Friday, December 22, 2006

My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,the Holiday issue

I didn't think I was going to be able to "go to press" in time to inspire this month. I have been so "wrapped" up in decorating that I almost forgot my absolute favorite thing to do in Pagoda-ville! Muse about vintage clothes!
Of course the holidays are the perfect time to think about vintage clothes. Vintage clothes for wearing,vintage clothes for giving,and how about vintage clothes for decorating. Well ofcourse,why not put up a X-mas prom dress? The strapless bell shape from the 50's is the same silouhuette as a perfectly shaped tree!The net takes the metal hangers so well(as long as its not fragile and decaying),string it with lights,and voila! This is a picture from the archives of the original Jungle Dream Pagoda back when it was a swingin' bachelorette pad called,Barbies Exotic Jungle Dream Pagoda. Now its merely a swingin' state of mind in cyber space,but I digress,more on my sites name sake when I hit the big 1-0-0 post coming soon (oh yes ,I have big plans!).I have a different vintage prom dress on reserve to decorate for Crooked Halo next year.
Don'tcha just love these vintage holiday pins(you may click on any image to enlarge)? I generally wear them in multiples on the bib of my over-alls,but I always thought they would be lovely to trim a mini tree.
My proposed ensem. for X-mas eve,a little see-thru holiday-esque green jacket,over a see-thru blouse(inherited from my great aunt),over a white corset,with multiple vintage green baubles.My fa-vo-rite Christmas apron,and ofcourse cowboy boots(I gotta be me).
Heres a close-up of the apron. Do you see the angels?

My favorite Christmas elf in her new creation made of vintage goodness.

I have always worn vintage for New Years Eve, and I am sure this year would be no exception.That is if I actually went out on that champagne night! I'm pretty sure this is what I would wear: This AMAZING bronze, taffeta dress with "eye-lashes" on the fabric.The fit and flare shape is perfect for indulging in one too many rum-balls at holiday office parties.I have added gloves, a lace scarf with a deco rhinestone brooch,and finished off with Vivienne Westwood platform pumps.
For a handbag,why not try that tiny lucite bag? What more does a girl need beyond her lipstick, cell-phone, and taxi fare?
Have a very vintage Christmas everyone!

Note: please forgive dusty floors in blogtography shots,My 2nd bathroom renovation was finally completed today,and even though I mopped its still a dust bowl around these parts!
If you missed any of "My own vintage clothing fashion magazine" issues,here they are:


Peta said...

I love the green necklaces, I have a "thing" for wearing green! All of your outfits are fab :)

One Chic Chick said...

Gorgeous~I love your Christmas eve outfit and nearly dropped over when I saw the beautiful bronze don't by chance, SELL any of these things do you?

Merry Christmas! Hope it's full of happy new memories....

Sarah and Jack said...

I think I almost squealed when I saw the dress decorated like a tree! The outfits are great too. What a nice collection of vintage things.

Candid Cool said...

i like that bronze dress

Heidi said...

Oh, Wow! You made me drool. I think my favorite part of the prom dress tree is the army men marching up the fluffy tulle! Little Miss M is just a darling little thing in her red boots and that bronze outfit is absolutely breathtaking!

Jane said...

Vintage wonderful! I've only been coming by for a short time now and didn't know of your vintage clothing! You must stop by and see my friend Cha Cha's line of hats.

She and her hubby are the vintage cloting royalty in our lives.

S. said...

You have such great stuff. That's it, I'm moving in next door and coming over constantly to raid your closet and check out your wacky decorating ideas!

liebemarlene said...

You must post your New Year's Eve outfit on Wardrobe Remix because it looks like it will be the chicest in the world! I'm not sure what I like better, the gold dress or the Westwood shoes.

Petula Darling said...

This issue is packed chock full of vintage goodness! I extra-love the holiday prom attire.

Anonymous said...

I love your Christmas tree! What a great idea. I enjoyed reading your blog and I love your Christmas elf's outfit too!

Happy Holidays, Carol

StephenMosher said...


Ahhh! The memories!!!


LOVE the outfits, esp. the bronze number. Great shoes...


WHO is that incredibly beautiful munchkin??!! Is that MY Goddaughter?!

Or is it some movie star visiting from Hollywood...


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