Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Swashbuckler Soiree

Ahoy to all my long lost Blogpanions! Did you think I would not set sail with ye?
Donna of The Ribboned Crown Is hosting a grand party today ,and I simply could not resist joining in.
Have I been out of the bloggy loop lately?
Have I been slaving and organizing my house for sale ?
Did my fabulous house create a bidding war over its beautiful self?
Is there an inspector inspecting it as we speak?
You bet your sweet Pirates Booty ,the answer is yes to all questions!
Thus I decided a game of Fantasy Google Image Fashion Stylist was needed!

To attend a soiree one needs the perfect dress!I'm sure the Texas Fashion Collection,won't mind if borrow This Balenciaga gown from 1966.
For added Pirate Punk Punch how about this necklace from Zarobi Designs ?
I couldn't decide between these 2 wonderfully intricate bags from The Victorian Trading Company.
...but the Moulin Rouge hose (also from The Victorian Trading Company were an easy pick.
...and a Pirate Queen MUST have a pair of swashbuckling boots!This pair designed by Heatherette were the perfect choice from Irregular Choice.
I will need a sword,oh wait.....that could be messy. What if I get into a scuffle and get blood all over my borrowed Balenciaga?
This poison ring from Solange Azugury Partridgewill be much neater and MUCH more subtle.
Here I am ready to give all for my Pirate Prince!
Poor wandering one. I saved him.
He thinks I only have eyes for him(ack!!! there I am again with theBettie Page bangs!). Fooled poor Fredrik again.
...but who could resist Kevin Kline as the Pirate King.


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