Monday, April 30, 2007

My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,April,Inspired by Hollywood,part 1 ,Marie Antoinette

I'm sure I was the last of us girls to see it, but believe me, it was one of those films I yearned to see on the big screen. Alas ,time slipped away and it was the small screen after all that inspired me. Marie Antoinette is a feast for the ears and eyes,and made me wonder...what would Marie wear today?
I believe our Marie would be just as hip as the actress who played her. Surely with the arsenal of family heirlooms at her fingertips ,she would find some wicked cool combinations of vintage and modern.Rhinestones and red lipstick,always the perfect statement.
I can just hear her now,"Louis do you mind if I grab your dear departed Mamans,diamond and lucite heels?

I think she would jump right on the dress and skinny jeans thang,proving that this particular trend is not going away anytime soon. Shown here with a sheer pink lace dress ,leopard pumps,and silver box bag from the 50's.
Hot pink would remain near and dear to her heart.
Though she might pair her short version with a lucite bag and matching giant platforms.
She would ofcourse shop at Etsy ,where she would no doubt find this amazing silouhuette neclace from Paraphernalia.
She would trade this floral print ....
..for this ,ironic "Marie had a little lamb" print 70's nightgown,paired with plastic Cinderella pumps.
A last minute decision to belt it 'neath the chest would produce just the right empire waist effect.
If our time travlin', vintage lovin' Marie loved overalls as much as your fashion editor,she might grab for these choices in her royal closet. A simple sheer ruched blouse and a pearl and rhinestone collar,with a beaded bag and plastic pumps.
For a jacket? She might add this beaded 50'cardigan and trade the collar for pearls(too much bling).
Or perhaps she would wear the beaded cardi 'neath the bib.
...and add a perfectly patina'd jean jacket to further de-bling-a-fy the ensem.
Or maybe she would wear it like this.

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Sarah and Jack said...

The print on that dress is too much! Wasn't that a gorgeous movie?

Timothy Hogan said...

About MARIE ANTOINETTE, Ms. Dunst was quoted saying that when they had what little passed as dialogue, they were often handed it as they were corsetted. Hard to learn when you can't inhale. I found it brave, vacuous and brave. Not anyones best work but costuniers and florists.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Timothy darling,you may be right about how knowone will win an acting award for this piece. ...but oh to play this part on film and look this way frame after frame. Silly me,it is instantly one of of my favorite films ,ooooooooo,shiny!

Heidi said...

You aren't the last to see it--I've had it sitting on my shelf for at least 2 weeks now! Maybe tomorrow. I'm expecting a feast for the eyes but not so much for the brain. :)

What is that gorgeous frilly thing you're wearing in the last photo? Is that a bed jacket?

stilettoheights said...

I still have not seen it though I am dying to!!!

Love your outfit choices, especially the bold pink!!!

Anonymous said...

The lamb dress is to-die-for. I would wear it every week, completely unironically. GREAT post!!!

amanda button said...

oh my LORD, you have put together too many perfect emsembles and i am now beside myself with the urge to go shopping for something fabulous to wear.
Marie Antoinette was incredibly inspiring to us all :)

Timothy Hogan said...

...and yet the film was on DVD before you could say Jack sprat!Or something less Gay.

Peta said...

I still want to see it as I hear it has the most romantic, shabby chic interiors! Love your styling and am very jealous of the fab head vase in the first picture!

Rebecca said...

As always, I love your monthly fashion zine! That pink dress is adorable! I'm way too short to pull off that dress over jeans thing (plus, none of my jeans are "skinny" if you know what I mean) but I love it! And those lucite heels? I'd wrestle you for them. ;)

jungle dream pagoda said...

You know ,I don't usually feel the need to defend a trivial little movie,and certainly thats not what this post is about,its about clothes!!!!However ,I must say I loved the collaberation between Kirsten and Sophia.Marie is a lonely teenage girl,when she is sent to France to marry Louis. Lonely and bored,and given basically nothing to do.I related and remembered those feelings. In her world it seems only natural she would turn to the excitement of pretty clothes and shoes.No ,from that non-historical point of view.Ms Coppola and Ms. Dunst got it right!

eb said...

