Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanxgiving table-scaping!

Sooooo...I totally love doing a little holiday "floofing" for the big T-Day!!!
I found last years Thanksgiving table-scape hard to compete with.....and perhaps I over thought this years a bit.I thought the plastic toy Native Americans would be clever vase-filler (ala marbles or lemons etc....)
I did not count on the tiny plastic toys flipping up-side down(you may click on the image to enlarge) in the water.Somehow it looks as if the women folk just decided to drown the men folk.
Well truthfully it makes me giggle. I just wish the dollar store carried plastic Pilgrims too!

Can you see the die-cut turkeys in my case?

Even the little petal got her table-scape on with Mommies left overs!
It has just got chilly here in North Texas so I will be back next week with
My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine's 2010 Fall edition!


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