Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine...June,.Emilio Pucci

I knew there would come a month that I was moved to pull out one of my favorite vintage collections of one of my favorite designers.My collection of vintage Emilio Pucci is probably quite valuable,and maybe even somewhat impressive.From time to time I pull it out and wear it,but I am always conflicted about how I look in it.Which moves me to ask the question.
I tend to be (and have always been)rather fearless in my wardrobe choices.I recieved my first 2 pieces of Emilio Pucci when I was in High School,from one of my best male buds mom. My knowledge of designers was already geekily encyclopedic. So it seemed logical to my benefactor to pass these treasures down to me.When you are very young you simply don't care if someone notices the dress more than you. In fact ,thats what you hope for.
I think we all know these looks were meant to be viewed in an editorial setting,but ofcourse if I could have googled this image back then,I would have probably tried to emulate it.
In the late 40's Pucci began designing skiwear. He himself had been a member of the Italian Olympic Ski Team,so he knew his stream lined ,and bright graphic leggings would work very well for that sport.As his designs evolved from resort wear to his own house of couture,he was even ask to design flight attendant uniforms for Braniff Airlines,they were ofcourse the perfect compliment to the modern jetset!
The classic "Bubble Helmet",was used by the then called stewardesses,to walk from the aircraft to the terminal. Their bouffant hairdo would be safe from the rain and the powerful wind from the jet engine.

This is the first of the 2 dresses that were gifted to me. It is from the early 70's I believe,and its color scheme goes quite well with my own coloring. I am using a simple chain link metal belt to cinch it,and like architecture,this works by echoeing the circles in the print. I wore this dress quite often during the 2nd trimester of both my pregnancies(unbelted ofcourse),and I must say its bold graphics cheered me immensely.
Juicy pulp fiction novelist ,Jacqueline Susann certainly wore her Pucci well,but there is just something about the shape of her hair, the arch of her brow,and the dramatic line of her eye-liner that almost makes her part of the print.
This is the dress that re-ignited my pondering of whether or whether not Mr Pucci's designs wear you.
I recognized this iconic dress immediately on Cat Deeley.Her casual hair and superfluous jewelry make this knockout beauty recede into the background. All I notice is the dress,worn poorly by dear Cat.
This is truly how this dress should be worn,although I believe had Ms, Deely worn her hair slicked into a chignon with dramatic makeup and more appropriate earbobs,she would have certainly made my best-dressed list. Linda Evangelista needs never to worry about the clothes wearing her,shown here in an early 90's incarnation.
I believe Ms Deeley(obviously a Pucci fan) is wearing her dress much more succesfully here.Notice the bold lipstick and how the soft wave of her hair mimics the movement in her dress almost exactly.
This is from the Fall 07 line,it is an archival print that matches...
...the 2nd of my wonderful High School presents. Do you see how the wave of my hair competes with the geometry of the print. I usually slick my hair into a low ponytail ,while wearing Pucci,but,as you can tell from my expression, I must have been in a mood.
This long velvet "maxi" skirt zips up the front to reveal some leg.
This time I accesorised with the same silver link belt as a neclace,and a simple ribbed tank.
This beautiful silk blouse is usually worn 'neath my overalls,but I wanted you to see the whole print(you may click to enlarge any image).
Can you imagine my gasp,when I found this purse for 5 dollars at the thrift!I try to carry it when I wear the shirt.
One of my scarves. I think this might be my oldest piece. Perhaps hearkening back to his ski design days.
Do you see the tiny ski lifts?
Three cotton hankie size scarves suitable for framing.
This piece is a most unusual shape. I picked it up for 25 cents at an estate sale 2 doors down from my own house. I folded it into a halter design and put a Kowalski shirt underneath.
Emilio Pucci did a lingerie line for the Formfit Rogers company. Every blue moon I find one at the thrift,like this slip! It is very sheer.I love to work with sheer!
I have layered it with 2 see-thru vintage pieces,pearls,and skinny jeans,which I generally use more as leggings than jeans.
Maybe just the cami. Now this look could work with the waves in my hair.
Another Formfit Rogers nightgown,worn as a dress by me,here with leopard pumps.In the end it is the wearer that must "own" her look. You must always have the confidence to say it looks good because I say it does!

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Big Reveal ,Crooked Halo's New Room !

Its done!!!!! Crooked Halo has a new creative space to sit and muse and ponder all of her wonderful ideas! You may remember the Before,we called it "The Pink Palace" and my oldest baby decided it was time for her to put away all her little girl things(well she is entering 6th grade next year afterall! TEEHEE!).
The loft bed from Ikea,was our starting place,after that we decided to do a rather techno-chic meets vintage,and toying with a rather monochramatic palette of ecru with silver and gold metal accents.

