Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Me Weird? What is my Inner Monologue?

I know ,it seems redundant and superfluous to chat about the peculuarities of one that chooses to air out their thrift store addiction post after post,but I have been tagged!The oh so fashionable Liebemarlene was curious ,I guess,to see if there really was more weird stuff about me that I have yet to post.Here goes:6 Weird Things:

1)I played Catwoman in The Batman Stunt Show ,at 6 Flags over Texas
Yes ,I did my own stunts!So much so,that my husband did not wish for me to continue the next summer ,for fear of our future offspring.

2)I am crazy for iced coffee,but prefer my tea HOT!

3)I am a deeply conservative person(to the point of almost being prissy),but my politics are extremely liberal!

4)I have played opposite (in a romantic way)to a dog,AND on more than one occasion!Remember the PBS show Wishbone? It was about a little dog who imagined himself into classical literature.You bet that was me as Christine being rescued by a dog in Wishbones ,Phantom of the Opera. Oh yes,it was also me having lovely poetry read to me as Roxanne,in Cyrano De Bergerac.

5)Given the choice ,I would rather own a vintage couture piece(say,a Givenchy),than a new couture piece even if it was a Moschino,my favorite designer.

6)This sorta goes with number 3. I am very ladylike,quiet and shy in person,but onstage I am whatever is needed. Free-spirited,and quite present and alive,and oh yes I do project!

BONUS WEIRD THING) I have an unnatural love for the puntuation mark,the comma. I'm sure some of you have already noticed this.

Who shall I tag?
The Stephen Mosher BlogWho ,by the by, took the wonderful Harlow-esque picture of moi.
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Petula Darling
Epistle of Timothy
A Fanciful Twist
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carrster said...

That's a stunning photo! :)

eb said...

Dear Miss jdp - Weirdness and tagging must be in the air... you almost got tagged twice! - Yours are truly endearing - xox - eb.

miss vintage love said...

You look gorgeous!!

Heidi said...

That's it--I am SO looking for those episodes of Wishbone at the library! I want to see you in action!

Vanessa said...

I love being tagged! You are gorgeous! My goodness!!

S. said...

I love it! You are even more interesting than you let on.
Who wouldn't love a photo of themselves like that?! I'm with you on the vintage couture thing.

Oh, and #7 you have extensive knowledge of musicals based on strange subject matter (ie. siamese twins, Reefer Madness)

liebemarlene said...

I used to love Wishbone (I was a little old for it, but it was adorable!) and I absolutely remember you as Roxanne! Best tag yet! : )

StephenMosher said...

Hey darlin:

Here are six weird things about me. I guess I am meant to post them on my blog, too. So I will..

1) Like you with the ice coffee/hot tea thing--I wolf down my food while it it PIPING hot, I cannot handle it when it gets cold...but I hate (HATE) hot liquids.

2) I have an irrational fear of dying in a plane crash and leaving my housework and office work unfinished.

3) I can squeeze my voicebox and make a squeal like a guinea pig.

4) I have stacks and stacks of cookbooks and I hate cooking.

5) I have never been clinically diagnosed as having obsessive compulsive disorder but I do (often) count my steps when I walk and a few other things too.

6) I can pick up things with my toes and I can put my feet flat on the floor and sit down with my butt touching the floor--aparently this is an asian trait and my feet are called luau feet.

AnastasiaC said...

how beautiful!!! I love that pic of you - so dramatic..
Im shy too!
Moschino is so much fun!! crazy unique designs...

Peta said...

I love ice coffee, am totally addicted to it!

amanda button said...

What an INCREDIBLE photos! Wow!!! You are so amazingly lovely!

You tagged me, ad i have been trying SO hard to come up with oddities that i am willing to share publicly! HAHA! It's hard!

mosaic queen said...

Oh, Miss Pagoda~
I do LOVE these weird (special) things about you!
I think that you and I would've had a ball at Universal Studios! :)

stilettoheights said...

That photo is amazing, amazing, amazing.

Now that I know you played Catwoman, that makes me heart you all the more....I am a huge Batman geek, seriously, it is to the point of ridiculousness, also I was an actress until I moved to the mid-west and decided to do art full time....

so all in all, this was a wonderfully confessional read.

Thank you!

fat88fat said...

Who's more diva you or Dita von Teese?

Could be a tie.

Does your husband look anything like Marilyn Manson?

tatjana said...

Hahaha lol. You're too funny. You're so right about vintage couture. SO much better, especially Givenchy :) Your acting adventures sound like so much fun, do you miss it? I had to give up theatre when I started studying science, and it still makes me sigh with longing, and I didn't anything anywhere near as exciting.

Mary Jane said...

Hey Gorgeous! I'm with you on the couture, just aint't the same anymore. And funny enough the tea and coffee too! Its so cold I need some hot tea now.bye!

Vanessa said...

At least your life is so fabulous that you can say, reahearsal studio, stage, costumes, gowms, fans, throngs of screaming fans, etc.etc.

Shopaholic D said...

catwoman?! im so jealous...that must have been so much fun...I'm half thinking of trying out for Disney on Ice...while Im young and can still skate. maybe i could be mulan?

:) D

cruststation said...

Wow, that's you? I would love to see you in a play. How fabulous!


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