Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Fantasy trip to the Bloglandia Ball as the Resident Fashion Atelier

Deep in the inner sanctum of the Pagoda,while consumed in her "Magic Closet",JDP is in a quandary over what to wear to The Bloglandia Ball.
"At least dancing under the full moon does not require one to pick out shoes ,too!"
"...but honestly,does this Emilio Pucci dress wear me or do I wear it?"
Someone else appears in the room. Is it Tim Gunn?
Why no,its JDP's very own Fairy Blog Mother*!

"...but Fairy Blog Mother,I'm just not sure if this dress is soul stirring!"
The Fairy Blog Mother,grants JDP the power to design all the dresses at the Bloglandia Ball.
Meanwhile at the ball ,the guests are already arriving.
Stephanie wears a beautiful marigold laden fiesta frock.
Eb's dress is laden with melody for the music she gives our eyes,with each visit to her place!
Vanessa's dress has a solid gold artist palette with precious jewels as the paint. Amanda's dress has real fairy wings ,for her soul to take flight!
...but where is JDP ?

JDP arrives (rather conveniently located next to the donuts!). Her dress is a blank canvas,an unwritten destiny of endless possibilities!
Time for wine and donuts everyone! Yum,virtual calories!

Even the Fairy Blog Mother* gets some virtual deep fried,and sugary frosted goodness!

*with much thanx to Vallen for the coining of the term "Fairy Blog Mother".

...and now ,let the dancing under the full moon commence!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

One last round before...and a Pagoda update.

I couldn't resist one last round of my Fantasy Google Image Fashion Stylist Game before making a final decision on what to wear for The Bloglandia Ball.This time I started with a vintage brown and ecru giant flower print dress from the 60's.
I added a beautiful ivory rose neclace.
How about a wide brimmed picture hat ? I am sure all the concentrated girl power will make the moonbeams blinding!
...and I love these perfect brown vintage stilletos! Oh,but wait,are we not supposed to dance barefoot 'neath the moon? Everyone is invited and its this Wednesday September 26th!Please go to Eb's place for details! See you there!

...and lastly I wanted to let you know I might be scarce around the internet till Wednesday. My baby has some dental work to be done today that is fairly serious.This is actually part one and the "heavy lifting" will be done in the next visit.She has something called dental hypoplasia,where the enamel does not completely develop over the dentin.It is her molars that are affected and we caught this fairly early,so hopefully there will be no issue with her permanent teeth. This weekend we created a little motivational poster for her. I let her cut out and glue on little pictures and I wrote the categories,such as ,"I make my bed,I pick up my toys,I brush my teeth,and I listen to Mommy". She gets to add a little sticker to each completed task at night,and after a certain amount of stickers she will earn,play dates,and small goodies,and privileges.
I have already seen improvement on the pick up her toys and make her bed areas.
There have been no earned stickers in the "I listen to Mommy " area yet!She's an independent one that Little Petal!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Goodbye ,Miyoshi

On August 28th 2007,the world lost Miyoshi Umeki.You might wonder who this Japanese born actress was.
She was the 1st Asian actor to ever win an Academy Award back in 1958.Shown here with her costar and co-supporting actor winner,Red buttons for Sayonara...
...but it is this piece that will forever put her in my heart.Playing the adorable Mei Li,in Rodgers and Hammerstein's beautiful Chinese musical Flower Drum Song
She played it first on Broadway alongside Pat Suzuki(the ponytail girl)as costar Linda Low.
When she played it on film the movie immediately became a classic,and a childhood favorite film,you know the kind,the ones where you were allowed to stay up late to watch.
In the film the Linda Low role was taken over by Nancy Kwan ,shown here singing "I enjoy being a girl". I love,love,love this song,and sang it along with a tap solo in my 8th grade dance recital.
Here is darling Miyoshi singing "A Hundred Million Miracles"from the film.
In the world of pop culture her most recognizable role ,however ,is probably that of Mrs. Livingston,from ,The Courtship of Eddies Father. She retired from acting altogether after this nostalgic television role.

My littlest Petal needed a fall jacket. I decided to create a little tribute to Miyoshi and her special film,one of my favorite movies.I love the colors and that the little person is playing music,almost like my little blossom has an accompanist that serenades her wherever she goes.
The front is simple,with a little Gibson Girl and a collar of crocheted pansies(you may click image to enlarge). Oh,and a little butterfly.
Miyoshi was a delicate butterfly. Goodbye Miyoshi.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Choices, Choices! ! What to Wear to the Bloglandia Ball?

...and you thought I had my ensemble all picked out didn't you? The Bloglandia Ball ,on September 26th ,is a special event ,and I can't just wear any old thing now can I?So many exciting people are attending Elizabeth's fantastic event that I need a few choices,so when the day arrives I can pick as the mood hits me.Plus ,I get to play my new favorite game Fantasy Google Image Fashion Stylist! The internet's images are even bigger than my own magic closet!
As you can see ,this time,I chose an eponymous pagoda gown.
Adorned it with "The Intruder",by Opulent Oddities from ETSY.
I will carry my virtual lipstick(in pagoda red ,natch!)in this vintage mesh,Whiting and Davis bag.
Most interesting that my shoes would be found in the Baby Phat line.
..and since the dancing will take place under the full moon,I can warm my shoulders from the chill in this.
If there is dancing that means there must be music. I can think of no better chanteuse than the amzing Elizabeth Fraser from The Cocteau Twins. This truly must be what the faerie folk dance to!

Monday, September 10, 2007

40's fashion and a wee thriftventure!

I was reminded,while reading my vintage Seventeen Magazine, that one of the greatest fashion statements of the 1940's is THE SHOES!!!
This is the only pair from the 40's from my personal collection. I love the navy ,the ankle strap,and especially the little platform.
Can you imagine grabbing any of these beauties for 2.99?
If you've been on the Vintage Re-mix site you know exactly how much this style has appreciated in price!
Black suede "Thickies"(the name makes me giggle and blush) for 3.99?
Here is my version,that I purchased from an antique mall last fall for about 2 dollars! They are actually from the seventies,the 70's doing the 40's. I call them my beautiful/ugly shoes. They would feel right at home featured on this site,its my new guilty blog-pleasure.
I would adore some of these high-heeled beauties.
...and hats,the 40's gave us some wonderful chapeaus.
Hmmmm I wonder what could be in this charming box?
Its my own wonderful little hat,also from Betmar. Remember the story about the mother of one of my best male buds,who gave me Puccis? This exotic appertif is also from her. I have never actually worn it. She told me the fur was REAL leopard. I am afraid I've just never been comfortable doing anything but admiring it in private.
This forest green number is a semi-recent thrift acquisition,and most definitely from the 40's.
This lovely is by a modern independent millinery artist. I love the music notes and the flat pancake/disc shape.
Linda Evangilista and Kyle MacLachlen no how to sport a topper!
More 40's fashion.
John Galliano doing the 40' as only he can ,complete with crazy Norma Desmond models.What a busy and spectacular weekend I had! I created several new pieces for my ETSY and a couple of fall goodies for my baby. I completely re-arranged her room which I have needed to do for months, I think I will do a photo shoot in her room showing off my new creations,perhaps later today!Lastly I still managed to have time to dash into my favorite thrift store this weekend,I only had a few minutes to look,but I had to pop in anyway. I found this most amazing blue lace dress from the 50's for 3.49 !!!!! It was missing its slip,but honestly,who needs a slip when you have skinny jeans. The promise of cooler weather seems to have invigorated me. See you later this week.


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