Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Decor and a room re-do!

I got allot of bang for my buck(9 bux to be exact!) at Big Lots by purchasing this large scale lawn art scully and lighting it up inside.

You will also note my Halloweenie tree from last year!

I love how the white frame of the scully blends completely with my fireplace and makes the skull merely glow!

My strange little "do I love it or hate it" architectural nook filled with vintage albums and movie monsters.

I think I kind of love it these days.

The littlest Princess in the house got a room re-do.

I painted the room orange.
Let me tell you it takes courage to brush on that first bold stroke.I liked it so much I also painted the Lamps orange.

The art work truly pops!
This shade of orange is quite delish and rather tangerine...though it was hard to capture in these pics.

Can you believe these adorable embroidered darlings were snapped up at the thrift for almost nothing?

I kinda ran with the 60's and 70's art theme it just went with the orange. You may click and enlarge any image.

The groovy girls!

Frankie Stein sez' "Sceery"!

A close up of the Halloweenie tree.

....but wait..... whats that.....Amanda Button has done it again with her amazing annual Halloween mix CD!

....among the deliciosity that defines an Amanda mix CD can even hear Gladys Kravitz singing "The Invisible Man"!
Thank You lovely and creative Amanda.

What are you most looking forward too this Halloween?
For me after the candy has been gathered ...I MUST watch AMC's new series The Walking Dead based on the graphic novel of the same name.
Delicious candy AND zombies? I'm in!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Climbing Out of the Cyber Rabbit Hole

Where have I been? Lets grab some ice coffee and chat. Shall we?
So what have I been up to?

A little thespian-age (rhymes with espionage).Here I am givin' it my best Leslie Gore in "Beehive the Sixties Musical". The piece explored the evolution of womens music in the powder-keg 60's. I even got to be an Ike-ette!

I had a little extra time for a new creation......for... beautiful Goddaughter Finnley(note a sweaty JDP coming straight from her show to a welcome to the world party)!

I have had plenty of time to perfect a recipe or 'bout some Sweet Potato soup?
Perfect Autumn fare.
Easy-peasy instructions......chop 3 large-ish sweet potato's ,chop 2 large-ish onions....grab the chicken broth(veggie broth would also work),salt and pepper to taste.

Pour it all in a crock pot and let it simmer most of the day.

Puree everything and add a little fat-free half and half.

Delicious ,filling ,and healthy too!

With all the time I saved on dinner prep....I had time to read my favorite author Francesca Lia Block's new children's book,The House of Dolls.It is magical and ethereal as is the authors style and you and your little girl will love reading about the lives of 3 wonderful dolls:Wildflower, Rockstar, and Miss Selene.
Francesca has a beautiful blog now too, Love in the Time of Global Warming.

...and what would a visit to JDP's place be without a report on my latest thrift-ventures?
You know how I do adore vintage sweaters.
....and just in time for fall.... 2 new cozy lovelies.

...and finally..... one of my many vintage collecting passions are old glass-ware. Preferably of the kitsch-licious variety! These 3 circus High Balls fit the bill to perfection,and only 45 cents each!
Can you tell I'm gettin' my spooky-ookie on at the Pagoda?
I plan to come back and share more next week.
Wonderful to catch up even in the smallest way!


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