Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Did The Phantom spirit me away?

Sooooo....where have I been this Samhain Season?I mean the Project Runway finale was over 2 weeks ago ...and I STILL have not weighed in !Honestly ,on the PR front ,first I would like to apologize . A trusted friend pointed out that I wrote a big spoiler post last time with my referencing the Bryant Park shows.I guess I wasn't thinking about those who might not be as obsessed with PR the same way I am. I didn't realize there would be those who would not know all six remaining designers(including Joe, Suede,and Jarell)+ the 3 finalists would be presenting a final show as a way to "fool" the press.I fall on my fashion sword with apologies to you for that spoiler faux paux!
...but.... I just happen to get the final 3 EXACTLY right! Though you might have noticed I DID predict the final 3 from eppy 1 and chose LeeAnne as my personal fave in that same premiere episode! The finale(with beautiful shows from all 3 designers) held no surprises for me and I was THRILLED LeeAnne won!
oh...did you know she has an Etsy shoppe?

So what about me...did Lon Chaney come back from the dead and spirit me away to the bowels of a dank and dirty theatre to give me voice lessons?
As much as I would love to be hiding away from the world and studying the finer points of resonating from my diaphragm ....no...thats not where I have been.

Though once upon a time I did bear a bit of a resemblance to Lon's co-star lovely Mary Philbin.
Especially in this photo by my dear friend Stephen Mosher.Its the wistful and somewhat sad look in the eyes that we share...which brings us too...well...ya see... I have been in a bit of a funk...for...well...most of 2008.I also suffer from feeling guilty for having these feelings.

The mean reds Holly Golightly would call them.It can be a vicious circle. Feel sad for ....selling your house,lack of recognition in your chosen career, ,gaining 10 pounds(ok 15-ish!),not selling your house. The list could go on. Feel guilty for having these feelings,because after all ,you have everything you could possibly want....gorgeous loving faithful hubs,smart , adoring,and clever children(really!),the ability to stay home with them.Your health and the health of your immediate family.
So whats wrong with me?
I love the above "golightly-ish" pic shot by Stephen. I have been lucky enough to have been honored,by being Stephens muse(with and without Betty Page bangs) time and time again.
Thats it!!!! I need a muse!Once upon a time my Blog was my muse. Learning the computer and finding fascinating artist friends from all over the globe.
You were all once my creative partners in crime...and yes I seem to have lost my muse.
Will you help me recapture it?
It may mean going on a bit more of a personal journey with me as I soul search.

I have been able to find a little creative mojo for Halloween.This is my very simple Halloweenie tree.Its a very simple project.
Grab a spindly branch from outside,spray paint it black. Thrift a sleek container for 95 cents,shove spindly branches in sleek thrifted vase, fill branches with thrifted Halloween goodies!

I especially love this crazy vintage witch. I bought her at an estate sale from a lovely older woman who lived down the street. She sold her adorable house and its contents to have it replaced with a ....rather large and perhaps not as well constructed new house,with not as many windows.She passed away shortly after.This witch has a bit of a HooDoo feel to me,with her gigantic gold hoops.She's the type of gal our clever.....
.....Amanda would love. Almost as much as I love her annual Halloween CD. Let me tell you if you are not on her mailing list get ready to feel envious.
This years "Mostly Ghostly"(by The Creatures) features everything from punk rock to Jupiter Jones with a bit of Vincent Price story telling thrown in.Honestly, don't listen to this CD alone in the car on your way home at night.

As I learned that last bit of wisdom from a enjoying the bonus CD of old scary radio shows featuring
Peter Lorre
on my way home from the bowels of another dank and dirty theatre.
Peter Lorre had a bit of a sad and faraway look in his eyes too.


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