Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thriftventuring...A List to Thrift by: Item #2 Overalls and 70's Shirts

So I had hoped to reveal my patio project
today.....but alas...it was not to be. April showers visited last week and I was unable to finish painting all my furniture!!
So...how 'bout sharing another item in my "Thriftventuring...A List to Thrift by" series!

Do you know what makes JDP smile?

Overalls!!!! Long, pedal pusher length ,short,shorter....hot pants short(worn with tights of course!).
I LOVE Overalls! They have been my go to Mommy uniform for almost 15 years (wait a minute...my oldest baby can NOT be almost 15!).
Did I mention the thrift stores are BRIMMING with them...and for practically NO money??

They pair rather perfectly with crazy 70's shirts. This fabooooo "waves crashing on rocks" print ....recently thrifted for a couple of bucks.... is a new personal fave.
I have always believed in styling them in unexpected ways as seen here and here in past "My Own Vintage Fashion Magazine" spreads.
Hey I think its time for a Spring-time issue of my on-line vintage zine!

The hubs has always found my sense of style both fascinating and perplexing.
What do you think of overalls?
Happy Tuesday and happy thriftventuring!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter-scaping:Part 2...The Easter Escape...or.. The Good Friday Fort

My little Magnolia blossom has been begging for me to build her a fort ever since the two of us gazed at this beauty by Justina Blakenly.
I have been happily googling fort images ever since!!!
Check these if you might be inclined to build your own and need a little inspiration!

You will need:
*2 or 3 sheets ,blankets ,or other pieces of fabric.
*Safety pins
*Twine ,string ,ribbon....or some sort of "anchoring ropes"
*Nails or push-pins
*A steppy stool or chair to stand on
*Twinkle lights
*Throw pillows for interior decor
*Your Imagination
This might be one of those "learn as you go" projects.....but here is how it shook down for me.

I began by anchoring 3 ribbons to the ceiling with push pins (I did use a hammer to get them the whole way IN!).
I chose a flat sheet and safety pinned my sheet to the "anchor ribbons"...knotting the ribbons to the safety pin.I then used a push-pin to anchor the back corner directly to the wall.

You can see here how I arranged my anchor ribbons in a triangle position.

I added my little vintage bunny/duckie remnant panel as another "wall" by safety pinning it to the inside and underneath of my sheet.

I added little heart lights...and push-pinned them to the inside "roof" of the fort.

...and decorated with furry throw pillows and favorite bear.

....add happy child with book!
She sez' she wants to sleep here tonight....I think I will let her.
Do you think you might build a fort? How will you decorate it?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter-scaping..... Part One !

I finally got my Easter goodies out and arranged as I like!!

Table-scaping for the holidays is one of my fave things in all the land to do !!!
All above items 100% thrifted!*

Can you dig these little plastic bunnies???
All but the smallest bunny(she is thrifted...score!) came from estate sales.
You may click to enlarge any image.

A bunny pulling a wagon on top of my chest of donkey's pulling wagons....and Mister Bunny has a fabulous German egg.
I actually thrifted all of my German eggs in one EXTRA fabulous plastic bag-full when my little Petal was still a babe in arms.

My L.P. gallery is showing a Spring-y-er selection of album covers!
It is so hard to shoot the whole architectural nook/gallery...cuz' it is so l000000ng!
See it here.

This Montavani album cover art might be my new fave!!

It has been a bit rainy today(can you tell from the dark pics?) and that set me back a bit on my "Patio Project"..AND I still have one more Easter themed aspiration that I hope to show you on Good Friday!!
Happy Tuesday everyone!
*note* checking off items on my Thriftventuring...A List to Thrift by: Item #2 Milk glass-ware .

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Sneek Peek Into My Patio Project

There will be LOTS of color!!!

Pay no attention to the garish crack. I like to think it adds character and patina to the patio.

Be gone silver!!! You have no power here!
Do you think I shall have it finished by Friday?

Monday, April 11, 2011

After a Cray-Cray Weekend !!

All looks calm at the Pagoda.......right? WRONG..... sooooooo... much happened over the weekend....our regular french toast breaky's ,light thrifting,and a trip to Grammas....and then hurried last minute auditions and being involved in a 4 CAR PILE-UP on the highway!!! Thankfully everyone is was unharmed!

Ah yess...What it really looks like at the pagoda. I knew this beautiful long hearth would be good for something. I give each fam member their own little section as I fold the never-ending laundry train. In between calls to the police department, getting accident reports, and the calls to the insurance....the "process" moved very slowly today. Still awaiting that report to get in the system and at 6:05 P.M. still awaiting an A.C. repairman. oh yeah...on top of everything else our air decided to not shut off today....I mean any excuse to wear a vintage sweater ...but....the breaker box it was!
*edited* the cray-cray continues...
....oh, and then we found this FOOTBALL size bee-hive in our backyard...unbelievable...we are in touch with a bee-keeper on humane elimination.....
*EDIT* #2
The beekeeper saved the bees and no one was stung!!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wee Petal Style Break!

I adore the freedom and creativity both of my girls dress with!!!
My littlest Petal needed to dress up as her favorite literary character for a recent family literacy event at her school.Well naturally her own closet yielded marvelous results to be...

Junie B. Jones.You should hear the kid read these books aloud.....she totally relates to Junie B. !

Just remembered..... it is time to take out my Easter goodies.
Getta load of my vintage Gund babies! The rabbit plays "Easter Parade".
...oh and take a gander (hee... get it gander?)of the adorable ducky/bunny animal fabric background....1.98 at the thrift... there is enough to make a special little Easter themed project I have been wanting to try.....nope...its not an obvious "craft".

Monday, April 04, 2011

Thrifted :Vintage Record Stand

Having L.P.'s so acutely on the brain during thrift-time has yielded an interesting bevy of goodies. Though... I think the one I am most excited about is this vintage record stand I found a couple of days ago for 95 CENTS !!!!

Prior to this fab find ...I was using a vintage mag holder I bought at an antique mall for 8 bux.The problem with this cutie was 2-fold.
1).You were able to see our Vudu box peeking out from beneath.
2).Since it was not actually meant for L.P.'s.... the weight of the records was making it wobbly!

Just days before this find.... I was ogling this treasure.....from Shabbylull,
a wonderful vintage Etsy shop!

....and ...TA DA...it shows up !!!!...but...mine has all its little rubber shoes!
This rather focused "Thriftventuring...A List to Thrift by" ...is yielding some rather interesting booty.Am I using "The Law of Attraction" to thrift?
Should I reveal my list? Whats on your list to thrift ?


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