Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wee Petal Style Break!

I adore the freedom and creativity both of my girls dress with!!!
My littlest Petal needed to dress up as her favorite literary character for a recent family literacy event at her school.Well naturally her own closet yielded marvelous results to be...

Junie B. Jones.You should hear the kid read these books aloud.....she totally relates to Junie B. !

Just remembered..... it is time to take out my Easter goodies.
Getta load of my vintage Gund babies! The rabbit plays "Easter Parade".
...oh and take a gander (hee... get it gander?)of the adorable ducky/bunny animal fabric background....1.98 at the thrift... there is enough to make a special little Easter themed project I have been wanting to try.....nope...its not an obvious "craft".

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