Monday, April 11, 2011

After a Cray-Cray Weekend !!

All looks calm at the Pagoda.......right? WRONG..... sooooooo... much happened over the weekend....our regular french toast breaky's ,light thrifting,and a trip to Grammas....and then hurried last minute auditions and being involved in a 4 CAR PILE-UP on the highway!!! Thankfully everyone is was unharmed!

Ah yess...What it really looks like at the pagoda. I knew this beautiful long hearth would be good for something. I give each fam member their own little section as I fold the never-ending laundry train. In between calls to the police department, getting accident reports, and the calls to the insurance....the "process" moved very slowly today. Still awaiting that report to get in the system and at 6:05 P.M. still awaiting an A.C. repairman. oh yeah...on top of everything else our air decided to not shut off today....I mean any excuse to wear a vintage sweater ...but....the breaker box it was!
*edited* the cray-cray continues...
....oh, and then we found this FOOTBALL size bee-hive in our backyard...unbelievable...we are in touch with a bee-keeper on humane elimination.....
*EDIT* #2
The beekeeper saved the bees and no one was stung!!!!


Vivcore said...

Man I love the furniture in the pagoda! Sounds like a hectic weekend, kind jealous that you managed to get your place so clam looking after all that. Glad to hear none of you were hurt in the accident though

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