Monday, September 10, 2007

40's fashion and a wee thriftventure!

I was reminded,while reading my vintage Seventeen Magazine, that one of the greatest fashion statements of the 1940's is THE SHOES!!!
This is the only pair from the 40's from my personal collection. I love the navy ,the ankle strap,and especially the little platform.
Can you imagine grabbing any of these beauties for 2.99?
If you've been on the Vintage Re-mix site you know exactly how much this style has appreciated in price!
Black suede "Thickies"(the name makes me giggle and blush) for 3.99?
Here is my version,that I purchased from an antique mall last fall for about 2 dollars! They are actually from the seventies,the 70's doing the 40's. I call them my beautiful/ugly shoes. They would feel right at home featured on this site,its my new guilty blog-pleasure.
I would adore some of these high-heeled beauties.
...and hats,the 40's gave us some wonderful chapeaus.
Hmmmm I wonder what could be in this charming box?
Its my own wonderful little hat,also from Betmar. Remember the story about the mother of one of my best male buds,who gave me Puccis? This exotic appertif is also from her. I have never actually worn it. She told me the fur was REAL leopard. I am afraid I've just never been comfortable doing anything but admiring it in private.
This forest green number is a semi-recent thrift acquisition,and most definitely from the 40's.
This lovely is by a modern independent millinery artist. I love the music notes and the flat pancake/disc shape.
Linda Evangilista and Kyle MacLachlen no how to sport a topper!
More 40's fashion.
John Galliano doing the 40' as only he can ,complete with crazy Norma Desmond models.What a busy and spectacular weekend I had! I created several new pieces for my ETSY and a couple of fall goodies for my baby. I completely re-arranged her room which I have needed to do for months, I think I will do a photo shoot in her room showing off my new creations,perhaps later today!Lastly I still managed to have time to dash into my favorite thrift store this weekend,I only had a few minutes to look,but I had to pop in anyway. I found this most amazing blue lace dress from the 50's for 3.49 !!!!! It was missing its slip,but honestly,who needs a slip when you have skinny jeans. The promise of cooler weather seems to have invigorated me. See you later this week.


A Suburban Queen said...

Your leopard hat looks a bit like mine (, but hmm, a TAD more lux :).
The outfit on the floor will look spectacular on you. Are you going to post it to w_r (pretty please)?

miss vintage love said...

Oh my, I'm drooling over those blue platforms! You know how much I love anything 40's! Gorgeous darrrrrling.

A Fanciful Twist said...

I love love love your thriftventures!!! You always take so much care in sharing the most wonderful shots!! Thank you!!!xxooo

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, YES! I love these style of shoes and the forties are just brilliant, well pretty much every decade is :) Maybe the 90's were all so fabby, I could skip by repeating that one. Love your blog girl.

Jane said...

Gotta check out your shop for the newest creations.

Do you wear hats often? Our good friend is none other than Cha Cha herself of Cha Cha's House of Ill Repute.
It has been amazing to know her and watch as she has built her business from the ground up.

AnastasiaC said...

Ohhh i love the 40's...the red shoes are too cute and for just $2.00!!!
but I guess $2 could feed a family back then...
why cant I have a wee little snap up that pretty blue mexican inspired sundress in your etsy store - love it!

Stephanie said...

oh ms pagoda....I do love shoes from the 40's...they just keep coming back 'round.

Your pages from the mag...oh what style!!

cruststation said...

You sure know your vintage fashion, always so informative with wonderful links. Fabulous shoes and hats, thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see what you did to your baby's room.

Robyn said...

love the shoes, i wish they were still 2.99 that would be awesome! damn inflation!

StephenMosher said...

My dearest friend:

I've been so wrapped up in keeping afloat in this life that I have missed several weeks worth of blogging at the Jungle Dream Pagoda. It being a priority, I got up this morning with the express purpose of catching up and I am so pleased to see all that you have been up to! You have completely surpassed me in the art of blogging. I love that you know how to include videos in your stories now! And your blogtography is stellar. You, who used to be completely computer illiterate are now the master.

I loved all the fashion stories, I especially loved the trip down memory lane that I got while looking at photos I have taken of your life and your family during the last two decades. Why, only the other day, my Pat asked me why you and I didn't revive the Las Vegas Weddings book and make another attempt at getting it published. I think we should think about it.... It's an awfully good property!

I loved the story on Breakfast At Tiffinays and I was so honoured to be mentioned in your story about the trip to New York.

The girls are growing so fast, I hardly recognized them in all those gorgeous photos. And I am glad to see Ruby becoming the photo artist -- using a high camera for all those shots of you! She will be one of those actors who creates other forms of art in her spare time. Hurrah!

I can't wait to see youse all when I come home in October. I feel strong chains pulling me back...

I love you and all the flowers in your garden.

Uncle Ste

stilettoheights said...

I too am giggling at "thickies" I'm like a child.

I love the 40's I think it's one of my favorite as far as fashion goes!

WendyB said...

I remember the Linda-Kyle Barneys ad from when it first appeared...I loved all of Linda's Barneys ads!

Angelina said...

Dang it...lots of shoe lust. One of the things I love most about my old magazines are shoe ads. I love shoes from the twenties, thirties and forties. The fifties really started to lose me.

I can't collect antique shoes because my feet are too big. The only things I ever find in my size are sixties shoes for cross-dressers.

sweetheartville said...

I love the shoes! I have to agree with Angelina. With my big, spread out, post baby feet, I'm afraid I no longer run upon vintage shoes that I can wear :(. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to every new post on JDP.

*Ashes* said...

I have a question for you. My mother bought a coat at the Thrift Store to sell on e-bay. he bought it for 6.99, and we come to find out that it is a vintage REAL leopard fur coat, with a mink collar. I can't seem to find anyone to figure out what it may or may not be worth. Also I know that there are EXTREMLEY strict rules about buying and selling furs. Do you have any insight? I can send you a picture of it, it is really pretty ( I am just totally freaked out by the thought that it used to be


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