Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stuff that Makes Me Smile in Pagoda Land

This page from my October 1948( I know, I switched decades!) ,Seventeen Magazine is making me smile!
Did you know Rita's forehead was so mall they made her pluck it for more face real estate. Imagine that, a red-head with a small forehead.There are more scanned goodies to come from this e-bayed vintage fashion delight!
Speaking of e-bay,look what else I bid on and won....and for just 15 dollars(shipping included)!An incredible hand painted Mexican skirt to go with my collection! The seller let it go cheap because it has a couple of small age marks on the back.These souvenir skirts get way up there whenn bidding,so I am smiling a lot! I might even be able to remove the spots.
Quite the "bodice ripper" dontcha think? Barbara Cartland would be proud.
Speaking of romantic heroines,look at Willow in Tara's dress from the "Once More With Feeling" Buffy eppy.I have been captivated by the BTVS Season 8 comics,scripted by Joss Whedon himself.I am smiling because today my pre-ordered issue of number 6 will be mailed out!There is something about her ethereal witchy beauty here that reminds me of Kate Bush
She always makes me smile and she moves me to tears as well,so beautiful is her music.
Fess up! How many of you were fished in by this brilliant but kitschy marketing ploy?
Jack and Jill are making me smile ,AND they're available in my ETSY store.
I am simply agog over this months Paper magazine.It has an incredible article about fashion extremists. Simon Doonan and Ruben Toledo chat it up about the crazy/wonderful style mavericks Iris Apfel,Anna Piaggi,and of course..... the rare bird herself,the late,Issey Blow.This issue is full of eloquent musings on personal style.
....and don't miss the "outsider artists" takes on this seasons collections from Creative Growth.

Its time for another round of my FANTASY GOOGLE IMAGE FASHION STYLIST game.
This time in preparation for the beautiful Elizabeth's Bloglandia Ball on September 26th. Getting dressed for a special event is always smile worthy! This time I chose a stunning red gown.
I added jeweled flowers at my neck....and just so you would be sure to recognize me an antique pagoda embroidered purse....but I gotta be me...
So I shall kick up my heels in these Dia de los Muertos boots!
Don't forget the date September 26th!It will be a full moon so be there!Lastly a face that is always smilicious to me.OOOOO,scary! Puts me in the mood for Halloween!


Angelina said...

I have always felt a kinship with Rita because my forehead is rather small too.

I want to see a copy of that magazine Paper! That looks so exciting. So much more interesting than Vogue. I know they have them at Powell's in Portland, so maybe next time I'll treat myself to one.

How did Issy Blow die anyway? I read a little piece on her in two magazines and neither said what happened. She was not an old lady.

Your girls are both so cute! Is the little one in school yet? (Or do you home school?)

Sarah and Jack said...

Hmmm, you had better just send that chocolate my way. I hadn't seen those in the store, but I will be all over it if I do.

Feathers a/k/a Thriftin' Gal said...

The vintage Mexican skirt is to die for!!! And the Day Of The Dead boots are too!:)

Robyn said...

love the day of the dead boots! your little one is tooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

willows dresses are so lovely. Your posts always make me smile!

stilettoheights said...

oh that scary little face was too cute!!!

I think I am going to need that issue of paper....oh but my damn magazine budget has been spent tenfold this month....le sigh.

sweetheartville said...

Don't you know those boots are killin' me, Dollface? Love 'em and your sweet baby's scary face. Oh, and I would sooner eat broken glass than pluck my hairline!

stephanie said...

oh man will be the belle of the bloglandia ball!!

I am positively green! with envy of that skirt and boots!! and the necklace AND the purse.

Just need to go back and look at this post again...too too much fun!

I just failed the widget test...they had to give me an easier one:)

miss vintage love said...

Rita! Rita! Wow, nice work on the magazine. Oh, and that little embroidered purse is to die for, sooo beautiful.

Petula Darling said...

I can see why it's all making you smile!
I love the torrid romance novel quality of your new painted skirt.
I might need to give the Buffy S8 comics a try. I've only looked at one of the early ones (came out 2000ish) and found it to be rather vertigo-inducing, but this new series is tempting me.

cruststation said...

Great ebay find, a painted skirt -you have a keen eye for vintage goodies. Looks like you've been busy making things for your etsy store too, it's looking great!

What a fabulous selection from google for the perfect party outfit! Your sweet little one make the cutest vampire slayer in that wonderful costume.

AnastasiaC said...

i didnt realise Seventeen mag went that far back - awesome that you have a copy!!
that bag is just divine - how beautiful!!!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I love that Paper cover. I've never heard of it. I should check it out.

Natalie said...

hey i know it's a little late but WHERE did you find those muertos boots, i am completely enamored!!!!


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