Monday, September 18, 2006

My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine

When I was a child my parents loved visiting Colorado in the summer to get out of the Texas heat.Mind you it was NOT for skiing or some other hi-falutin' activity. My parents loved the simplicity of going camping. Even as an obedient daughter camping was NOT my cup of tea.Thus I find it a bit ironic that while traveling on one of these rustic events, I stumbled upon one of my life-long passions.The town was called Cripple Creek and my memory of it is very dim.What I do remember is going to some antique/junk store. While shopping there, my eyes fell upon a black silk blouse from the early 1900's. It had leg-o-mutton sleeves and I was in love. The price was 5.00( I think I had been given a budget of 10.00 to spend for the whole trip).Now I was a tiny thing and that blouse was not gonna fit me for a couple of years atleast. I bought it anyway along with a celery green ,lace-trimmed bed jacket,for 3.00. Thats how it all began, my complete and total devotion to vintage clothes.
As I sit here typing,what am I wearing? Say it with me...vintage clothes.Believe me I am not immune to trends or a few retail items.In fact my almost encyclopedic knowledge of fashion designers tends to fall in the nerdly category ,(or at least the category of useless flotsam and jetsam floatin' around in my noggin).Honestly, I couldn't wait to get skinny jeans this fall, its just that I PREFER items with a bit of history and patina. As my closet began to overflow with these garments I wondered ,why is there not a fashion magazine devoted to this subject? Today I still ponder that question.Ah, but today I shall remedy that situation as I bring you...My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine.The above pony detail is from a vintage wool felted circle skirt from the 50's. I snapped that up 2 days ago at an estate sale for 2 dollars,and it just fits!I paired it with thrifted black cowboy boots and a black cardigan with silver embroidery and rhinestone buttons,inherited from my Grandmother.I could not resist adding my Frida Kahlo bottlecap necklace(you may click on any image to enlarge). Lastly I will carry my black tooled leather clutch for(read with southern dialect)red lipstick, change for a lemon coke with plenty of chipped ice,and my cellphone.
One last ironic tid-bit . I never did wear that leg-o-mutton sleeved blouse.After finally growing into it,the delicate old thing disintegrated as I attempted to wear it with a lovely velvet pencil skirt.She shall never be forgotten.


StephenMosher said...

You would be such a great editor of a fashion mag.

It's a great dream...

miss vintage love said...

That outfit is GORGEOUS. Love the yellow & black together.

darlingdivadurelle said...

Hey..I remember that well…all those summer vacations in Colorado…I think that same trip you got that top I got an antique milk glass “Mentholedium” bottle with a tin lid…..I think it cost 50 cents. Great bargains then…we just did not know it.
All those trips…… brings fond memories….
I remember my Sr year when we went to CO. We were at a tacky little souvenir shop in Colorado Springs and I bought my very first FROG….the first of many in my collection …which (although I am much more selective now) I still collect.
I do still have THAT frog which proudly keeps watch over my kitchen sink.
LOVE.....Big Sis

darlingdivadurelle said...

Oh...yes..I forgot....I am so proud of you......."click on the picture to enlarge" are moving right along with your TECH-No edcational movement!!!!
Your proud Sis

Rebecca said...

I think you'd have a fabulous fashion mag! I can't believe that skirt was only $2!! You have a gift for the finds and for creating outfits. :)


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