Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Birthday Season at the Pagoda

BLOGGER TIME SUCKING WARNING: LEVEL ORANGEOh the birthday parties we've had! June is EVERYONE but the little petals birthday,so forgive me while I wax poetic over birthdays present and past.Walk with me down memory lane ,birthdays just happen to be on my mind!
Crooked Halo is eleven years old! She was the 1st grandaughter,and believe me,she made many people VERY happy all those years ago.Starting with her ,now, very experienced mother(AND experienced birthday party thrower).This year she wanted a hotel slumber party get-away.Though almost every year prior we planned for months,I somewhat begrudgingly surrendered the planning to the hotel .
We went with a Spa theme.6 little girls to watch!AAAAAHEEEEE!!!My camera lost battery power after the mud mask was on.Closing the door on the mess,I retired to my own room ordering a glass of Chardonnay from room service.......and finally a peaceful moment to rent Pans Labyrinth,with the realization,I shall probably be out of the birthday planning business for my oldest child.

Last years Harajuku themed party is actually what finally got me on the internet.I had to find someway to create Sushi Cupcakes!

Plus find a few sites to instruct guests on how to dress in the colorful Fruits fashion(you may click to enlarge any image).
My little one even got in on the fun with a bubblewrap skirt,designed by big sissy!
Our big activity was to create a "fruits" inspired neclace using everything but the kitchen sink!
Here I am in action instructing the girls on the history of the Harajuku district,and how those one of a kind colorful looks came to be.
I loved the goodie bags,made from beautiful asian images and brown paper bags.
My favorite theme was "Project Birthday Runway".
Naturally the dress was "fashion outragious",with decorations from my magic closet.
the little girls working on "the grocery store challenge".
...and later the paperdoll challenge.
They chose dollies instead of models,and oh yes,there was a velvet button bag!

The year before that it was "that 70's,whats your sign?, birthday party" .Parents often joke that "under no circumstances" should you lose the invitation,to Crooked Halos party,lest you are unable to play along properly.
This time they RSVP'ed with there zodiac sign,and left with a mini lesson on their own birthday.
What I want to know is ,how did Rebecca know I had a birthday this week?
Look what she sent me!Thank you sweetie! She said she was thinking of turning it into a X-mas tree skirt. Well,I think I shall use it a X-mas eve hostess skirt. Thats a party I still get to have!


stilettoheights said...

OMG the hotel party seems wonderful (for them) and in the end wonderful for you...wine and Pan's Labyrinth... how wonderful.

Sarah and Jack said...

Happy Birthday all around!

I think this will be the first year Jack chooses his own party theme. I am destined for a life of Train parties methinks!

Angelina said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm so impressed with the birthday parties you've thrown for your girls. I am an old curmudgeon and hate planning parties or attending them, but I have to admit that I would have truly enjoyed all of the ones you've described here!

You're the coolest mom EVER.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I still want a harajuku and project runway birthday party? THose cupcakes came out amazing. Gosh, things are so much dcoler for kids these days, I was stuck with michael jackson thriller and jem themed parties. You are a fantastic mom!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to the Pagoda girls! It's hard to imagine things could get even more fun at your place, but it sounds like you are the party planner extraordinaire!

cruststation said...

You are one fantastic mum, love the party themes and integrated lessons to boot! The parties are really impressive and look so much fun! Happy birthday everyone!!

stephanie said...

Fabulous birthday parties!! wow!!

Love that you had a 'night out' for yourself....I loved Pan's Labyrinth!!

the lipstick lady said...

i didn't get to read all of it because it's very late my time, but I did see apicture of the faun and want to say: PAN'S LABIRYNTH COMPLETED MY LIFE.
wow, it was an amazing movie.

sweetheartville said...

Happy Birthday! Those parties looked so fun! Oh I can't wait for my lil' jewel to start havin' herself some birthdays. Wait, yes I can. Time's already going too fast!

VictoriaE said...

Well, I am convinced that you are the best-birthday-party-planner-mother I have come across because it all looks like a huge amount of fun. Thanks for sharing!

Vanessa V said...

I just adore the photo where you are dictating and the little girl is right next to standing on the fireplace ledge??? That is hilarious! Your girls are way to beautiful for words!!!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to all! It is summer birthdays galore here too! Only, I am not until December!

Loved all the photo sharing. Mr. Lovee and I giggled at the bubble wrap skirt! xoxoxoxo

ambika said...

Why I didn't have a Harajuku themed party as a kid is beyond me. Barbie is so passe by comparison.

Vallen said...

Okay, my birthday is in August. Do we have time to plan a party? "Cause it looks like you are the best darn party planner this side of the Atlantic Ocean!!!

AnastasiaC said...

Happy Birthday!
looks like fun fun times - great pics!!
love what you did with the brown paper bags clever gal!!

Elizabeth said...

oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow - what a post - I'm striking up a hot flash - just thinking about party prep and so forth - wheee!!!!!!!!

lucky we have a Boonster who goes for jazz and rock climbing - our last party

any whoo - mmmmmmmmwah!!!! ms.LG -

xox - eb.

mosaic queen said...

Wow!!! This brings back memories of all of the birthday parties I have thrown! I think back now and wonder how in the Hell did I manage it all??! The parties were all very elaborate.
Happy, Happy Birthday my Dear!!!!
Did you get that Air Stream as a gift???? :-)
Happy B-Day to all of your loved ones also!!!!

alexgirl said...

Sushi cupcakes? Grocery store challenge for Project Runway birthday?
Are you a BRILLIANT GENIUS!!!!????
I love all these themes. My birthday was last weekend, but maybe next year i'll plan something cuh-razy.
I'm back from my wedding & honeymoon!! Thanks for your sweet comment. It was such a blast. And i'm posting pics soon.

Gina said...

Oh it looks like so much fun! I love those groovy birthday glasses, and those cupcakes look so yummy!

Peta said...

What a great idea having a party in a hotel room. Keeps all the mess out of your place! Love your retro furnishings especially that lamp near your fire place!
Oh, and Happy Birthday!

S. said...

Hey fantastic room! I was going to get that same bed for my son!! but, his new room is in the basement and it might not be tall enough.


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