I loved Marie next to Amelie - (ok they tie because they are so different) EYE CANDY!!!!!!!!

and so is this post dear one - I was just tripping down memory lane over at follow Your Bliss about the 70's and my art school leotard, overalls and hightops uniform alternating with vintage sweater sets

xox - eb.

mosaic queen said...

I haven't found the time to watch the movie yet, but my dear daughters have watched it several times and they tell me that I would be totally inspired by the costumes and all of the PINK. All of the talk has inspired me to make a Marie Antoinette Mosaic Cake. It will be pink, of course, and it will be covered with pearls and rhinestones.
Once again, Miss Pagoda, you have proven that your style totally ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and your taste too!!!

Timothy Hogan said...

I love it, you have a MARIE ANTOINETTE inspired photo spread in the Pagoda while the epistle has gone blue cinema!

Vallen said...

I want to have all your clothes and wear them with as much panache as you seem to. You are my fashion icon!!!

miss vintage love said...

I LOVE those lucite heels you have pictured....beyond gorgeous!!

cruststation said...

Wow, you have the most amazing eclectic vintage wardrobe! I love the diamond and lucite heels, Marie had a little lamb nightgown? (too pretty to be one) and the incredible cinderella pumps and crystal bag to match! Fabulous!!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh I am loving the skinny jeans and the dress and can tell you would look *amazing* in it!!

Angelina said...

I'm choking on my spit at the sight of those gorgeous lucite shoes! I'll bet you wear a size five shoe huh?

I love your photo spread. I don't know if I'm going to see that movie. My mom and friends tell me I have to. But I fell for that with Titanic and regretted seeing it, though everyone was right and the costumes were incredible.

Your spread here is a better argument for seeing it than anything else. I especially love that first photo.

And the lucite shoes, of course.

Vanessa V said...

I loved this film!!! I played it on repeat for about 7 days. Just listening in the background...Then, Mr. Lovee went and bought me a copy.. and said it was agift, as long as I played it in my own quarters and he didn't have to hear it anymore... MEN....Thank you for a Marie Antoinette inspired post! Love it! poor girl... What a the end I mean...Oh, as for you miss actress wonderfulness kate bush girl, please send me your addy. Afterall, you did win....

AnastasiaC said...

I still havnt seen 'Marie Antoinette'!! I need to get me to the DVD store at once! i just want to see the interior set design, the clothes and wigs and the food!!! oh and I too love Sophia...she's one of my style icons (and Marc Jacobs' too!)
I love your updated Marie pink dress is FAB!!
you sure make overalls look sexy!

alexgirl said...

I love love love the lucite pumps toward the beginning. So fabulous. I'm also especially entranced by the Mary Had A Little Lamb nightie. So cute.
I didn't think Marie Antoinette was a very good "film" but it was eye candy galore. I loved the costumes, cinematography, and of course the soundtrack. Genius.
GREAT post, btw.

Anonymous said...

Guess who bought a granny jammies top? Yah! I need to take a pix of it though yet. Can I copy you with the whole "this is how you wear it" on my mannequin thing? pretty please with coolwhip and cherries and some brandy ontop?

cinderelly said...

i haven't seen it yet either! but i will go this minute to put it on my netflix list! i want some lucite high heels too! i love your fashion zines!

tatjana said...

Not to worry, dear. I haven't seen it yet, because it only played here for about 2 weeks and I could convince noone to see it with me. But I've decided that I'm going out for eye candy as soon as I'm home (Toronto has lots of 2nd run theatres yay!) I love all the sparkly duds, and that Sui-inspired blouse you're making is the bomb!

kimberly sherrod said...

I loved Marie Antoinette and thought that it was a lovely movie about a romantic yet turbulent polititical time in history. I think that Sophia did an awesome job. I loved the split second of shoes footage (LOL) with the converse high tops amongst the other heels..playful and sweet. Timothy is intitled to his opinion, of course, but so are the chicks who loved this film and will watch it over and over again to help us deal with the everyday mundane, thankless, futility chores of running our households. I consider it a small 2 hour vacation to a time and place I can't otherwise travel. Have a petit four and cool your jets, baby.

Karen Beth said...

Believe it or not, I've STILL not seen Marie Antoinette. I'm DYING to and hope to soon but... le sigh... still haven't. :)

TokyoBunnie said...

I love that 70's nightgown fabric, it's amazing. I am also buying a necklace from Paraphernalia right now. Yay!

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