Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall At The Pagoda

Fall in Texas is pretty close to paradise. Once the rainy season ends we are left with a mix of days that range from 70 degrees and sunny to those that have just enough delicious nip to grab for the vintage sweaters!
Here is a snap of what my backyard looked like this morning(you may click to enlarge any pic). Its seems the leaves all decided to let go in just this past week.My backyard is much bigger than the Cliff May homes yard was. I love the cluster of trees you see on the left and to my eyes they resemble a sculpture.The only thing I am really missing from my old homes yard is the beautiful and ancient Catalpa Tree ......honestly I never thought I would become so attached to trees! In the Spring I plan on a bit of backyard decorating
,but for now I will let Winter have her.

Onto a bit of Thanxgiving decor before Christmas gobbles all of Bloglandia up!I give you my dining room table scape!This time with  Native Americans  AND Pilgrims!

Still working the "ball Jar" look!

The other sides close-up,with thrifted "Gurley Candles"!

The top of my display buffet. Lokk at the folksy pilgrim turkey!!! He prolly uses lolly-pops in his tail feathers ,but I prefer what the artisan created!

The inside of my case!
I replaced a few donkeys with turkeys. Since the hubs likes to refer to my donkeys by their "other" name and then call them my ex-beaus...I am sure he will get some mileage from their shared space with "turkeys"!

Check the little vintage Mohican "surprise ball". I found him in a long ago thrift-venture and would LOVE to know what plastic-y goodness is wrapped inside......but I shall never know!

and lastly getta loada Crooked Halos doo!
She shot a little independent short this weekend with some pretty exciting actors.She plays the new face of a cosmetic company. She is growing SOOOOO very tall,the hubs and I have replaced the C.H. moniker with "The Baby Giraffe".
I will share more details at a later date.
Pretty fierce huh?
My Mama always said "The higher the hair the closer to Heaven "!


rochambeau said...

Hi Lisa Gabriella!
Adore, REALLY adore your Thanksgiving collection of lovelies~ Your the only girl I know who has a Turkey Collection!!
Can you plant a baby Catalpa??

Hugs from East Texas~

sarah said...

Baby Giraffe looks awesome! I confess I may have worn my hair a lot like that once upon a time!

Heather said...

Isnt this weather delightful? I'm up in Oklahoma, so not too far from you ;)
Lovely fall decor, I cant wait for this holiday season...

Household 6 said...

Oh my goodness, love your back yard full of leaves, and I spy the tire-swing!! Tire swings were my choice of activity during recess in elementary school! I would make myself SICK on those things, literally - since recess was right after lunch, hehe.
And dang, I like your turkeys! I'm not sure if mine are turkeys or chickens, but a lady was having a "free" sale in her garage this past week and I snatched up both her turkey/chickens. One is kinda oldish and has a Japan sticker on the bottom. The other is newer, maybe 80s. Anywho - I guess I should find out what the difference between turkeys and chickens are. LOL!
Your daughter is becoming such a pretty little woman! She looks alot like your hubs in that picture.

Mary Jane said...

Hooray for the pagodas!


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