Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh ....A little Show Called Project Runway!

Since my FAV-OH-RITE television show premiered last Wednesday I felt the need to share my thoughts!
I'll be brief however,because Crooked Halo opens in....
"Seusical the Musical" on Thursday as Amazing Maisie!!....but hey, more on that later....
In the mean time,(though I feel many of the designers 1st efforts would have actually been quite at home as costumes in that Seussian vehicle,both in good AND bad ways), ....please explain to me how this dress was NOT in the top 3? Kenly's dress was QUITE amazing itself.
The producers went back to the absolutely fabulous "Grocery Store Challenge"of season 1,picking raw materials available from a grocery for a limited budget.
I felt Kenly used both innovative materials(lawn chairs and rubber bouncy balls) and good design.The origami type skirt looked as if Rodarte
had been inspired by Dr Seuss artwork (in a good way).Kenly is on my "top 5 fave designers thus far" list.
I felt Terri should have also been in the top 3. Unique materials(dang nab mop heads!) used in a unique way,and good chic design!
I do agree with the judges that Korto (what a cool name!)should have been in the top 3. Gorg design and a brilliant use of produce cut open to reveal a jewel like effect! Yeah,yeah everybody used tablecloths,but no one used them quite as beautifully as she did. Korto also made my top 5 fave list!
Leeanne created this confection. Over the top? You bet ! True to her personal design aesthetic? Yup! I LOVED the peeks at her design portfolio and she also channels her inner lotus blossom to create wearable ,but oh so girlie, origami. Based on her portfolio,her 1st design and her self dubbing as"the silent fashion assassin". She also makes my top 5 ,AND gets the dubious honor of my current personal fave!
I thought Jennifer's "Holly meets Dali" napkin dress was quite sweet,I am curious to see more!
Paper cocktail umbrellas as a design element? I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!
So Jerrell's dress was my guilty pleasure favorite! Another sassy Seussical look! His portfolio gave us no hint whatsoever that he would produce a look that even....
Hello Kitty would love!!! Honestly, I am not being negative here,I kinda loved it!It had great proportions and wonderful whimsy! I can't wait to see what he will produce next! If the producers give us another wedding dress challenge....
...perhaps we can expect something like this random googled image of an HK wedding gown!Admit it... you know you think that gown is cute!
To round out my top five fave. I gotta give it up to Daniel. Not only did I adore that card dress from his portfolio,but he most definitely gave an interesting and innovative offering to the runway(plus ,I like the way he dresses!)!
As my dear Austin Scarlet said,yep..."hideous!"....but again I am oh so curious as to what this rather bizarre lad will produce next!
Who rounds out my top 5....okay,so I really thought this dress was a miss,certainly a surprise win in my eyes!.....but I loved the peek at her portfolio and actually thought I might be sweating out her survival in the bottom 3. The skirt was adorable and of course the use of spirals as hook and eye ,amazing(and yet another possible Seussical look)!Based solely on her portfolio peek,she rounds out my personal top 5.
What I found interesting was that the designers seemed positively gob smacked by the challenge. Had they truly NOT performed the grocery store challenge hundreds of times in their own minds while on their own shopping junkets?
What would you pick dear readers?....and who is your current fave?
I have thought of what I might use in this particular challenge many times,and I always go back to Yellow rubber gloves as my basic and oh so simple tube dress fabric,beaded with....


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