Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An Airstream ,Paper Dolls,a Thriftventure,A Sneak Peek ,and some Thinking Bloggers

Have you seen the cover of this months Design Within Reach catalog?It features a tricked out mini Airstream trailer on its cover. You see the deal with the Hubs has always been,if he gets a pool,I get an Airstream as the pool house!
It would be a perfect guest house for my visiting artist friends ! Especially now that it comes with a George Nelson Ball clock!

Looky what my mother gave me! Barbie Paper Dolls from the 70's !!! It seems Barbie is in a bit of a western mood,and it also looks like she has been raiding my magic closet!Just look at that Patio dress , the tooled leather belt,and those cowboy boots!
I might have to pass on a couple of these looks(dolman sleeves always seem so chic, until you are wearing them!). I certainly dig the Hawaiian house dress and the Minnetonka moccasins!

I finally had a couple of exciting thriftventures! There has been no time at all to thrift lately,but I managed to squeeze a little spree in. How about this green bedjacket snapped up for 2 bux?
This black lace nightgown and peignoir was also 1.99 for BOTH pieces! I plan to wear the peignoir as an evening jacket with black skinny jeans,pearls and a Kowalski undershirt.
More yummy goodies! An embroidered bird dresser scarf for 2 dollars,little Marie Antoinettish figure for a dollar each,another tooled leather belt(also 2 dollars(one of those mysterious thrift patterns EVERYTHING was 2 dollars!)....and... beautiful old school Doc Martens for 6 dollars!!! In my size!!!! Ah, sweet nostalgia!
Here is a little sneak peek of Crooked Halos room. The lamps were 4.99 each and rather amazing,especially since lighting was an issue for that room.
Stay tuned for the whole room tour.

Lastly ,I have been honored twice as a "Thinking Blogger"
First from the amazing multimedia collage artist/Etsy wonderkind ,Jennifer of Stiletto Heights
...and then from the amazing multimedia collage artist (hey ,wheres your Etsy store?),Elizabeth from Be,Dream,Play
Thankyou girls for such a nice little nod.
So what happens when you are "handed" this award? You award it to five other sites authored by folks that make you think.
Heres my list in no particular order:
Angelina of Dust Pan Alley always has some beautiful thoughts,whether on gardening or Mothers Day,she ALWAYS makes you think.
Jody of Country Girl City Life muses in such a Carrie Bradshaw way,that makes me wish I was her thinking friend Miranda(but with better fashion sense!).
Amanda of Pandoras Button Box makes me think "if only we were next door neighbors",ooo at the trouble we could get into.
Timothy of The Epistle of Timothy is the dearest of souls and always makes me think of Christopher Durangs "Beyond Therapy".
...and now for someone new and ever so fun to read.
Holly at Sweetheartville reminds me to think of how exciting blogging was when I 1st began JDP. Go visit her and welcome her aboard!
Those honored must also choose 5 sites to award ,and leave a comment ,letting the "new honorees" know how to play!
How I adore all my cyber peeps,blog-on!!!


Rachelle said...

Oh that airstream is AWESOME! I'm excited to check out the blogs you listed, most I haven't heard of before. Yay!

cruststation said...

That Barbie paperdoll and her outfits are so you! Congrats on your 'Thinking Blogger' award and your lovely thrifting finds. That lace nightgown is beautiful , I would love to see how you adapt that as evening party wear.

sweetheartville said...

Oh wow! I'm honored and touched to be nominated. Thank you! I, too have a powerful hankerin' for a vintage airstream, or any travel trailer, for that matter. Love those finds, and I can't wait to see Angel's room. I have that same little chair at my vanity.

Anonymous said...

I love the doc martens! I scored a brand new purple velvet pair myself at the thrift store the other day. Sadly, they didn't fit, but I did give them to a very deserving person.

Thank you for your nomination and kind words, I am so honored! All we need is a Charlotte and Samantha Blog.

