Friday, September 15, 2006

WIP Friday,Dyed Vintage Slip ,and finished in one day!

Back in July I posted about a future project I was contemplating.Isn't it the height of decadent self-indulgence to link to ones self?
It involved a strapless vintage slip with corset boning.So today I died it cocoa brown for a fall option.Whatdaya think? I also quite enjoy the art of accessorizing and styling outfits. Actually I'm thinkin' it looks a little pink,maybe it is still a work in progress. Perhaps more brown dye?
Here is a close-up of the corset. I paired it with cowboy boots, a tooled leather purse, a vintage beaded sweater,2 strands of pearls ,vintage brown beaded neclace( I'm totally into layering neclaces)and as an after thought I added a cameo to the brown beads.Wasn't it CoCo Chanel who said look in the mirror and remove 1 item? Well , in my world of accessorizing I can follow CoCo's advice and still have plenty of adornment!
Yep, I'm thinkin' more brown dye.


MaryAnn said...

I kinda dig the pinkish brown - it reminds me of the old west and brothels and gritty chicks... Not IN ANY WAY suggesting that you are a gritty chick living in an old west brothel. ha!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Oh but I've played gritty chicks in old west brothels! Oh wait, maybe that was a french brothel..oh well ,same costume!

StephenMosher said...

"Always remove, never add..." CoCo Channel.

That is a direct quote. I know. She was and is one of my heroes.

This outfit looks just like you.

Now. I'm going to say this. I'm going to say it in print, on the internet, where everyone can see it.

My world would be less colourful, less interesting, less exciting, less world would be incomplete, were you not a part of it.

That has nothing to do with this entry---it is just something I feel and, perhaps, should express a little more often.


jungle dream pagoda said...

Stephen my love,
All that sweetness is gonna make me cry!Right back at you!

my house is cuter than yours said...

that slip is soo cool! and i love that you are going to wear it as an outfit! I certainly would too!

janelle said...

super cute styling!

janelle said...

super cute styling!


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