Monday, June 30, 2008

An Old School Thriftventure,Don Juans Romantic Mexican Food...and a bit of an update!

Lets kick it old school style with a Thriftventure!Its been a bit hectic around the Pagoda (have you noticed my EXTREME lack of posting?),so it was quite surprising ,wonderful and relaxing to find myself alone with time on my hands to go thrifting...ALONE!I began my journey after dropping off the wee petal to stay the night at Grandmas house.I bee-lined it to my ALLTIME favo-rite thrift store T-Towne.As usual it did not dissapoint !Embroidered linens ,each 69 cents and less!A clever Easter bunny for 1.49,and these 2 gorgeous figurines for 2.98 each!!! They will be thank you prezzies for my mommy! She loves these pretty pastel things!
When I finished at the thriftstores ,I found it was 5:30,rush hour! I decided to take a detour back home and stay off the highway for a bit.I cut through a town called Grand Prairie,I had not been to this town in quite a while.I headed through the main street(oddly called Main Street) on my way back to Dallas.
I knew the way quite well because in my college days I loved poking around this kitschy area . This was also "historic" downtown Grand Prairie. I use quotation marks because when I think of historic ,I think of charming architecture that once housed diners and 5and dimes.Well this town was once a giant prairie and nary a landmark still exists.....but........what still stands is Don Juans Romantic Mexican Food
Open in 1966,here the original sign still hangs!
You walk in and are immediately charmed by the original decor.
...and your sense of smell is immediately assaulted as the scent of boiling taco meat almost knocks you over!
In my college days muy philosophizing was spent in this dining room....but only if I did not have rehearsal in the evening,because I ABSOLUTELY refused to smell of burritos!
A classic JDP moment of horror occurred when ,after feasting on burritos,my girlfreind and I decided to shop in one of the fun little whole in the wall establishments surrounding Don Juan's. I walked in and the shop lady rather loudly sniffed the air and declared...(read with broad Texas accent)"You smell like a big fat juicy hamburger,makes me hungry".I still shudder at the thought of the very idea of the smell wafting off of me igniting someones appetite.
I am actually not a burrito fan,but Don Juan's burritos are absolute nirvana,and be warned one is more than enough!As I was sitting and indulging and getting good and smelly in that nostalgic dining room,I noticed a new thrift store,right across the street!Oh ,and this one looked good and junky!!!!!!!
My haul from said junky thrift store! It was all Asian themed! Cherry blossom-ish paint by number mini painting ,for 95 cents.Gorgeous kimono girl for 2.95,jewelry box for 1.95,2 kochina dolls for 95 each,and........
...this amazing vintage paper lantern for 95 cents!I always get into strange thrift price patterns(this time everything ended with 95...) anyone else find that happens to them?
...but what shall I do with all these Asian themed goodies?
In a new house I might have a special room all to myself to let rip with whatever whimsy and theme I had a passing fancy for.
For the present time there is no new house.3 amazing offers on our house and all 3 fell through for random reasons having nothing to do with our house.Crazy times.So ,what does the future hold?
There is a painting that hangs on our bedroom wall. It is from Thailand and very old (perhaps 100 years,the story goes it was already quite old when it was framed in the fifties). It depicts a male and female character(please click to enlarge). You will note the male has a most determined look to his handsome square jaw(hey!!!my hubs is handsome with a square jaw!)He is holding on tight to his woman and marching forward into an unknown space. The woman (who obviously has had 2 kids that she breast fed,poor dear, has to hold her own bosoms up)in turn will not let go of her beautiful home.
Is it time for me to let go?
My mind travels back in time to a couple of Christmases before I was married.My husband,then my boyfriend gave me this framed Ty Wilson print.I think it is safe to admit here almost seventeen years later,at that time in our lives ,I wanted more from the relationship than he did. There was something in this print that struck a cord with me.Beyond the obvious physical resemblance we both shared with the 2 drawn figures(he,square jaw/me,massive curls),it was their actions that intrigued me.Do you see how her affection is completely present and "in his face" shall we say?Well yeah,that was definitely me.
...but look whats behind his back.Dozens of beautiful roses . It was as though he had a secret that even he did not yet know ,about the magic he was going to bring into my life!
Does the art work we choose for our home subliminally give ourselves away?
You haven't seen me around lately because I haven't been myself. I like to blog when I am joyous and creating. Lately that has not been me.I do not know whether we will move or stay put. That uncertainty has most definitely been the most present factor in my life,and yet there is so much more magic to come for my little family,that I cannot yet see!With this hopeful thought I will try to be more present at least in Bloglandia!


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