The window treatment is probably my favorite part! We used a hammered metal rod and strung various vintage frocks on it. The light still comes in and theres more privacy than before.
Remember I said her Grandmothers dress would play a starring role in the re-design!
Lets begin the 360 degree tour(you may click on any image to enlarge)! The silver vanity ,I already gave you a sneak peek on. I merely sanded and sprayed it silver. Adding 2 BEAUTIFUL vintage lamps(thrifted for 4.99 each!),and choosing to leave the shades off for stronger light,they look rather like beautiful overly large candle sticks.
Immediately to the right of the vanity,I used a tall wooden shelf ,stocked with wire baskets,an amazing thrifted set,7 for 4.99(hmm,theres that mysterious thrift pattern again). We purged down to the bare neccesities,and these baskets house the vast majority of her bits and bobs.
Underneath the loft,her desk area. We chose an attatchment kit for the bed to provide a desk.
This interesting little chest we already had,it will be a filing cabinet and home to purses(our accesories affirm us at the Pagoda),and electronic things.
"The MMMMM-MMM-MMM Dolls",she played with these Joan Walsh Anglund dolls as a toddler and because they had no mouth,she made them talk to each other like this,"mmmm-mmm","mmmm-mm",thus the name.Our little Petal decided they were too unhappy and you will note a faint penned smile on them now.
The tiny shelf really cannot support too much weight,so we decided it was a chance to be decorative,with our miniature chair collection.
Too soften up the metal lines,we created a soft wall of ethereal lingerie. The chair is from Eurway.
Chest of drawers from little sissy.I love these lamps and have had them for ages,though I lost the shade to one. What I am looking for is a gold lightbulb to complete it,I rather like the bare bulb look.
Her closet with a beautiful thrifted lace curtain panel.
The other empty closet,with matching lace panel(both for 6 bux),used as a reading,or sketching and talking on the phone nook.
The lounging nook.
Her bookshelf covered partially by a different thrifted lace panel.The horsey TV lamp was my great aunts,and it has finally found a home in our house.
Thats it the full tour. I might be tweaking a bit here and there. She still needs a new mood board,and perhaps some artwork in the lounging nook,but it is just about a finished product.
One last funny anecdote.As my child climbed up to go to sleep,she needed a bit of help turning off the lights. The Hubs,had the fantastik idea to find The Clapper. So we did,and it works!Thats right"clap on clap off,the clapper"!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Birthday Season at the Pagoda

BLOGGER TIME SUCKING WARNING: LEVEL ORANGEOh the birthday parties we've had! June is EVERYONE but the little petals birthday,so forgive me while I wax poetic over birthdays present and past.Walk with me down memory lane ,birthdays just happen to be on my mind!
Crooked Halo is eleven years old! She was the 1st grandaughter,and believe me,she made many people VERY happy all those years ago.Starting with her ,now, very experienced mother(AND experienced birthday party thrower).This year she wanted a hotel slumber party get-away.Though almost every year prior we planned for months,I somewhat begrudgingly surrendered the planning to the hotel .
We went with a Spa theme.6 little girls to watch!AAAAAHEEEEE!!!My camera lost battery power after the mud mask was on.Closing the door on the mess,I retired to my own room ordering a glass of Chardonnay from room service.......and finally a peaceful moment to rent Pans Labyrinth,with the realization,I shall probably be out of the birthday planning business for my oldest child.

Last years Harajuku themed party is actually what finally got me on the internet.I had to find someway to create Sushi Cupcakes!

Plus find a few sites to instruct guests on how to dress in the colorful Fruits fashion(you may click to enlarge any image).
My little one even got in on the fun with a bubblewrap skirt,designed by big sissy!
Our big activity was to create a "fruits" inspired neclace using everything but the kitchen sink!
Here I am in action instructing the girls on the history of the Harajuku district,and how those one of a kind colorful looks came to be.
I loved the goodie bags,made from beautiful asian images and brown paper bags.
My favorite theme was "Project Birthday Runway".
Naturally the dress was "fashion outragious",with decorations from my magic closet.
the little girls working on "the grocery store challenge".
...and later the paperdoll challenge.
They chose dollies instead of models,and oh yes,there was a velvet button bag!

The year before that it was "that 70's,whats your sign?, birthday party" .Parents often joke that "under no circumstances" should you lose the invitation,to Crooked Halos party,lest you are unable to play along properly.
This time they RSVP'ed with there zodiac sign,and left with a mini lesson on their own birthday.
What I want to know is ,how did Rebecca know I had a birthday this week?
Look what she sent me!Thank you sweetie! She said she was thinking of turning it into a X-mas tree skirt. Well,I think I shall use it a X-mas eve hostess skirt. Thats a party I still get to have!


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