I was so happy for Christine Ebersole, she really deserves it. As much as I didn't love all of the music in Grey Gardens, Christine, carrying two different roles, was impressive. I was happy to see the Costume nod for Grey as well, love love, love, what both Beales wore. I am dying to see Spring Awakening, were you already planning on coming to NYC for the date you booked or is that how far out tickets are available? My BF is away for the next month (he is a mountain climber) so I am going to do the TKTS thing and try to catch some of the new shows on my own. I also want to see the Kevin Spacey play.

Sarah and Jack said...

One day I am totally going to redo an old travel trailer. Maybe not an Airstream, but it is high on our "dream" list.

Angelina said...

I love airstream trailers!

Thank you so much for awarding me in your list of thinking blogs! I will form a list.

You were a doc wearing gal?

Timothy Hogan said...

You should be nominated for the "Most Drop Dead Gorgeous Person With Impecable Taste Who Looks Half Our Age Thinking Blogger Award!" Really. Thanks for the nod my way.

Humbly Yours,

Gina said...

Great stuff! I used to have a Spartan (very similar to an airstream). And what a mom you've got, sweet Barbie Paper dolls! And what scores on your thrifting, you sure do have an eye!

fashionistakay said...

That Barbie's face reminds me of Fareh Faccet that famous charlie's angel chink (doubt I spelled the name right.)Ummm...coincidence?

Peta said...

LOVE the Airstream! Would love the pink one Paris and Nicole tooled around in on their crappy show.
Crooked Halo's room is looking fab, can't wait to see the rest!

stilettoheights said...

the barbie paper dolls are thrilling to look at, I love them!!!

also, love that you nominated Jody!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the new redone bedroom!! And oh goodness, I so want an old airstream. So bad!

fat88fat said...

There is a little internet web radio station I listen too. It has the same vibe as your blogmosphere.

Cut and paste this Live365 station to live a little.


Elizabeth said...

now that was fun - and it is always a pleasure to visit - love - well gee whiz jdp - I LOVE IT ALL! yes - ok the etsy but maybe just keep it simple - chez moi...? - now must go visit your folks and thanks for following my non rules and passing it forward - you are - YES! - yes! you are!!!

xox - eb.

Mary Jane said...

Lucky scores, love the doc's! I'm redoing our airstream as a studio, I hope...pretty please keep my fingers crossed, just have to save up and get time off.

mosaic queen said...

We have a junky airstream look-a-alike that my husband uses for hunting trips. I told him to keep his eye out for another one for me. I will decorate the inside with toile and flowers and crystal chandeliers!!!! Oh, and a feather bed too!! Now that's camping!!!! If you find yourself with an airstream in your back yard, I'd be honored to come and visit! :-)

kimberly sherrod said...

Hey, I love your newly decorated blog! Nice with the red! I love the bed jackets too! And the paper dolls! and the doc's!!!! rock it!!

Emma said...

PAPER DOLL BARBIES? IEURFJHEWIRUEIUREWWFJWIE!!! That was me being very excited. I love paper dolls.

stephanie said...

I would love an airstream....as a pool house, oh yes, I hope your hubby gets his pool!

thank you for all the links to new, creative bloggers!

miss vintage love said...

NO WAY, Western Barbie Paper Dolls from the 70's? That just ROCKS. I used to have the actual 80's western Barbie with a winking eye. She was actually a little creepy.

Vanessa V said...

Why do I hear an 80's song goin' "Blog-on, blog on?" Weird....I can see some big hair band doin; it... Motley Crue maybe? Okay, I am showing my true colors... Not really... ;) Sooo, croked halo's room is going to be incredible! Is she lovin' it already????? You are a total thnking blogger! You are the treasure queen!!!!xxxoooo

AnastasiaC said...

ohhh i have some 70's barbie paper doll sets too! so fun!!
cant wait to see your daughters bedroom makeover - its going to be FAB!!

fashionistakay said...

may I tag you please and thank you. Look at my blog to get started with the tagging.

Anonymous said...

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