Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My own vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,the Summmer of Love,1967

Welcome to Januarys issue of MOVCFM ! In celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Summer Of Love AND my upcoming opening of the tribal rock musical Hair.I bring you a special hippy dippy edition,and a duel of 2 style stars.
If I had come of age in the summer of 1967,I think I would definitely be more Edie Sedgwick than Janis Joplin. ...and yet which free spirit partook of vintage clothes? NOT our groovy Factory Girl. Janis loved to comb through the thrift stores for old crushed velvet dresses and ratty feather boas, anything unique and theatrical for her concerts.Edie prefered the more current work of Courreges or Gernreich.

Heres the pregnant hippy Madonna,with special mind expanding psychedelic blogtography from my precociously artistic 10 year old.

I think Janis and I have the same haircut (or lack there of).
A little Hippy bling for my belly.

More hippy bling ,from my magic closet.
You can tell how much I am into this style by noting that the price tag is still on the stringy belt.

For the opening night reception I think I'll try a little Peggy Moffit.

Heres my version,a white crocheted sheath with paillettes.I'll also wear black tights and my Westwood platform pumps.I will enjoy the bonus thrill of feeling soooo skinny when I take my prop belly off.
Until next month your fashion editor wishes you peace ,flowers ,freedom,and happiness.
Just in case you've missed any issues here is the complete collection of MOVCFM

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Speaking of Valentines....

I was inspired by everyones lovely Valentine decor.In particular,Heidi's ,and Sarah's so I decided to surprise my baby when she returned from pre-school with a little display just for her. First ,I went into the backyard to gather sticks for a Valentines tree.I wired them together and stuffed them into a vintage tin bucket.

I proceded to defile my vintage valentines,by poking a metal x-mas hanger through the "spine" of the cards.I topped the tree with a honeycomb valentine ,snatched up at an estate sale for a dollar.

I got the sweet little tomato and onion girls at an after x-mas sale for 2 bucks each,but how could I possibly wait a whole year to use them?

Underneath the tree ,I used a vintage val-day hankie and a little mommy deer and her baby fawns(you may click to enlarge there sweet little faces).

My sweet Amanda also helped put me in a Queen of Hearts mood by sending me her special New Year CD mix.As usual the music was scrumtrulescent! There was even a song called Redhead girl,by the french band Air (if you do not own the soundtrack from The Virgin Suicides,get thee to a music store!).Ofcourse the vessel for this music was off the Button-Box chain! Art in and of itself.

With a peek-a-boo naughty image inside.

This lovely felt heart is suitable for wearing around ones neck. I've already torn into my lovely soap,so no pics.

...and a Chinese pagoda top,making me feel quite sassy!Thank you darling Amanda.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Me Weird? What is my Inner Monologue?

I know ,it seems redundant and superfluous to chat about the peculuarities of one that chooses to air out their thrift store addiction post after post,but I have been tagged!The oh so fashionable Liebemarlene was curious ,I guess,to see if there really was more weird stuff about me that I have yet to post.Here goes:6 Weird Things:

1)I played Catwoman in The Batman Stunt Show ,at 6 Flags over Texas
Yes ,I did my own stunts!So much so,that my husband did not wish for me to continue the next summer ,for fear of our future offspring.

2)I am crazy for iced coffee,but prefer my tea HOT!

3)I am a deeply conservative person(to the point of almost being prissy),but my politics are extremely liberal!

4)I have played opposite (in a romantic way)to a dog,AND on more than one occasion!Remember the PBS show Wishbone? It was about a little dog who imagined himself into classical literature.You bet that was me as Christine being rescued by a dog in Wishbones ,Phantom of the Opera. Oh yes,it was also me having lovely poetry read to me as Roxanne,in Cyrano De Bergerac.

5)Given the choice ,I would rather own a vintage couture piece(say,a Givenchy),than a new couture piece even if it was a Moschino,my favorite designer.

6)This sorta goes with number 3. I am very ladylike,quiet and shy in person,but onstage I am whatever is needed. Free-spirited,and quite present and alive,and oh yes I do project!

BONUS WEIRD THING) I have an unnatural love for the puntuation mark,the comma. I'm sure some of you have already noticed this.

Who shall I tag?
The Stephen Mosher BlogWho ,by the by, took the wonderful Harlow-esque picture of moi.
Pandoras Button Box
Petula Darling
Epistle of Timothy
A Fanciful Twist
Vintage Clothing Love

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Skullie Angel Scarf

What do I get from hanging out in cyber world with all my crafty sisters? Inspiration thats what!Obviously I have been influenced by one of the cleverest of all. Miss Amanda Button! I have always loved her skullie art (just check out her latest offering),but could never create a magnificent rag-doll the way she does. My oldest baby Crooked Halo is also a big fan so here is my homage to the Button Box... an embellished felt appliqued skullie scarf. I thrifted this wonderfully knitted scarf for 95 cents. Dont'cha love the colors someone did such a lovely job on this.So now it was my turn to add to it so it could be loved once again.
The project was super easy. I already had the felt and embroidery floss,so I carried it all en masse to the theatre and cut it out and blanket stitched it on between singin' show tunes. Crooked halo loves the whole girly,fairy,angel,skullie thing so I jumbled it up into one idea.
With the icy-cold weather it was the perfect addition to her ensem today!

