Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holiday Goodies to Eat!!

Well,I simply must find time to make something to serve in my Vintage paper trays from Germany ,(thrifted ages ago)mustn't I? So just in case you still need some quick and easy goodies to serve for X-mas eve,heres some ideas!How about Mocha Rumballs from this recipe ! MMM, MMM good, just don't light a match to close,while imbibing,I mean ingesting.
Or you could serve Santa surprise cookies,oh so easy. Pre-made refrigerated sugar cookie dough,line your cookie tray with rows of one slice then go back and put a mini snickers bar in the middle,go back and cover with another slice of dough,bake and decorate as you please ,soooo fast !
Last but not least these "stained glass windows" really ARE the easiest and tastiest candy you'll ever make. Thank you Jennifer fromThe Felt Mouse! I am not such a Martha Stewart in the kitchen ,but these recipes are fool proof (and guaranteed to put you off the South Beach Diet!)
Happy munching!

1 comment:

Peta said...

Those paper plates are the cutest! It is too hot here to bake anything at the moment. Thank goodness I don't have to cook for Christmas.


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