman can be physically beautiful but it is when they are truly 'themselves' and allow themselves to be free to express that in what they wear in the way that you do, well that is when the beauty really shines through....am I making any sense?

I have to admit that I have been very much lacking in that ability lately, I have never quite had the confidence to find my freedom in the way I look, but I am inspired by you and your blog!! And I am not even going to use lack of finances as an excuse any more. Thrifting will be the way to go for me!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Every single day (except for maybe the first week) since Jack was born I have gotten up in the morning and gotten dressed. It doesn't matter if we are sick or tired or overworked, we get up and get dressed. (Both him and I.) Sure it may just be jeans and tee shirt, but I am so proud of myself for never wearing sweatpants!

Of course, my hair is another story. And make up? Well forget it. But I am not so sure that I wouldn't have given up on make up even without Jack, because it just doesn't feel like *who* I am anymore.

stilettoheights said...

you are a beauty!!! I love that you still love the clothes and know what style is....it is far too lazt to forget all of these things when you stay at home and have a million things on your mind.

You are an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

You are adorable I must say, love your personal fashion style. I would be there with you except for the day career and my lack of time to do really great thrift store shopping is bringing me down these days. I also am finding that I enjoy saving to buy really fab pieces that are timeless and great quality with a certain chicness to them. If that means a smaller closet of all loved clothing, so be it.

Vallen said...

I fall into that well from time to time but try to stay at home and out of sight when I am ensconced in it, Still, whenever I let down my guard and venture out to the grocery store while up to my elbows in frumpiness - I always, without fail, run into someone I know. I should know better by now. Love the pink outfit!! Love 'em all, actually

kim sherrod said...

I am the Queen Of Frump since I quit work and just Blog and sew! I really dig yer style- sassy! Love the flowers on the plaid! You rock...after ya get yer clothes hung back up come over and play at my place! sign up!!!!!!

Mary Jane said...

When I moved to the country I went kinda frumpy...or just odd I guess...I kept thinking, "who's going to see me anyway?"...Yeah well the same people I see every day! Didn't occur to me. Blinders on..from the city! One day I said, I guess I really can't wear those orange leggings anymore, even if they are from that cool store in Soho. They are out of date and blown out in the ass and knees.

You my dear always look sensational!

AnastasiaC said...

I love these stylish fashionable posts!! you are not even close to a frump!!
gorgeous and very creative with looks!
love the apricot dress with your hair in a braid - stunning tooled leather handbag!
Ive never been into sweatpants and cant do casual very well but I can be a little conservatie/dull somedays - your post will give me a little push to wear the clothes I have & to accessorise...instead of wear the same stuff all the time!

Peta said...

Lisa-Gabrielle, I just have to say that you have the most gorgeous skin!
I love your style and crooked halo's.
I am mega frumpy at home but I always wear cool ensembles to work and semi cool everywhere else :)

Vanessa V said...

WHAT???? You are a dish. a total dish! And that figure! Aye aye aye! Yes, sometimes, my hair craves to be combed and my lashes long for those 13 coats of mascara! Youa re so sharing of yoruself, I love it! And look at crooked halo! She is absolutely gorgeous! Like her mommie of course! You look sooo amazing in red! Love it!!!! xxo,V ps: actually, I can't think of a color you wouldn't look good in?

mosaic queen said...

Soooooo glad you brought this up Miss Pagoda! Before I had children, I was a fashion queen! I lived in a total hick town and let's just say, that more than once, a nasty stare or a rude whisper came my way, because I chose to follow the fashion trends. I absolutely LIVED through magazines. Then I had children.....4 of them! That slope was greased like no other and I slid and slid hard! I was soooo overwhelmed and I was also working full-time. I even remember my husband coming home from work one day and making the comment "So, is that your new hairstyle?" My long hair was clipped to the top of my head, like it usually was. Mind you, it was over 100 degrees outside!! This made me angry. Can you tell?
Anyway, now that my children are much older, I seem to be finding my way back to ME! (As you witnessed by my pink hair.) My kids have also commented on how I seem to be pulling myself together (fashion-wise) over the last couple of years. They even comment on how I used to look compared to what I look like now. Of course, while working in the studio with grout, adhesive, paint and such, I'm totally in my grubbies.
I'm sad that I lost myself for so long, but I'm happy that I was able to find myself again. It's still a process and I don't think I'm quite where I want to be, but I'm WORKING on it and your Fashion Blog brings MUCH INSPIRATION!!!!! I Adore you for this!! I even LOVE you in the over-alls! You are one HOT MAMA!!
Keep the inspiration coming Miss Pagoda!

Timothy Hogan said...

First, let me say LOVE the outfits. The two of you are better than the Sears catalog modeling and that is high praise in my book. I'm currently stuck in the fat closet with the fat clothes for my fat body.

Did I mention I'd gained a little weight? I'm the reason Pluto is no longer a planet because I now have my own gravity well and small things sometimes orbit me.


Vanessa V said...

I told lovee that you love Kate Bush. And, I had never ever ever heard her. Sooo, Mr. Lovee musician brought home a Kate Bish CD. I am in love and I am thinking about you the whooooole time. My brain thinks it is you singing.

S. said...

I love that thingy your daughter is wearing!

And NO! I will never ever ever sucumb to the frump. I made that vow before I even knew if I would ever have kids. Now that I have one and am aging rapidly, I stand firm.

eb said...

ok - yes yes yes - Kate Bush - btdt - honey - you are gorgeous - now how can you help those afflicted with

well... hmmmmmmmmmmmm

I am missing you

xox - lovely, lovely, lovely


Angelina said...

I came to your blog a couple of months ago and the only reason I haven't checked in again (forgive me please) is that you are able to wear all the clothes I wish I could still wear but can't because after breaking my hip, I got fat. You look so cute in your colorful and vintage/modern mix of clothes it was kind of painful.

But that's not your fault. You just visited my blog so I came back to yours and I've decided to be inspired by your wardrobe to make the changes I must make to get back into my fun clothes and out of whatever you could call what I wear now.

I LOVE the pink platform shoes!!!

I also think your version of the Anna Sui shirt is really good. I might even like your version more.

And I will definitely get the carpet out, but when is the only question. Maybe tonight when the wee one is in bed?


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