Monday, August 14, 2006

They Were Us,or How I Bet the House in Vegas and Won!,

Thirteen years ago today , I got lucky in Las Vegas. I've spoke before about how together,my husband and I have a style uniquely ours. Our wedding in Vegas was no exception to the rule.
This was no willy-nilly,"hey we're in Vegas ,lets get hitched" moment .I did not watusi down the aisle with Elvis, (no matter how tempted I was). No my Daddy walked me to the alter, just as I dreamed it would be.
My husband and I actually had a REAL wedding that we planned,okay so I had never actually seen the inside of the chapel, I chose it because I thought "Little Chapel of the Flowers " would look nice on the wedding announcements,(much better than "Wee Kirk O the Heather"). Well, I was'nt planning on my bouquet of all white roses, having Babys Breath (yuck) in them either, but a bride needs something to complain about right?
All of our most special friends and family, joined us for a fun-filled nuptial celebration, the whole weekend! We stayed in the ,Rat Pack cool, Sands Hotel.The bridal luncheon was almost held at the Circus Circus buffet, but cooler heads prevailed, and we ducked into a quaint, small,un-named bistro,off the strip instead.For the bachelor/bachelorette party we shook our boogie toes on Cleopatras Barge.
On the big day, I had my bestfriend,Morgana, by my side,helping me get ready. My other best friend, Stephen,(now a noted N.Y.C. photographer)chronicling the whole event with his camera,and my husband to be, waiting in the hotel room and singing a song from J.C. Superstar, something about "take this cup away from me..."
The 2 of us had met playing Matt and Luisa, in, The Fantasticks.This classic,"boy meets,gets,loses,realizes he desperateiy cannot live without girl,classic tale mirrored our own real life story.My husbands best freind Greg,whom we met , playing ElGallo in The Fantasticks,sang" Try to Remember",as I floated down the aisle.
Everyone later joked ,it almost sounded like a funeral,for the tears of joy that were wept as I walked down the aisle and into my happily ever after.
And the story goes on.


Chris W. said...

Wow, 13 years! I was the luckiest man in Vegas on that day!!!

Jamie said...

Look I finally found a way to post! What great pics of you two! Happy anniversary! The photo recognition site was way cool! I am checking in to see your posts each day... your blog is looking good Lisa!

Andrew said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, and it obviously worked well because you both still sound happy.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

carrster said...

Congrats! Sorry I'm late but wanted to pass along happy thoughts for you. Your pics are great.
:-) Glad it was a happy happy day.


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