Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jesus ,Called Me On My Cellphone

Thats right, no roaming charges were incurred. I sang this wonderfully funny song,from the musical"Alter Boys" ,in a fundraiser for Uptown Players,last night.Notice I am the one with the tiny forehead.
My husband has an interesting hobby, he fancys himself a bit of an amateur face reader.What is that you ask? Think of it as a visual metaphor for your personality. Are your eyes set close together? You are extremely focused and good with details. Do you have a cute turned up nose? You are fun and spontaneous.Do you have a small, tiny forehead? Don't give the person too much to do ,or they will be overwhelmed!
What a week, its just Wednesday,and I am ready for the weekend.Monday was Crooked Halo's 1st day of school AND my anniversary, AND rehearsal,AND Chris went out of town. Last night I was out singin' till midnite. Oh well,you get the picture, I just couldn't fit it all on my tiny forehead.
"He beeped me ,He faxed me ,He e-mailed my soul",what great lyrics,don't you wish spirituality was that concrete?


MaryAnn said...

Oh dear, I think my giant forehead wraps around to the back. What does THAT mean?!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Maryann,a high forehead means you enjoy acquiring knowledge,you love detailed explanations,and if your
forehead does indeed slope back,you have a good memory.
Isn't that interesing ,that would go with your teaching profession.

Jamie said...

How strange.. I have never noticed you having a small forehead! I never knew about Chris' face reading skills... that is so cool!

Sounds like you had a great time at the benefit... I read the reviews.. it sounded like it was a huge success.

Have a good weekend! I found a great little tearoom in Grapevine... we should have a girls day and take the kids for a tea party soon!

StephenMosher said...

Any chance to hear you sing is a benefit. I hope it was a huge succes!

Ivy Frozen said...

OMG! Your husband would be spot on with me. I have a small forehead and like one task at a time. Otherwise, I feel overwhelmed/nervous and often forget.


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