Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Its All About The Pagoda!!!,or Lets Have Some Tea and Chat.

Would you like to join me for some tea,while I tell you of my week?I'm almost finished with mine,but since I'll be doing all the talking anyway...let me steep a fresh cup for you with my new Pagoda laden teacups from Tia. Don't you wish you lived next door to Ms. Smoochie Lips? Ofcourse no one would get anything done because we would all be too busy having fun!!!
Speaking of having fun...me and the fam just got back from Vegas,baby!!
Hmmm,which sister didn't listen...
...and which sister became The Enforcer?

We stayed at The Venetian,a beautiful and incredibly nice hotel,but certainly an Italianate,marble floored maze!My baby insisted this mural was a picture of mommy brushing her hair.
Naturally The Forum Shops at Ceasers Palace is a must!You see I never gamble while there ,but ALWAYS shop!The Forum shops is the perfect place to play out one of my favorite fantasies. *IF* I was a touring Rock Goddess ,and money was no object,what would I buy?
Well, I would start at The House of Emilio Pucci.
Make a stop at the Gap...
Where I would take all six of these white garments ,specially designed by Thakoon and Rodarte.There are a collection of 3 by a third designer ,but I care not for those garments.
Which would make room in my suitcase for LOTS of jewelry by Michal Negrin ,a spectacular Israeli designer heavily influenced by the victorian times.
Ah,but I only PLAY a Rock Goddess onstage. So this is what I actually came home with.For Crooked Halo a t-shirt that feels eerily prophetic(click to enlarge any image,while your author dabs a tear from her eye).
Another tee for the Little Blossom that is the gospel truth!
Urban Outfitters was having quite a sale and I grabbed their version of the 30's housedress for 17 dollars. Its actually better than real vintage. Oh,don't think I'm going soft on you,I had a fabulous dress almost identical to this one,that was from the 30's. Everytime I wore it it ripped a bit.
This brown dress was only 5 dollars,thats thrift store prices!
I may actually wear the back as the front (with the perfect vintage slip and accessories ofcourse.

There was one other item I was absolutely knocked out by. Anthropologie is carrying a few items by Anna Sui. This scrumdillyumtious silk blouse is 318.00. I decided to create my own version from a Kowalski undershirt,a vintage linen,a vintage collar,and a few vintage notions. Thus far its a WIP,but I think its going to scratch that Sui itch. I might even create a few more.
Last but not least some inspiration for Crooked Halos new room. We will begin that project in about a week,we have dear visitors to see this week. Up next, MOVCFM, where I take inspiration from a film that is a bloggyville fave and a contest to celebrate a special post.


eb said...

tough to keep up with to say the least - BUT - what a wonderful girlfriend you are dear jdp - your visits do keep me youthful AND stylish - you dishy dream girl you

xox - eb.

Anonymous said...

Oh my lord, eye candy eye candy!!! I must get one of those heart breaker shirts for my very own heart breaker. And yes, my youngest should also wear the not listening one too. She's informed me she wants a shag cut and pink chunks in her hair. What? what? what? Her father will flip - heh heh!
I love what you're doing with the better than a knockoff version of the 300ish dollar top! Yowch! And to think, pre children we might have bought that. Gasp.
Looks like you totally brushing your hair, I agree! Bet yall had an amaaaaazing time!!! Enjoy your guests dahlin'
ps you should move in next to me. Nevermind you'd have to live on a military base. We could borrow vintage clothes, have great un-tea parties and shop like posessed women, and then I could relax the night away watching you on the big stage :) Yah! I like that plan. Will your husband mind, you think?

gilfling said...

Oh my word!!! So much to gaze at in wonder. It sounds like you had an amazing trip and oh the shopping finds!! Glorious. But do you know - as much as I love the anthropologie blouse - I love yours even more. So original. I have been crocheting lace collars with ribbon bows for my shop and I reckon they would look just as good over a rock t-shirt as they would over a summer dress - it's all about the attitude!!

Can't wait to see the new room.

stilettoheights said...

I have not seen the T&R shirts from the Gap in person, I am dying to, they look like heaven on the cover of Vogue!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, I love your creation, it's kicks sui (t) ass. I am not that into the GAP shirts but that is probably because it is too hard for me to wear white. I get a new white shirt every week, I swear.

Vallen said...

I actually like your version the best. So Sui me.

cruststation said...

I love those teacups, I'd recently bought a set similar but in blue.

Your family holiday looks like so much fun.
Michal Negrin's jewellery collection is so you, everything on the site is fab.
UO 30's housedress is gorgeous!
Thank you for the post filled with eye-candy :)

AnastasiaC said...

oh how fun! i loved Vegas when we visted 7yrs ago...we stayed at NY NY hotel with its roller coaster...crazy fun fun!
we had a gondola ride at the Venetian...lovely hotel and I told Andrew if we were to go again I want to stay at the Bellagio!
your outfits are totaly cool...your girls super adorable!!
Anna Sui is one of my favourite designers love your inspiration!
Michal Negrin's stuff is popular here too lovely lovely...

amanda button said...

ooooh, lovely stuff! The jewelry totally knocks me out!

i am so glad you had such fun AND fab shopping too!! :)

Angelina said...

OK, I just commented in the post below about the Anna Sui inspired top.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm glad you did because (as I rambled on below) I really enjoy your style.

Jane said...

Inspiration all around! I am going to Vegas in late May...(pause to dream about the beautiful pool at Madalay Bay) and I can not wait! Your knockoff is terrific! I am doing a purse thing with a dish towel but now I am inspired to think of a top!

Timothy Hogan said...


I have a new baby on my blog, she could be nick-named MS SMOOCHIE lips!

Vanessa V said...

I just do not even know where to begin at all????That is you brushing your hair! i agree with the the little doll!!! You girls and stunning your hubby is babe-a-liscious. With your gorgeousness and him, well, those girls stood no chance, they were destined to be beautiful! I think the brownish dress should be worn backwards! Oh, and the Anthro Anna Sui blouse! I adore it!!! I want it! I wish I was there to help with crooked Halo's room. What fun!!! xxo,V

Peta said...

I love Michal Negrin, could buy everything she has!
Glad you all had so much fun on your holiday :)

Vanessa V said...

Pssst, you are a WINNER!!!

MaryAnn said...

To beat a dead horse, I love your inspiration piece!

ambika said...

Can I just say how in love I am with that embroidered bag? And your pics look so fun.

Geek+Nerd said...

Hey thanks for dropping by my blog! I haven't been posting much lately, but hopefully that will change soon. I really like your Anna Sui copy - very cute!

kimberly sherrod said...

your wip outfit! Please model that for us when its done! so gorgeous! Looks like you had a blast in Vegas, baby!


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