Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Peace on Earth Goodwill Toward Dinosaurs!

Sorry for the disappearing act...X-mas crazies in overdrive this year!
How about a mini trip BEFORE the big day???
My hubs company insists upon wifely attendance to the big holiday party...soooo ...I'm up and away to the Midwest!

...but not b-4 I leave you with Ruby style holiday decor!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Getting My Holly Jolly Started!

So here it is December 4th and I am just getting the decorations started.
Actually I started decorating on Tuesday and wouldn't you know it Wee Petal ,Baby Giraffe...and me...all get a nasty stomach bug. We are all much better today and my house got the SUPER DE-GERMIFYIN' crazy clean last night(am I the only one that needs to mop,bleach,and scald all of the bedding after group sickness happens?).
Only prob is that puts me 3 days behind on my decorating schedule.

Behind the plasma is an odd little "can't decide if I like it or not architectural nook". I decided to fill it with part of my vintage Christmas record collection.We do have a turntable...and oh yeah...these records will get some play time during the holly-daze.

Among the more obvious Bing and Frank covers I really j'ador the "generic 50;s and 60' compilations for the amazing vintage graphics.

Trimming a tree can often times be a bit of a mess.

Who knew the dining room would see this amount of mess all week.You better believe that Hawaiian X-mas album is gonna get some serious turntable time!

The tree in its kitschy splendor.
This marks the 11th year we have spent with this family heirloom. You might note I changed up the ornie scheme this year.I figured the old Pagoda needed a more elegant tree to balance out her rat pack cool,but the new Pagoda needed a much more liberal dose of rat pack and kitsch to up her coolio vibe. bout' a gin-soaked punk rock elf complete with Creepers?

Or perhaps a groovy Santa Girl.

Ah me... and sooooo much more to do!


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