Monday, January 15, 2007

January Thriftventures

Another holiday tradition I hold close to my heart is the after Christmas Thriftventure I share with my sister.My mother keeps the kidlettes,and Durelle and I hit all of our favorite thrift stores!Almost everything I purchased was under 2 dollars or less due to the lovely year end sales!Naturally I had vintage Christmas on my mind,as I do every other day of the year when I enter a thriftstore,estate sale or,even an antique mall. Which is where I happened to snap up these 1st goodies.After Christmas and early January is the best time to hit an antique mall as they tend to have lots of 50% off sales.Everything in the above pic was purchased for 1 dollar each! I especially love the hand-made shabby fufu balls.The little angels have sweetest faces(you may click to enlarge any picture).The jingle bell cake will be fun for baking next year,or perhaps I will keep them to display the fufu balls!The white crocheted piece will possibly become aprons for atleast one of the little girl dresses pictured below(and only 75 cents!).

The little girl dresses were 2 bucks each and are simply aching for a bit of embellishment. The peignoir was 1.49 and I will probably cut the filmy bottom portion off and just use the top lace bodice as A lovely lace layer.

More Christmas goodies!Each piece was under a dollar except the collection of embroidered cocktail napkins for about 1.50.The wee little singing angel was my favorite and she will look right at home with this collection.

These lovelies were my favorite purchases of the day. The smooching chalkware couple was about 3.00,but how could I resist?The other couple was quite chipped and broken . Somehow I find their decay to make them all the more beautiful. For about a dollar they most definitely found a new home. The pearls were 1 dollar and a this girl can never have too many strands of what I consider my signature jewel.You've already met dear Georgie from The Curious Tea-Party (thank you Risa) he was also about 1.50. My big ticket items were multiple pairs of Overalls purchased for between 5 and 2 dollars each. A mommy can never have too many pairs of Overalls. Right?

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Curious Tea Party

Risa has organized a lovely world wide tea party . Some curious residents from the Dream Pagoda decide to crash her most civilized affair.

Why look its The Virgin of Guadelupe and Carmen Miranda.Is that Claudette Colbert in the western attire? Theres the the famous ballerina, Anna Pavlova and whos that? Oh poor dear ,shes always a bridesmaid and never a bride. What do ya know ,that can't be...,it is... George Washington,right after he chopped down the cherry tree(he could probably use some sustenance). OOO,yuck its the severed head of Marie Antoinette,and how 'bout that, The French Leuitenants Woman even made an appearance.

A Giant appears at the teaparty. Man ,she sure could use some Visine,I'll bet she was out singin' showtunes till all hours of the night.

Another Giant appears. This one is smaller and cuter with a much larger forehead. The curious revelers seem rather stoic.

The little giant asks the big one what the bird is doing on Marie Antoinettes severed head.

Time for the group picture,smiles everyone!
What is that bird doing?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Random Wendy Addison-esque-ness from the Dollar Spot at Target

I know,can you even believe the ultra-yumminess to be had for a wee one dollar bill? Okay ,if I had my druthers,I would have wished for this lovely to be in red,but hey pinks good!

This was purchased at the annual,"Day after Christmas" pilgramage to Target.Speaking of Christmas I undertook the Herculean task of taking down Christmas today. ,Yeesh,ironically it is all down except my Littlest Flower Blossoms room.You may remember I bored you silly,with shot after shot of the whole Pagoda and then gave you a sneak peek of her room."And I am telling you"(gratuitous Dream Girls lyrics),these decorations are "not going" without some disorganization into re-organization. Her room is basically my Christmas decorating laboratory.I go even more Christmas crazy in her room than the whole dang-nab rest of the Pagoda.Every vertical surface is a diorama complete with Teddybear tea-partys,holiday doll clothes,toy X-mas dishes,animated angels,and 2 trees(so she can decorate one and so can I)!Thankfully I have until Thursday to finish,thats when my show resumes ,and you know me ,I have a hard time focusing on more than one thing.My small forehead issue I'm sure.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

An Update and a Re-run.

Happy new year everyone! I 'm feeling the energy of re-newal here at the Pagoda,and believe me I need that extra energy oomph! Busy ,busy,busy here. I open a fund-raiser on Friday,and have been rehearsing since Newyears day. This show runs through,next weekend with one day off and then I begin rehearsals for the rock musical, Hair,that opens in Februrary. What this means is I will be posting spottily this month,but then again you never know when the muse hits you to ,well...muse!
I had such fun sharing with everyone in December. Blog-ville was just one big virtual open house!
I leave you with a re-run post. My 1st dolly-doppleganger story ran last September ,back when I didn't even know how to link to other sites. So here it is My fantasy shopping trip to the perfect thrift store!


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